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GNC’s Beyond Raw® Week Features $1 LIT™ Pre-Workout Cans in Store!

GNC Beyond Raw Week December 2022

Now through December 11, 2022, GNC is hosting their Beyond Raw® Week with some fantastic deals you won’t want to miss!

Beyond Raw® Week is back

The Beyond Raw® product line is very well-known for its powerfully-formulated supplements, and GNC […]

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Anabolic Warfare Project GDA: Affordable Muscle Sensitizer for Carbs

Anabolic Warfare Project GDA

Anabolic Warfare is known for their interesting approach to formulating common supplements. We’ve covered several of their Project Muscle supplements, and throughout the year, they’ve added even more than originally announced!

Today we’ll talk about Project GDA, Anabolic Warfare’s […]

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Kaged Hydra-Charge Flavor Drop: Strawberry Yuzu & Glacier Grape

Kaged Hydra-Charge Glacier Grape & Strawberry Yuzu

Kaged has released full-size tubs in two of their best flavor systems of Hydra-Charge — Strawberry Yuzu and Glacier Grape!

In a perfect world, we’d all make our supplement purchasing decisions solely on formula ingredients. After all, the […]

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Universal TORRENT: Old-School Post-Workout Supplement Still Dominates

Universal Nutrition Torrent

We love Universal Nutrition because their approach to formulating supplements is inspired by old school bodybuilding – the overwhelming majority of ingredients Universal uses are backed by hardcore research, every once in a while they give a wink and a […]

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Blessing Awodibu: The Boogieman Joins MuscleTech | PPP #076

Blessing Awodibu MuscleTech

On Monday, November 14th, MuscleTech held their first ever virtual press conference with a major announcement: Blessing Awodibu, otherwise known as The Boogieman, has joined Team MuscleTech!

PricePlow joined media companies from both sides of the announcement, […]

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InnoSlim: Potent Stim-Free Weight Loss Ingredient by NuLiv Science (2022 Updates)

NuLiv Science InnoSlim

NuLiv Science is one of the industry’s leading nutraceutical and dietary-supplement formulators. You’ve likely heard of them before: One of their patented ingredients, AstraGin, is used by countless brands to help boost ingredient bioavailability, and it’s quite effective […]

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CBum Thavage Unleashes the Dragon with Dragon Fruit Pre-Workout Flavor

CBum Thavage Pre-Workout Dragon Fruit Flavor

The supplement industry is highly competitive – there are thousands of players trying to fight over the same ground, and it can get pretty cutthroat.

One company that makes it look downright easy is Raw Nutrition. They keep releasing […]

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Revive MD Women’s Health: A Multifaceted Formula (Updated 11/2022)

Revive MD Women's Health

For the last several years, we’ve been covering what the folks over at Revive MD have been coming out with, and we’ve been thoroughly impressed. Revive MD has made a name for itself by thinking beyond just sports nutrition and […]

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Chris Waldrum Sells Inspired Nutraceuticals, Inspired Set for Moon Landing

Chris Waldrum Sells Inspired Nutraceuticals

On November 30th, 2022, Chris Waldrum of Inspired Nutraceuticals took to Instagram Live to make the following major announcement:

Inspired Nutraceuticals has been acquired!

You can watch the video below, then we’ll summarize with some bullet points:

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First Endurance PreRace 2.0: A Smarter Endurance Supplement

First Endurance PreRace 2.0

Over the years of covering dietary supplements here on the PricePlow Blog, we’ve noticed a consistent pattern: supplements marketed towards endurance athletes have generally been poorly-formulated and underdosed. While the rest of the sports nutrition industry has made improvements based […]

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