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The PricePlow Podcast is here!

The PricePlow Podcast is Here! Watch our introductory episode, subscribe to our YouTube channel, and get ready to rumble!

You read that right: The PricePlow Podcast has officially begun!

This is a new Podcast Series that will be done a bit differently: There are two interviewers — Mike and Ben — and we will each find and interview people that we personally find interesting.

As a supplement deals site that covers supplement news, reviews, and interviews, we’ll be keeping it heavy on sports nutrition, diet, bodybuilding, and biohacking – but we’re definitely not limited to those topics.

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Episode Listing:

For the video lovers, most of these episodes will also be on YouTUbe:

  1. #001: “Welcome to PricePlow”: The introductory episode

    On September 21, 2017, the team got together and filmed the first episode. Learn more about what we plan on doing with the podcast below:

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    Audio version:

  2. #002: Optimizing Brain Performance with Shawn Wells

    Master supplement formulator and ketogenic diet expert Shawn Wells comes on to talk about getting the most from your brain, which includes but isn’t limited to talk about nootropics, gratitude journaling, mindful mediation, and much much more!

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    Audio Version:

  3. #003: Aaron Singerman on Business, Supplements, and FOCUS

    This is a unique one because it’s actually very early into his Redcon1 days, and while successful at this time, they hadn’t seen anything yet, given the massive 2017 and 2018 the brand is having.

    Enjoy listening to Aaron talk about the past, present, future, and give some book recommendations while he’s at it:

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    Audio Version:

  4. #004: Keto Connect Podcast with Mike: Supplements for Keto

    In the fall of 2017, Mike from PricePlow was asked to join a somebody else’s podcast – KetoConnect! Their massively growing userbase had been asking a lot about supplements, so they brought Mike in to see what was worth taking and what wasn’t.

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    Audio Version:

  5. #005: IP Attorney Nick Gingo Discusses vs. Jim Stoppani Lawsuit

    In the fall of 2016, the relationship between the dynamic duo of and Jim Stoppani fell apart, with the former suing the latter over the JYM trademark.

    IP Attorney Nick Gingo from the Renner Otto Law Firm in Cleveland, OH came on to discuss the trademark dispute. Long story short: get a far better contract than this ambiguous POS:

    Audio Version:

  6. #006: Dallas McCarver, the Late, Great Legend

    In February of 2017, we had the honor of interviewing the late Dallas McCarver, who was just two weeks out from the 2017 Arnold Classic.

    The two are joined by Aaron Singerman for a part of it, and talk about Dallas’ history, diet, training, involvement with RedCon1, and getting ready for the 2017 season. We are honored to have been able to speak with such an amazing individual, who passed far too early. Rest in peace, Dallas.

    Audio Version:

  7. #007: Mark Glazier: The NutraBio Story and FDA Supplement Regulations

    PricePlow Podcast #007: Mark Glazier of NutraBio (2016)

    PricePlow Podcast #007: Mark Glazier of NutraBio (2016). These interviews have stood the test of time, and are finally on our audio feed!

    In November 2016, Mike flew out to New Jersey to see NutraBio‘s world headquarters to spend the day with Mark Glazier and learn about The NutraBio Story.

    We discuss several topics shown in the videos below. They mostly revolve around the FDA’s supplement industry regulations, Mark’s creation of the NutraBio company and brand, and how he complies with the letter of the law.

    The plant tour videos shown below are omitted from the audio feed, but note that those videos are now out of date since NutraBio has scaled operations up. Time to get back over to NJ!

    Audio Version:

    This audio feed was based upon several videos:

    The laws that all supplement companies must follow:

    The NutraBio Plant Tour

    • Step 1 – Incoming Ingredient Verification:

    • Step 2 – Precision Supplement Blending:

    • Will Donald Trump’s FDA Regulate Supplements?

    • Whey Protein Scams

    • Mike and Mark Glazier’s Fixes for the Supplement Industry:

  8. #008: Robert Tauler: The Lawyer Who Sued Enhanced Athlete

    In February of 2018, Mike interviewed Robert Tauler of the Tauler Smith LLP law firm in Los Angeles, CA. Tauler Smith represented Nutrition Distribution LLC, the company that was suing Enhanced Athlete over SARMs and DNP.

