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Hi-Tech Fights to Get its Wrongfully-Confiscated DMAA Back

Hi-Tech Fights Back for DMAA

There’s a lot happening with Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals and their ongoing battles with the FDA, and the latest court documents help straighten things out.

Setting the stage, there are three separate ongoing issues:

The ongoing DMAA Lawsuit over its legality as […]

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Supps: The MOVIE. An Interview with Director Alex Ardenti

Supps: The Movie

World-renowned bodybuilding photographer and director Alex Ardenti is directing the first feature-length film devoted entirely to the supplement industry in Supps: The Movie. Check out all the info!

The supplement industry is bigger than ever, and the use of dietary […]

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SARMs on the Ropes: FDA Finally Issues Warning Letters


The FDA is on the prowl again, this time they’re officially going after three companies who have sold SARMs into the sports nutrition market.

Don’t look now meatheads, but SARMs are officially under fire from the FDA – only two[…]

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Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals Raided… Over RED YEAST RICE??

Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals DMAA Raid

November 15, 2017 Update: Hi-Tech has filed a motion to amend the terms agreed to in this indictment (ie. they’re fighting to get the wrongfully-confiscated DMAA back). Their motion to amend tells the full story, and it’s actually a lot […]

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The PricePlow Podcast is Launched, and it’s Powered by Pre Workouts

The PricePlow Podcast is here!

The PricePlow Podcast is Here! Watch our introductory episode, subscribe to our YouTube channel, and get ready to rumble!

You read that right: The PricePlow Podcast has officially begun!

This is a new Podcast Series (initially on YouTube but eventually […]

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Olympus Labs Re1gn RECALL Announcement (Update: All Customers Contacted!)

Olympus Labs Re1gn Recall

UPDATE: We’ve spoken to the representative mentioned below at Olympus Labs who assured us that they are doing everything possible to contact all customers who received the Dragon’s Mist flavor of Re1gn, or have the retail store contact them.

Our […]

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Beta Alanine Patents Invalidated by Hi-Tech Pharma and AllMax

Beta Alanine Patent

Another one bites the dust. Hi-Tech Pharma and ALLMAX Nutrition have INVALIDATED the CarnoSyn Beta Alanine patent!

CarnoSyn Beta Alanine is one of the most recognizable and widely used supplements in the world. It’s been proven time and again to […]

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Rich Piana Has Passed Away

Rich Piana Dead

We are once again deeply saddened to inform you of some terrible news: Rich Piana has passed away.

CJ’s Tribute / News Video

CJ did a fantastic job summing up our thoughts on Rich Piana’s untimely passing:

Being a 5-Percenter:[…]

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Vote for NutraBio as 2017’s Bodybuilding Breakout Brand of the Year!

NutraBio 2017 Awards

Update: Yep, NutraBio won it!!

When it comes to quality, NutraBio is Without Compromise!

NutraBio has been around over 20 years, significantly longer than the vast majority of companies in the supplement industry. However, they’ve only recently been available on […]

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Ping, Li, and Fleming: The Three Disputed Studies Where DMAA Was Found in Geranium

DMAA in Geranium - The Disputed Studies

This is part one of a six page series researching whether DMAA (1,3 dimethylamylamine) is a natural constituent of geranium flowers. All six parts are linked from our main DMAA Geranium page.

Note from Mike, Founder of PricePlow
Thanks for […]

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