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Performax Labs HyperMax 3D Extreme Pre Workout is Out!

Performax Labs HyperMax Extreme 3D

It’s here by September 10th of 2021, and it’s more extreme than ever. We’re talking about the next generation pre workout supplement from Performax Labs, HyperMax 3D.

Performax Labs Keeps it Extreme

This comes with Performax Labs’ major rebranding and reformulation effort, where they’ve decided to keep their ultra-aggressive formulas. This should […]
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“HOLY SH*T” – Primeval Labs Day2Day Strawberry Mango Banana Review

Primeval Labs Day2Day Strawberry Mango Banana

A few months back, we wrote an article titled Primeval Labs Day2Day: Fruits & Greens That Go for TASTE, detailing Primeval Labs’ Day2Day greens powder.

You thought Cherry Limeade was good? Wait until you try Strawberry Mango Banana!

Primeval told us that they were going for flavor with this product, providing a quality formula […]
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Ghost Burn Piña Colada Review: The Team’s Current Favorite!

Ghost Burn Pina Colada IG

Ghost makes regular appearances here on the PricePlow Blog because they’re always up to something… legendary. Early in 2019, they launched Ghost Burn, which quickly became one of our favorite fat burners. It even earned second in PricePlow’s Top 10 Fat Burners of 2019. Ghost had some major launches last year and we […]
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Ghost Banana Pancake Batter Vegan Protein Review: Redemption!

Ghost Banana Pancake Vegan Protein

Ghost has released some epic protein powder flavors over the years, including an exclusive flavor collaboration with Chips Ahoy! That was by far one of the most impressive things we’ve seen in the supplement industry and that earned them our top protein powder for 2019! In the first few years, Ghost only offered a […]
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Best Pre Workout Supplement Guide for 2020: PricePlow’s Top 10

Best Pre Workout 2019

Everyone loves to talk about their favorite pre workout supplement, but everyone is different.

For simplicity, we’ve returned this page to the “Top 10 list” style, but we still have two major types of supplements for you to choose from – “mainstream” and “high-stim” / “aggressive”.

Open Labels Rule

In general, we prefer […]
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HB Nutraceuticals Healthy Blend: Go-To Pre Workout with 5g Creatine

Healthy Blend Candy Apple

How often does a site get to say they inspired a company to arise from nothing?

HB Nutraceuticals is using the knowledge they gained from years of PricePlow fandom to put their own stamp on the industry. Their aptly named Healthy Blend pre workout is soon to hit the market, and it’s a go-to pre […]
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PEScience Fudge Brownie Select Protein Bars: Their Favorite One?!

PEScience Select Protein Bars Chocolate Fudge Brownie

Just a couple of week after launching its newest product with Select Protein Bars, PEScience has already added its third flavor to the lineup:

Chocolate Fudge Brownie!

Even better news, the company claims that “This is their best flavor yet!” — although we have a hard time believing that given how much we like the […]
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Giant Sports 100% Whey Protein Review (YouTube)

Giant Sports 100% Whey Protein Review

The boys are back with a review of four flavors of Giant Sports’ 100% Whey Protein. If you’re looking for some crazy new flavors, this is a fun one – the question is which flavor do you try?

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Sidewalk Kraka Review: Pre Workout by CT Fletcher’s Iron Addicts

Sidewalk Kraka Review

The guys are back with another YouTube review of CT Fletcher’s Iron Addicts Supplement line, and this one — the Sidewalk Kraka pre workout — has one epic energy profile!

See how things fared on their YouTube review below, and read more on our CT Fletcher Sidewalk Kraka blog post![…]
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Bio-Gro Review – This Time, With BLOOD TESTS!

Bio-Gro Review


For well over three years, iSatori’s Bio-Gro (bioactive peptides extracted from colostrum) have been the center of all kinds of internet controversy.

Do they work? Is it bioavailable? Is it better than raw colostrum? Why not just take more whey protein? Is it banned? Will I lose my natty card?

When marketed as an […]
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