    Much has happened since then, but needless to say, there are definitely far fewer readily-available SARMs and DNP on the market now.

    Behold, one of the most “engaging” videos ever on the PricePlow YouTube channel:

    It’s almost like going back in time and watching a dirty boxing match right as things are spiraling out of control!

    Audio Version:

  9. #009: A Day with Bruce Kneller (February 2018)

    Legendary supplement formulator Bruce Kneller visits Texas in early 2018 to make a major career announcement, doses us with his new stimulant (still not out as of July 2019), and drops a monster load of information on the world, with hot topics such as Kratom, CBD, Tianeptine, Research Chemicals, and more.

    We also discuss how to Market to Millennials and the future of GNC!

    Audio Version:

    Videos: Our Day with Bruce Kneller

  10. #010: NutraBio Invades PricePlow to Launch Their Natural Series

    In March of 2018, NutraBio was launching their Natural Series Pre Workout and Intra Blast, and came onto the PricePlow Podcast to introduce it!

    This is your first time meeting [Ben] in the audio feeds:

    Audio Version:

    Videos: Our Podcast with Dan and [Ben] of NutraBio at the 2018 Arnold Sports Festival

  11. #011: Branch Warren: History and Introducing Wicked Cutz Jerky!

    Matt was able to get an audio interview with the legendary Branch Warren, who takes us through his upbringing, his introduction into bodybuilding, and Wicked Cutz Jerky!

    Audio Version:

    The YouTube Video

    It’s audio only, but there are some images as well:

  12. #012: Kris Gethin Interview: Leaving a Legacy Behind with Kaged Muscle

    We had the honor of interviewing the legendary Kris Gethin of Kaged Muscle Supplements, who joined us for over 35 minutes on a Skype interview to kick off a fantastic series of new supplement launches!

    We talked about Kris’ upbringing and history, the founding of Kaged Muscle, his exhaustive lab testing on both supplements and himself, and what’s coming soon from Kaged Muscle.

    Audio Version:

    Video: Kris Gethin Speaks on Founding Kaged Muscle and Much More:

  13. #013: Mike’s Interview with Rob Oliver, the Genius Brand CEO

    We’ve known The Genius Brand and their products for quite some time, but not everyone knows the man behind the brand. So sit back and prepare for a nice introduction to Rob Oliver, @TheGeniusCEO, who’s one highly motivated, well-researched, and well-read individual!

    Audio Version:

    Videos: Mike and The Genius CEO, Rob Oliver

  14. #014: Shawn Wells on Using Diet to Help Fight Specific Disease

    Audio Version:

    Note: Due to algo issues, the video was moved to Mike’s personal YouTube

  15. #015: Dr. Benjamin Bikman: New Research on Ketones and Muscle Health

    (September 2018): New Research by Dr. Benjamin Bikman shows ketones boost muscle health! Ben joins PricePlow for a SUPER informative discussion on diabetes & low carb.

    Audio Version:

    Video: Dr. Bikman Discusses Insulin, Diabetes, Muscle Health, and Family

  16. #016: Lobbying Congress for Better Protein Labeling Laws with NutraBio’s Mark Glazier

    Mike invites Mark Glazier of NutraBio back onto the podcast (via Skype) in 2018 to discuss Mark’s trip to Washington D.C., where he was lobbying Congress for better protein labeling laws. They discuss the loopholes available and how some of the bad actors in the industry were getting out of lawsuits, especially ones regarding amino acid protein spiking.

    Audio Version:

    Video: Mike and Mark Discuss Mark’s Trip to Washington D.C.

  17. #017: What is Velositol? Nutrition21’s Todd Spear Explains

    Todd Spear of Nutrition 21 explains what VELOSITOL is, and he and Mike have a discussion about the high-end compounds he and his team have been developing and researching.

    In short, Velositol is a combination of a Chromium complex and amylopectin starch that induces a kick of insulin and lets the chromium prolong the entry of the protein into the cell.

    Audio Version:

    Want to get more out of every gram of protein you consume? Then you’re going to want to listen to this. This is the science that goes on behind the scenes that makes your supplements as powerful as they are.

