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Black Friday / Cyber Monday Supplement Deals 2022

Black Friday Supplements 2022

Note: This article is being updated *live* and will be broadcast when ready.

Happy Thanksgiving PricePlow Nation!

This year’s Black Friday / Cyber Monday specials in the supplement industry are looking very good, with most brands matching or beating […]

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Merica Labz Drops an F-BOMB (Extreme Stim Pre-Workout)

Merica Labz F-BOMB November 2022

We love the guys at ‘Merica Labz for doing everything American style – that means going big and pushing the boundaries of convention in the best tradition of American ingenuity.

To celebrate Black Friday 2022, they’ve really outdone themselves […]

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Myprotein The Pre-Workout Gets New Mike and Ike Flavors: Caribbean Punch and Sour Watermelon

MyProtein The Pre-Workout Caribbean Punch & Sour Watermelon

While it may be holiday season everywhere else but the team over at MyPotein are seemingly immune from relaxation. They’re back with two delicious flavors that spring from a separate awesome collaboration from The Pre-Workout line: Mike and Ike Sour […]

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The CBum Legend Thavage Collab (Miami Vice) Returns from Ghost / Raw Nutrition!

Ghost Legend Raw Nutrition CBum Thavage Miami Vice Black Friday

November 23, 2022 Update: This has been re-released for Black Friday! Get it while you can, and read more about the launch below

Bet you didn’t have this one on your 2022 bingo card:

For a one-weekend pop-up event, Ghost […]

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ONE Scoop Only! AstroFlav’s New Powerful Pre-Workout

AstroFlav One Scoop Only

AstroFlav is one of our favorite brands because they really go the extra mile for their customers. This company was founded by supplement-industry veterans with tons of direct retail customer experience. That’s a big part of the reason AstroFlav really[…]

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Healthgevity Ignite: Healthcare-Centric Metabolic Optimizer

Healthgevity Ignite

Who among us doesn’t want to live a long, healthy life? We emphasize healthy because, after all, there’s not much point to being alive if you aren’t well enough to enjoy it.

Thus, increasingly more attention has been paid over […]

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Introducing Fungies: Mushrooms in Delicious Gummy Form!

Fungies Mushroom Gummies Introduction

Fungi is all the rage. And what’s not to love? They grow like … fungus… and have a truly staggering array of nutritional properties that get the body, and brain, kicking in high gear. Today, we’re introducing you to […]

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Caesar Bacarella of Alpha Prime Tells His Amazing Story

Caesar Bacarella

By now, if you’re a follower of fitness and nutrition, there’s a great chance you’ve tried — or at least heard of — the phenomenal AP PrimeBites Protein Brownies. In less than a single year, they’ve become the hottest […]

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Umzu ZUUM: A Naturally-Minded Pre-Workout Supplement


Most new active nutrition supplement brands make their debut with a pre-workout supplement, since pre-workouts are such industry mainstays. But with so many competing for room on the shelves, we’re often left with an abundance of copycat formulas, gimmicks, or […]

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Arms Race Nutrition Elevation: Pecan Pie Flavor Grandma Would Love

Arms Race Nutrition Elevation Pecan Pie

In addition to their Apple Pie Moonshine announcement, Arms Race Nutrition is embracing the fall spirit with an incredible, seasonably appropriate flavor of their Elevation whey protein isolate powder:

Pecan Pie!

Thanksgiving dessert after every workout

The importance of […]

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