CaloriBurn: NNB Takes Grains of Paradise to Hot New Heights!

Shaking off stubborn body fat is tough – almost everyone has experienced this first hand, and it gets tougher as we age. Even if you’ve done virtually everything by the book – dialed in your nutrition, leveled up training intensity, prioritized sleep and recovery – progress can be tough to come by. If you’ve covered all your bases, introducing a little supplementation, specifically with ingredients that have been shown to aid fat loss, can go a long way!

Grains of Paradise

Grains of Paradise is not just for cooking anymore! In this article, we discuss how the proper extract from these seeds can be used for weight loss and body recomposition!

We’ve discussed countless weight loss supplements over the years, and there are certain ingredients that stand the test of time and continue to impress us with convincing results. Though compounds like caffeine or L-carnitine immediately come to mind for the right types of individuals, there are some thermogenics we believe deserve a bit more time in the spotlight!

Among them is grains of paradise, a true PricePlow-favorite since we first wrote about its use as a dietary supplement for weight loss in 2016. As an ancient spice, grains of paradise turns up the heat, enhances the activation of thermogenic brown fat, and may help the body free up extra fat to burn it off. Sounds great, right? When used appropriately, it is!

Taking it further, this incredible fat-burning ingredient has just gotten a whole lot better:

NNB Nutrition’s CaloriBurn: The future of Grains of Paradise

CaloriBurn️ from industry-leading ingredient developers NNB Nutrition is one of the latest arrivals within the fat-burning ingredient market, and despite its youth, it might be among the market’s strongest competitors.


No more untrustworthy grains of paradise extracts needed – we now have CaloriBurn by NNB Nutrition! Learn more on this page and at

Consisting of 100% pure, unadulterated grains of paradise, CaloriBurn️ has been methodically derived and designed to elevate the metabolic effects of the spice to a higher degree. This extract preserves every bioactive ingredient that makes grains of paradise so powerful, ultimately helping yield what we believe to be the market’s most potent grains of paradise derivations available!

Read on for all you need to know about CaloriBurn and what it can bring to the table. We’ll plunge into scientific research about grains of paradise, discussing the research studies that suggest its potential benefits. We’ll also be sure to discuss what separates CaloriBurn from other “GP” formulations out there. Here’s a quick tease – if you’re looking to spice up your fat-burning regimen, CaloriBurn is something you’re going to want somewhere in your supplement lineup!

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Grains of Paradise
NNB Nutrition

CaloriBurn: An ultra-pure, high-quality Grains of Paradise

If you’ve seen any of our recent posts about NNB Nutrition, you’re surely aware that they are absolutely blowing us away with their science-driven, efficacious formulations. From the glucose disposal optimizing GlucoVantageⓇ to the industry’s first L-BAIBA ingredient in MitoBurn️, they’ve proven their ability to to not only take well-known ingredients and improve them, but are pioneering completely new technologies as well.

Enhanced ingredient verification with HPLTC

NNB Nutrition CaloriBurn

CaloriBurn is a potent extract of Grains of Paradise, which has multiple fat burning positive effects!

CaloriBurn️ is yet another part of their charge against commonplace, run-of-the-mill formulations. Though there are many decent grains of paradise extracts out there, NNB took things up a notch with theirs. They’ve derived their extract using complex techniques in-line with both high performance liquid chromatography (HPLC) and high performance thin-layer chromatography (HPTLC).

While both practices are among the best chemical validation techniques in science, HPLTC is regarded as one of the most powerful and efficient analytical tools for inferring overall makeup and purity of pharmaceutical drugs.[1]

An extract with 12.5% 6-Paradol, just like the effective research

Below, we discuss the primary constituents of grains of paradise, which are in the extract used in one of the successful human studies: 6-gingerol, 6-paradol, 6-shogaol, and 6-gingerdione.[2] CaloriBurn️ uses 12.5% 6-Paradol as its primary constituent, but also has the other three just like the human research.

NNB is so confident in their methods that they’ve even shared both HPLC and HPTLC tests with PricePlow!

NNB Nutrition CaloriBurn HPLC Lab Test

CaloriBurn is standardized to 12.5% 6-Paradol but also has high amounts of the other important active ingredients!

NNB Nutrition CaloriBurn HPLCT Lab Test

This third-party lab result confirms that we have true grains of paradise, with at least the four peaks we also want.

The results of these tests confirm that CaloriBurn️ is one of the strongest, purest grains of paradise formulations we’ve seen! Not only do we have the major peak for 6-paradol, we have three other major peaks for the other main constituents. Why make a fuss over that?

Other ingredients may not be from true grains of paradise!