    Video: Mike and Todd Spear Discuss Velositol

  18. #018: Matt Mosman: EndurElite and Endurance Supplements

    Get ready for a high-energy discussion with Matt Mosman of EndurElite, where we introduced Matt and covered his background, and then got into the Best Supplements for Endurance Athletes!

    Quite a bit of knowledge dropped here, as we discuss things like carbohydrates, beta alanine, caffeine, creatine, PeakO2, betaine, taurine, and even fat adaptation for ultra endurance athletes!

    Audio Version:

    Video: Meet Matt Mosman and Talking Endurance Supplements

    The YouTube Videos were broken into two sections, but the audio feed is one segment:

  19. #019: Dave Palumbo Talks Species Nutrition and Snake Breeding

    In May of 2019, we had a special episode for two reasons: first, the one-of-a-kind Dave Palumbo of RXMuscle and Species Nutrition joined us, and we got to some other stuff he does, including snake breeding!

    But also, this was the first episode with Ben Kane on as co-host. You will remember Ben from episode #010, and he’s on for many of the future episodes!

    Audio Version:

    Video: Dave Palumbo Talks Species Nutrition, RX Muscle, Diet, & Snake Breeding!

  20. #020: The Guerrilla Chemist: Chemix and Beast Sports Nutrition Collabs

    In June of 2019, we had The Guerrilla Chemist on the PricePlow Podcast after the successful release of Chemix Pre Workout and Beast Super Test MAX, both of which formulated by “TGC”. We get into his background a bit, and then he teases Neuro Beast, which we downright love!

    Audio Version:

    Video: The Guerrilla Chemist Explains

  21. #021: Robert Tauler #2: How to Avoid False Advertising Supplement Lawsuits

    How do you avoid False Advertising Lawsuits in the food and supplement industry? Robert Tauler of Tauler Smith LLP joins PricePlow and teaches us how!

    Audio Version:

    Video: Mike and Robert Tauler Talk Legal Strategies in Supplements

  22. #022: Catching up with Ben

    In July of 2019, Ben visited Mike in Texas to film some content. But first they sat down, stimmed up with their favorite caffeine sources, and caught up on the industry and where they’ve been.

    Timestamps available on the shownotes link above!

    Audio Version:

    Video: Catching up with Ben and the Industry

  23. #023: John Meadows Tells All at the 2019 Mr. Olympia

    In September of 2019 at the annual Mr. Olympia convention, we interviewed one of our favorite sports nutrition and bodybuilding experts – John Meadows of Granite Supplements.

    This bodybuilder, former banker, business founder, and family man lets us in on some of the cutting practices used back in the day, his thoughts of the importance of sleep, how to bulk, and much more.

    Audio Version:

    Video: John Meadows Tells All

  24. #024: Shawn Wells #3: BAIBA (β-Aminoisobutyric Acid) – New Weight Loss Ingredient Mimics Exercise?!

    In November of 2019, we welcomed back Shawn Wells to talk about his new role as Chief Science Officer with NNB Nutrition. Specifically, he’s joining us to discuss a novel new ingredient named BAIBA (sold as MitoBurn by NNB).

    Tune in to learn about BAIBA and the wonderful world of new novel ingredients!

    Audio Version:

    Video: Mike and Shawn Discuss BAIBA

  25. #025: Joseph Mencel (Massive Joe’s) on the 2019 Australia TGA Changes

    On October 22nd, 2019 Australia’s TGA released a new “Consultation”, outlining proposed amendments to the Therapeutic Goods Act 1989. This proposed amendment would make most supplements under the regulation of the TGA, similar to the FDA’s drug office in the USA.

    We sat down with Joseph Mencel of Massive Joe’s to hear his thoughts. As a major importer, distributor, retailer, and someone with a legal background in Australia, he offers a unique point of view in the discussion. Joe is traveling so please forgive the lapses in connection.

    Audio Version:

    Video: Joseph Mencel of Massive Joe’s Explains the new TGA Consultation

  26. #026: Catching Up and Supplement Industry Recap

    In December of 2019, Ben visited Mike in Texas to film some videos to recap the year. But first, they sat down to catch up on their personal lives and recapped 2019 in the supplement industry.

