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Energy Drinks

Lost and Found Energy Drink: Find Your Vigor with 150 Milligrams of Caffeine

Lost and Found Energy Drink

Remember how much energy you had as a kid?

At some point – it’s difficult to say exactly when – you started losing it. You became a little more tired here and there. You found it was harder to focus […]

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Bubblicious Strawberry Splash Ghost Energy is Back for Summer ’22

Ghost Energy Bubblicious Strawberry Splash

Two years ago, Ghost Lifestyle launched Ghost Energy, and the team has done nothing but make it better with each passing quarter. We’ve recently covered the phenomenal Ghost Energy Swedish Fish and the incredibly underrated Ghost Energy Orange Cream[…]

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Dan Lourenco & Ryan Hughes #2 – GHOST x TMNT and the Future of Collabs | PPP #066

Ghost TMNT and the Future of Supplement Collabs

On April 18, 2022, Team PricePlow flew into Chicago, IL to visit the Ghost Lifestyle headquarters, celebrating the Ghost Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles collaboration launch. After meeting up with CEO Dan Lourenço, CMO Ryan Hughes, and the rest of the […]

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Merica Energy BLUE VALOR Flavor Drops in Time for Summer

Merica Energy Blue Valor

A lot of trends in the supplement industry are being driven by the growing consumer realization that supplements aren’t just for getting jacked. Smart supplementation is key for people who want to achieve great things —

And for red-blooded […]

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Ghost Energy Swedish Fish: A Mic-Drop Moment Years in the Making

Ghost Energy Swedish Fish

We’re barely into 2022 and the squad over at Ghost Lifestyle is coming in hot with a “mic drop” moment for the brand. Ghost Energy, one of their flagship energy drink products, has just released a new flavor: SWEDISH FISH[…]

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TJ Humphreys Joins Nic Stella at RYSE Supps | PPP #060

TJ Humphreys Joins Nic Stella at RYSE Supps

Our first podcast of 2022 came with some excellent news: TJ Humphreys has joined Nic Stella at RYSE Supps. Many supplement industry veterans know TJ from his days as CEO and owner of ProSupps, but now he’s taken […]

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Advanced.GG Partners with Splitgate for Rocket Pop Focus

Advanced.GG Splitgate Rocket Pop

We’ve covered Advanced.GG — the creators of Focus, the first clinically-dosed gaming supplement utilizing nooLVL — numerous times in the past, but this one’s different. Previous articles have dug into the Focus formula, the clinically-tested nooLVL ingredient from Nutrition21 […]

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It’s ORANGE CREAM! Ghost Energy’s Final 2021 Flavor

Ghost Energy Orange Cream

It’s been about a year and a half since the groundbreaking launch of Ghost Energy, and the Ghost Lifestyle crew keep making the lineup better over time. The past few months, the team led by Dan Lourenço and Ryan […]

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‘Merica Energy: The All-American Energy Drink Gets a ‘Restoration’

Merica Energy Red White Boom

It’s hard to find a truer Red, White and Blue supplement company than ‘Merica Labz!

When a company drops monstrous cereal pieces and cookie bits into its whey protein (exactly what they did with Patriot’s Whey), you know […]

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Myprotein COMMAND Nootropic Gaming Supplement Powered by Citicoline

Myprotein Command

The past decade has seen an intersection of two major areas of growth:

The massive popularity increase in gaming and esports Significant advancements in nootropic focus supplements

The cross-section of these two has created an incredible field of gaming supplements[…]

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