NutraBio Brings the Smart and Strong Eric Schwartz on as VP of Marketing

Many of our longtime followers, readers, and old-school forum readers know of a man with the moniker NaturalGuy. His real name is Eric Schwartz, and he’s a longtime veteran in the sports nutrition industry, having worked 11 years as brand manager at Universal Nutrition. As a former bodybuilder and established powerlifter whose lifting career goes even further back, Eric brings an incredible skill-set combining his knowledge of marketing with this knowledge of all things strength.

Eric Schwartz NutraBio

Industry veteran and powerlifter Eric Schwartz has joined NutraBio as VP of Marketing

And now he’s bringing those strengths to NutraBio.

NaturalGuy2.0: The new VP of Marketing at NutraBio

He recently changed his Instagram handle to NaturalGuy2.0, a sign that he’s ready to take on his next challenge in life – as the first-ever VP of Marketing at NutraBio. He will work alongside Founder and CEO Mark Glazier to develop the NutraBio brand, help launch the much-anticipated ETHIX brand, and bring NutraBio supplements to a greater worldwide audience.

Foundation set. Time to spread the good word

When we spoke with Eric on the phone, we agreed that the foundation is already firmly planted, with the insane amount of quality and care that goes into NutraBio supplements, as discussed in great detail in our NutraBio Story article/video and NutraBio’s public third-party lab tests. 2019 was a chaotic year, with a string of new product releases every week for the first six months as evidenced on our NutraBio news feed. With the “hard part” done, it’s time to get the products into more hands, and there’s no better person than the one and only NaturalGuy2.0 to get it done.

Mark Glazier is Ready for the Next Wave

NutraBio’s Founder and CEO Mark Glazier (whose videos on Facebook have been phenomenal lately) stated the following excitement in their press release:

“I am honored to have Eric join the NutraBio family and help to build on the solid foundation developed over the past two and a half decades. His proven leadership skills and wealth of experience and knowledge in marketing positions him perfectly for this role. Eric is a forward-thinking leader who will be invaluable to our organization as we take it to the next level. We are thrilled to have him onboard.”

— Mark Glazier, NutraBio Founder and CEO

The press release also had a quote from Eric:

“I am really excited about the opportunity to contribute to this legacy company. Great marketing is good storytelling and NutraBio has an amazing story to tell. I was drawn to the company by Mark’s obsessive commitment to quality and transparency. Putting the consumer first is something I believe in and NutraBio is the leader in that category, so our values align”

— Eric Schwartz, NutraBio VP of Marketing

You can find the full press release at

Don’t I Know Eric from PricePlow?

Back when he was “NaturalGuy1.0”, Mike interviewed Eric at the 2018 Mr. Olympia, talking supplements and diet:

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