Since writing our original grains of paradise article in 2016, we’ve learned that some of the “grains of paradise” ingredients out there are not true GP extracts! Instead, there have been accusations of raw ginger extracts with just 6-paradol added.

NNB Nutrition

NNB Nutrition is an innovative ingredient development company with an elite team of over 100 scientists from over 10 countries.

If that is the case, it’s not only less effective than what’s in the clinical research, it’s non-compliant on the label! A true grains of paradise needs to be just that.

With the lab tests above, NNB Nutrition has demonstrated that it has the real deal — unadulterated grains of paradise, high in 6-paradol, but still high in the other important components as well.

That being said, overall purity only goes so far – we need to look at research on the actual compound in question to make sure it’s something worth purifying! The answer is simple once we talk about grains of paradise and the research that backs up its potential:

Grains of Paradise – a powerhouse thermogenic

NNB Nutrition CaloriBurn

CaloriBurn preserves all of the metabolism-enhancing bioactive compounds from aframomum melegueta

Grains of paradise (GP), also known as Aframomum melegueta, is a member of the Ginger family, a family of roots that has been used to treat various ailments and illnesses in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) and Ayurvedic medicine for ages.[3] Though this family of herbs grows plentiful in much of Asia, GP is most abundant in West Africa, where the seeds of the plant have long been utilized as a spice in cooking.

With such high concentrations of strong bioactive compounds like 6-gingerol, 6-paradol, and 6-shogaol, grains of paradise seeds pack quite a bit of heat when used to flavor recipes! However, as modern science continued to investigate the biological properties, they slowly discovered more and more about the plant, unveiling other potential uses.

6-gingerol, 6-paradol, and 6-shogaol

Research has shown that the individual components that make up GP seeds have some strong capabilities, with gingerol typically grabbing most of the spotlight. This chemical has proved impressive in terms of its abilities to lower blood glucose and reduce inflammation,[4,5] which has made ginger and its relative favorites within the health world. Other research has found similar capabilities in both paradol and shogaol,[6] with the former of which also showing promise as a neuroprotective substance.[7] But all three together, such as is the case in GP, and you really start cooking.

Decreased blood glucose levels

In 2013, researchers found that varying doses of Aframomum melegueta decreased blood glucose in a dose-dependent manner,[8] an effect that coincides with what we’d expect – the individual components have shown potential in blood sugar management, so it makes sense the entire extract does, too.

If you know anything about blood glucose level management, you know how crucial it is in regulating body weight, specifically in body fat storage. If you’re constantly burning sugar and have elevated blood sugar and insulin levels, you won’t be beta-oxidizing (ie burning) fat![9,10] And, as it turns out, that’s not all GP does in terms of fat mass!

The key – targeting brown adipose tissue!

Body Composition Graph

Researchers found that the GoP group experienced decreased visceral fat in the lower abdomen while the placebo group saw slightly increased visceral fat in the same area.[11]

Most know that when the body is in a caloric surplus (eg. the body has more energy available than it needs) and insulin levels are high, it stores that energy for later use. Once muscles are adequately fed and supported, the body’s preferred storage method is to turn that excess energy into adipose tissue, or fat. There are two kinds of fat, white adipose tissue and brown adipose tissue. White adipose tissue is, at its core, a storage site – it’s main function is to hold energy. However, brown adipose tissue is a bit more of the “expendable” kind, dissipating its caloric value in order to generate heat.[12]

While we don’t have much control over the split between white fatty tissue and brown fatty tissue, it’s highly desirable to have more brown fatty tissue compared to the “hard-to-lose” white fatty tissue. Research has found that holding a higher ratio of brown fatty tissue can potentially increase energy expenditure, and in turn, decrease body fat.[13] In simple terms, brown fat is more willing to give itself up for use, leading it paramount importance in a weight-loss endeavor.

By expending energy previously stored as brown adipose tissue, it’s possible to not only maintain energy levels but also lose body fat. For anyone interested in losing weight, this is an obvious desire, so we need to flip this metabolic switch. It turns out this process may be aided by supplementing with grains of paradise!

Bringing the heat in clinical research…

In 2011, researchers injected lab mice with GP extract in order to measure the relationship between the spice and brown fatty tissue. What they found confirmed a positive relationship – not only did GP stimulate nerve activity within brown fatty tissue, the effects lasted for as long as three hours![14] Furthermore, they found that the temperature of the tissue increased in response to this stimulation.[14]

By activating brown fatty tissue and raising body temperature, the body responds pretty simply – burn it off and maintain normal temperatures. The outcome? More energy expenditure, less body fat, and a return to baseline normalcy!