    Audio Version:

    Video: Mike and Ben Catch Up and Recap 2019

  27. #027: The 2020 ABH Pharma Scandal – Brent Laffey (Armada Nutrition) & Mark Glazier (NutraBio)

    Brent Laffey of Armada Nutrition and Mark Glazier of NutraBio join us to discuss the January 2020 ABH Pharma indictment, where the US Department of Justice handed down a massive indictment against ABH Pharma and Mohammed Jahirul Islam for years of FDA GMP Violations. We talk about how we can improve the industry, whether you’re a manufacturer of dietary supplements, brand owner, or retailer.

    Audio Version:

    Video: Brent Laffey and Mark Glazier Discuss the Indictment

  28. #028: Shawn Wells #4 – Berberine – The Best Glucose Disposal Agent Ingredient

    Shawn Wells returns to talk all things Berberine! This is an incredible blood sugar supplement that has been shown to outperform metformin! But berberine just got better – with dihydroberberine!

    This ingredient isn’t only for diabetics, or even those with some insulin resistance! Shawn and Mike discuss the benefits of and lifestyles that should be using berberine as well as GlucoVantage, NNB nutrition’s patented dihydroberberine.

    Audio Version:

    Video: Shawn and Mike Talk Berberine

  29. #029: Introducing Heather, PricePlow’s Digital Content Manager

    In January of 2020, PricePlow hired Heather Jacques as the team’s new digital content manager. We got together on video and introduced her to PricePlow Nation, and asked all of the pertinent questions – including how to pronounce her last name!

    Heather does much of the writing, blogging, research, and content scheduling for PricePlow. Welcome Heather to Team PricePlow!

    Audio Version:

    Video: Welcome Heather to PricePlow!

  30. #030: Mike Yewdell – BEAM: A Brand with a Message

    Be Amazing. BEAM is here to share an incredible message of perseverance and positivity with great supplements. Ben interviews owner Mike Yewdell about his battle with cancer, and how BEAM came to be.

    Audio Version:


  31. #031: Dr. Kaleb Redden – Kaged Muscle’s Team Doctor

    In late 2019, we interviewed Dr. Kaleb Redden, an orthopedic surgeon who is also Kaged Muscle’s team doctor! As someone who can repair spines, enhance strength, and help you get big, it’s no wonder why Kris Gethin brought him on the team.

    Audio Version:

    Video with Dr. Kaleb:

  32. #032: Shawn Wells #5 | MCT Oil (Medium Chain Triglycerides)

    MCT Oil, short for Medium Chain Triglycerides, are incredibly potent saturated fatty acids with a whole slew of benefits from appetite suppression to cognitive enhancement via ketone creation. In March 2020, we welcome back the “Ingredientologist” and Chief Science Officer of NNB Nutrition, Shawn Wells, to do the deep dive on MCT Oil during an Instagram Live, and then begin to focus on the lauric acid (C8) based C8Vantage from NNB Nutrition

    Audio Version:

    Video: Shawn Talks about MCT, C8, and More!

  33. #033: Ben Hartman – Morphogen Nutrition

    In June of 2020, Ben and Heather interviewed Ben Hartman of Morphogen Nutrition.

    They discuss Ben and Morphogen’s background, the insane formulations in their arsenal, the lack of studies on interactions between ingredients, the future of Morphogen, and more!

    Audio Version:

    Video: Two Bens and a Heather

  34. #034: Shawn Wells #6 | Mitochondrial Health – Optimize the Power of ‘Mito’

    The Power of “Mito”: Optimizing the Mitochondria to Unlock Clean Energy! Shawn Wells comes back onto the PricePlow Podcast to discuss mitochondrial health, which underlies our ability to maintain health and high-energy life!

    Read more on our article dedicated to Mitochondrial Health.

    Audio Version:

    Video: Shawn and Mike talk Mitochondrial Health

    In this video, we talk about what the mitochondria are, and how to keep them running optimally. Going beyond sleep and diet, we also talk about NON-stimulant supplements, many of which are powered by NNB Nutrition:

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About the Author: Mike Roberto

Mike Roberto

Mike Roberto is a research scientist and water sports athlete who founded PricePlow. He is an n=1 diet experimenter with extensive experience in supplementation and dietary modification, whose personal expertise stems from several experiments done on himself while sharing lab tests.

Mike's goal is to bridge the gap between nutritional research scientists and non-academics who seek to better their health in a system that has catastrophically failed the public.

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