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This page lists our notorious “mega posts” – extremely well-researched articles ranging from scams to avoid to buyer’s guides to in-depth ingredient analyses.

We publish one or two of these per month, and they are brutal to work on, so we hope you appreciate them.

Buyer’s Guides

Each of these includes a Top 10 list, but we actually like the choose your own adventure guides where we recommend products specifically tailored for you and your needs:

Critical Information

Ingredient Analyses

Other Scams / Scandals / Potentially Unsafe Ingredients

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Best Pre Workout Supplement Buyer’s Guide for 2017

Best Pre Workout Supplement

Ready to get ROCKED? Then keep reading or click the image above!

Everyone loves to talk about their favorite pre workout supplement, but everyone is different. You probably want different effects or are doing a different workout than the next person.

We’ve upgraded this page from a mere Top 10 list to a total “Buyer’s Guide” tailored to what you want — not what some store wants.

In this guide, we’ll ask you a series of questions, explain things a bit, and suggest three or four pre workouts for you to consider.

Open Labels Rule

In general, we prefer […]

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MSM Supplements: Joint Support for Athletes AND Aging!

MSM Supplement

MSM Supplements aren’t just for arthritis sufferers (although they have great research on that). Athletes need to check MSM out too!

To any athlete looking to achieve consistent and long-term results, joint health should be considered as important as proper training and diet. If the joints aren’t fully functional, then strength and speed will be suboptimal, no matter how good the diet is.

Unfortunately, the joint supplement market is littered with several inferior ingredients that are far too overhyped, but rarely live up to expectations or help in actual human studies. However, one ingredient that’s been around a long time […]

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Spilanthes Acmella: Testosterone-Boosting Flower Power

Spilanthes Acmella

Spilanthes Acmella is a next-generation natural testosterone booster with a new extract named SA3X we’ve got to try!

Spilanthes Acmella is a food used throughout history as a medicine specifically for its pain relieving properties. It’s also known as the Toothache Plant, or Paracress, for its frequent use in helping relieve toothaches.

More poignant to this article, Spilanthes has also been touted as an incredibly potent natural aphrodisiac and testosterone booster.

In this article, we will analyze all of the known information on this herbal extract to see if it can really can live up any hype, […]

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Six Star Joint & Muscle Recovery: Support for Athletes

Six Star Joint & Muscle Recovery

Six Star Nutrition Joint & Muscle Recovery is a new joint supplement that uses effectively dosed new age ingredient to improve joint health.

Joint health is an issue for all active individuals, especially serious athletes and weightlifters, but it rarely gets the attention it much deserves. We do our part on here to cover the best ones that come out, but the fact of the matter is, there aren’t a ton of top quality, effective formulas on the market.

So imagine our surprise when we found a new joint supplement from Six Star Pro Nutrition that’s simple yet effectively-dosed and […]

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Tomatidine: The Muscle-Building Nightshade

Tomatidine Structure

Tomatidine is the newest all-natural muscle builder to hit the scene that’s found in the common everyday tomato.[8]

Tomatoes are one of the most commonly-eaten foods around the world. Over time, scientists have discovered a multitude of natural compounds inside, nearly every one of them beneficial in some capacity.

Never did we imagine that one of these compounds inside would be anabolic, though, and could help build muscle. But that’s actually just the case given fascinating new research into a natural and healthy compound that athletes should get to know for 2017.

New research into this delicious nightshade has […]

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Best Gaming Supplement Buyer’s Guide: 2017’s Top 10

Best Gaming Supplement

Looking for the best gaming supplement? When all’s said and done, MOD has been our go-to. Click the image to read more.

Video games have come a long way, and today’s gamers are more serious — and more competitive — than ever. So much so that a new genre of gaming competition has evolved and been dubbed “eSports” where extreme gamers (e-athletes) engage in worldwide competitions for big cash prizes.

Since it’s gotten serious, it’s time to find that extra edge. That’s where this best gaming supplement guide comes in handy. And ever since various leagues have introduced […]

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Phenylpiracetam: The Limitless Nootropic

Phenylpiracetam vs Piracetam What is Phenylpiracetam?

Phenylpiracetam is a powerful nootropic that’s part of the racetam family found to boost cognition, motivation, and memory.

Phenylpiracetam, also known as Phenotropil and Carphedon, is a cognitive-enhancing nootropic similar in nature to piracetam, a member of the racetam family of compounds.[1] Phenylpiracetam was originally given to Russian astronauts to increase their mental capacity and cognition, and has become one of the most popular nootropics the past couple years.

Since its inception, phenylpiracetam has been used by those looking to enhance their mental capacity across a wide landscape. Nowhere is this more evident than in […]

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NooWave’s High Performer Nootropic: Unlock Your Mind!

NooWave High Performer

NooWave High Performer is an impressive cognitive enhancing stack designed to supply the user with everything needed to accelerate in the business world or classroom setting.

We’ve been on a big kick with brain boosting supplements. We’ve covered the gamut from workout enhancers to gaming supplements with all kinds of products in between.

Recently, we’ve become quite enamored by NooWave Supplements, who we first featured in our blog post about The Socialite, a unique mental productivity supplement that helps one attack socially anxious situations and fully blossom into a social butterfly.

After that initial expose’, we dug into […]

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Grains of Paradise: Fat Fighting Spice of the Goddesses

Grains of Paradise

Grains of Paradise is a spice routinely used in many styles of cooking to deliver a bit of “pop” to a dish. So why are we seeing it in fat burning supplements lately? Put simply: because it works – and there’s now legitimate weight loss studies performed on actual humans to verify those claims.

Also known as Aframomum Melegueta, Grains of Paradise has also been used in traditional medicines for a variety of reasons, which is what helped make its way into modern dietary supplements – especially those suited towards weight loss. However, there are several varying standardizations of […]

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The Socialite by NooWave: A Supplement Remedy for Introverts

NooWave Socialite

The Socialite by NooWave Co is a revolutionary product that uses a cutting edge mix of common ingredients to increase an introvert’s energy and reduce anxiety

Imagine a supplement that helped you feel a bit more free from the anxiety of going out in public or speaking. Something that helped you become more comfortably social.

Because that’s exactly what The Socialite was intended to do. This supplement by Noowave is the latest spin on cognitive enhancing supplements known as nootropics. But first, a bit of background:

Introverts and Extroverts

When it comes to being out in extremely crowded social […]

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