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This page lists our notorious “mega posts” – extremely well-researched articles ranging from scams to avoid to buyer’s guides to in-depth ingredient analyses.

We publish one or two of these per month, and they are brutal to work on, so we hope you appreciate them.

Buyer’s Guides

Each of these includes a Top 10 list, but we actually like the choose your own adventure guides where we recommend products specifically tailored for you and your needs:

Critical Information

Ingredient Analyses

Other Scams / Scandals / Potentially Unsafe Ingredients

Contact us if you have ideas / requests for new ones.

Ambrosia Mental Jewels: Daily Herbal-Driven Neuro Enhancer

Ambrosia Mental Jewels

Ambrosia Mental Jewels is a low stim, brain boosting nootropic supplement featuring Bacognize Bacopa Monnieri and Cordyceps.

Nootropic supplements are all the rage these days, with each brand looking to capitalize on their popularity and stake their claim as the […]

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Meet Anastasis: Bio-hacking for the Savvy Supplementer

Anastasis Logo

Anastasis is a new brand dedicated to helping all individuals awaken and rise up to a new level of mental excellence with its line of nootropic biohacking supplements.

Over the past few months, we’ve regularly been featuring nootropics on the […]

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Phenibut: The Nighttime Nootropic


Phenibut is a derivative of GABA that exerts extremely powerful relaxation, sleep, and nootropic benefits.

Phenibut has become increasingly popular in recent years for its ability to combat stress, enhance mood, and even boost brain function. You can find it […]

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ParActin: Inflammation-Fighting Joint Supplement Ingredient


Joint health is an incredibly understated topic around the supplement industry – especially around sports nutrition – but nothing is more vital to a long, fruitful life of lifting than your joints. Achy knees, bum shoulders, and cranky lower backs […]

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Nuton Brainfood: Ultra-Pure MCT Oil with No Lauric Acid

Nuton Brainfood

Nuton Brainfood is a premium quality MCT oil high in Capric and Caprylic Acid which enhances energy and brain function.

The recent swell of interest in the ketogenic diets has also brought on keto supplements. As any keto dieter […]

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Keto Supplements: Mike’s Ketosis Supplement Experiment

Keto Supplements

Latest Updates: Coconut Oil works similarly to MCT Oil and Pruvit Keto//OS is a ripoff but works well, posted in August after BPI Keto Aminos bomb out badly in July.

Keto Supplements like these are talk of the town […]

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Lumonol Nootropic: A Popular Memory Supplement But…


Lumonol is another popular nootropic supplement receiving a lot of press, but we have to weed through some underdosed ingredients to see if the four well-dosed ones are worth it.

Here at PricePlow, it’s our job to inform you […]

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DMHA / 2-Aminoisoheptane / Octodrine: 2016’s Stimulant


DMHA: A new workout/focus stimulant that’s roughly ~80% the strength of DMAA, has animal research, and seems to be compliant? Healthy and experienced stimulant users read on!

New year, new stimulant? You bet your ass!

In the wake of the […]

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The Socialite by NooWave: A Supplement Remedy for Introverts

NooWave The Socialite

The Socialite by NooWave Co is a revolutionary product that uses a cutting edge mix of common ingredients to increase an introvert’s energy and reduce anxiety

Note: This post has been revised to display the new 2017 formula of NooWave […]

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TruBrain Bars — Nootropic powered Energy Snack!

TruBrain Bar

TruBrain is the first of its kind all natural energy / snack bar loaded with nootropics like Citicoline!

Most of us get our supplements via pills or drinks, but wouldn’t it be fun every now and then to eat your […]

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