Great preliminary research, but that was an injection into animals — clearly we needed more data:

Acute usage works…

Grains of Paradise Energy Expenditure

Energy expenditure change (ΔEE) after oral ingestion of Grains of Paradise.[2] This spice helps melt away those stubborn pounds!

Evidence of the above relationship encouraged further investigation, and researchers undertook the challenge in 2013. Using an ethanol-derived extract of grains of paradise, 19 healthy men between the ages of 20 and 23 were administered 40mg of GP in a single-blind, placebo-controlled study. After 24 hours, scientists measured whole body energy expenditure and compared it to rates prior to taking the extract.

They found that although no differences existed between groups before administration, those that took grains of paradise raised energy expenditure levels by 5% in only two hours compared to the control group.[2] Grains of paradise, in a way, targeted brown adipose tissue for use and was effectively able to burn it off!

5% may not seem like a lot, and it certainly doesn’t mean we can stuff our faces full of donuts fried in vegetable oil, but any dieter who’s hit a plateau would gladly take that 5% increase – especially if it can be taken twice a day for a month!

…and usage from daily use works too!

The researchers in the previous study took things a step further – in 2014, they decided to expand their timespan to a full month, while setting GP dosage to 30mg per day. In this single-blind, placebo-controlled study, 19 healthy females aged between 20 and 22 either took 30mg of GP per day or a placebo, with whole-body energy expenditure and visceral body fat tested at the beginning and end of the study.

Energy Expenditure Chart

Researchers found that the group consuming the Grains of Paradise extract had a significantly greater increase in energy expenditure, due to increased BAT activity, than the group not receiving the GoP extract.[]

Upon completion, the spice proved successful yet again – those given grains of paradise significantly increased energy expenditure and decreased visceral (organ-surrounding) fat.[11] These results were statistically significant both for each subject and across groups, as well, with the GP group burning around 100 calories more per day than placebo!

However, it’s important to note that the researchers did not see any significant changes in subcutaneous (under-the-skin) fat or in overall body fat. This led the researchers to conclude that GP can help attenuate weight gain, though mainly in “preventing visceral fat accumulation.”[11]

In other words, GP can certainly give you a fat-burning boost, but it will by no means do all the work for you!

Some other benefits, too

Though the fat-burning potential lies at the center of almost any conversation about GP, we’d be remiss if we failed to briefly mention a few other interesting benefits that may exist:

  • Grains of paradise has been shown to protect brain health, particularly when used following cerebral ischemia.[15]
  • Researchers have found that grains of paradise improve lipid levels in animals.[16] This often happens with other ingredients that improve overall metabolic health, such as berberine.
    Animal Study Cholesterol Results

    Animal studies on Paradise extracts have shown significant improvements in blood lipid levels.[16]

  • There may be a relationship between GP and testosterone production. In research from 2011, scientists found a 300% increase in serum testosterone in mice given a daily dose of 115mg to 230mg per kg of bodyweight. That equates to a monster dose for a human, so take it with a grain of salt.

    So while it’s unreasonable to expect effects to this degree, there could potentially be an ever-so-slight uptick in your testosterone levels initiated by GP! We happen to notice hormonal benefits nearly every time we see metabolic improvements – all the more reason to get metabolically healthy!

Grains of paradise works, but you need to work, too!

As popular as fat-burning ingredients and formulas are, there remains a divide amongst consumers as to what they truly do. Yes, there’s significant research that supports the use of various fat-burners, especially including grains of paradise. As we’ve just laid out, the spice can activate brown adipose tissue and help accelerate fat loss. However, simply taking the ingredient doesn’t instantly yield those results.

As with any fat-burning ingredient, it’s imperative that it be used solely as a supplement – it’s not meant to make-or-break one’s weight loss journey, just assist it. With a proper diet, proper training, and a reasonably-framed approach and mindset, something like grains of paradise can really be useful. However, it’s important to note that with any fat-loss ingredient, you still need to put in the necessary work, as well!

CaloriBurn – showcasing the signature NNB Nutrition traits

CaloriBurn Lab Tests

CaloriBurn is not just HPLC tested, but HLPTC, so you know it’s real GP!

Now that we’ve established grains of paradise as the brown fat-burning powerhouse that it is, we’re sure you’re wondering – what separates CaloriBurn️ from NNB Nutrition from the rest of the pack? Well, if you’ve been keeping up with us and our coverage of this science-backed, science-first ingredient developer (sign up for our NNB Nutrition news alerts), then the differentiators here should come as no surprise!

First of all, CaloriBurn️ is made from all-natural Aframomum melegueta, which combined with a proprietary, ethanol-based extraction method, yields an incredibly pure final extract. Once they have this extract, NNB doesn’t further taint it, either – CaloriBurn️ is fully unadulterated, which means that it’s 100% pure grains of paradise, tried and true with tests mentioned above.

With the above traits in mind, you’re left with a fully effective, all-natural ingredient that delivers all of the potential benefits shown in scientific research. Now, this isn’t to say that other GP supplements are bad, but when you have the reputation and proven track record that NNB Nutrition has in its formulations, you can bet that you’re getting exactly what the label promises!

All PricePlow Blog Posts about CaloriBurn

The NNB-powered fat-burning stack!


NNB Nutrition’s CaloriBurn has 12.5% 6-Paradol, but uses pure grains of paradise to keep all of the active constituents

Though CaloriBurn️ is perfectly fine to take alone, the ingredient formulation is likely best utilized in conjunction with other fat-burning ingredients. There are plenty of potential partners that immediately come to mind, including common fat burner ingredients like caffeine, synephrine, and yohimbe/yohimbine as well as carnitine and choline for those who are deficient. We’ve typically seen grains of paradise present in formulas with those kinds of ingredients, and though they’re effective when dosed properly, NNB has developed an interesting ingredient portfolio that asks if there’s something more to be achieved.

NNB Nutrition has two core product lines – Burn Series and Vantage Series. CaloriBurn️, as one would assume, lies within the Burn Series, but the potential advantages it has in pairing with ingredients is applicable across both series.


There’s no better GDA ingredient than berberine, and there’s no better form of berberine than dihydroberberine in GlucoVantage!

Here’s a bit more on the other four ingredients NNB currently produces, all of which easily slide into any weight-loss regimen:

  • GlucoVantageⓇ – powered by dihydroberberine, is the greatest thing we’ve seen in glucose disposal agents. As maintaining proper blood sugar levels is imperative to maintaining a healthy body composition, ensuring your insulin response is in-check can go a long way in terms of keeping off extra body fat.
  • MitoBurn️ – perhaps the most synergistic ingredient NNB offers, this L-BAIBA-driven ingredient can potentially help convert white adipose tissue into brown adipose tissue. Teaming up CaloriBurn️ with MitoBurn️ seems to make an excellent 1-2 punch!
  • C8Vantage️ – this high-quality MCT oil powder may help provide clean energy, mental focus, and even appetite suppression. Consuming clean nutrients and increasing satiety are both important parts of any diet, and this powerhouse fits right at home in a fat-burning routine.Bring healthy saturated fat back, and bring it back with MCT from C8Vantage.

With their portfolio of ingredients, NNB Nutrition seems to be crashing the fat burner market full force. Each compound among the top options in its respective category, and each is incredibly unique. The right combination varies from person-to-person and depends on your goals and the diet you are supplementing. That being said, once you’ve defined what you hope to achieve, make sure you look at NNB’s entire portfolio at to see if you can create a combination that suits you!

Keep your eyes peeled for our NNB Nutrition news alerts, though, as we’ll have more coming from NNB in the near future!

Conclusion: Ignite new fat-burning potential with CaloriBurn️

Over time, Grains of Paradise has become a tried-and-true, enjoyable ingredient in the weight loss industry. After years of bouncing from edgy stimulant to stimulant, it’s great to see a stimulant-free edition with human research behind it!

NNB Nutrition CaloriBurn

See the lab work below: NNB Nutrition’s CaloriBurn is our preferred grains of paradise extract! Learn more on

NNB Nutrition is a company that continues to push boundaries, and with CaloriBurn️, we have yet another product that exemplifies their mission – to provide high-quality, effective ingredients that surpass current expectations. This pure, all-natural, efficiently-extracted grains of paradise formulation has been rigorously extracted and tested to deliver all of the brown adipose tissue-burning potential that supporting research suggests it can. Thanks to an incredibly pure profile and high-quality derivation, CaloriBurn️ firmly plants itself as one of the premier grains of paradise formulations within the fat-burning market!

NNB Nutrition, with over 100 of the industry’s best scientists at their disposal worldwide, have been a major source of ingenuity within the industry in recent years – and they have no plans of stopping. CalorBurn️ is just one example, but others are highlighted above. As one’s past can provide insight into their future, we must say that NNB’s future is very bright.

Stay tuned to PricePlow to see what’s coming next from this influential formulator!

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All PricePlow Blog Posts about CaloriBurn

About the Author: Mike Roberto

Mike Roberto

Mike Roberto is a research scientist and water sports athlete who founded PricePlow. He is an n=1 diet experimenter with extensive experience in supplementation and dietary modification, whose personal expertise stems from several experiments done on himself while sharing lab tests.

Mike's goal is to bridge the gap between nutritional research scientists and non-academics who seek to better their health in a system that has catastrophically failed the public. Mike is currently experimenting with a low Vitamin A diet.

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