“HOLY SH*T” – Primeval Labs Day2Day Strawberry Mango Banana Review

Primeval Labs Day2Day Strawberry Mango Banana

Looking for a top shelf greens powder flavor? Then you’ve got to see our reaction on Primeval Labs’ Day2Day Strawberry Mango Banana flavor!

A few months back, we wrote an article titled Primeval Labs Day2Day: Fruits & Greens That Go for TASTE, detailing Primeval Labs’ Day2Day greens powder.

You thought Cherry Limeade was good? Wait until you try Strawberry Mango Banana!

Primeval told us that they were going for flavor with this product, providing a quality formula but admittedly not the most “heavy” one either. With some, but not too much seaweed or greenery, this allowed for excellent taste — something Primeval Labs is already known for.

We tried the Cherry Limeade flavor, and agreed – it’s fantastic.

But at that time, their Strawberry Mango Banana flavor was out of stock, and that was the one they touted the most. It’s finally back in action, and we had a chance to give it a run on video.

Let’s skip right to the moment when Ben tries it out (slightly NSFW due to language):

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With that reaction out of the way, let’s show some prices and briefly recap the formula:

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What’s in Day2Day?

Our main Day2Day article gets into the details, but below is a quick list of the key ingredients:

  • Organic Greens Blend – 2500mg

    Primeval Labs Day2Day Ingredients

    A serving of fruits, a serving of greens, some digestive enzymes, and incredible flavor.

    A blend with a few key ingredients that provide chlorophyll for antioxidant effects as well as performance through lactic acid buffering:

    • Organic Wheat Grass Powder

      High in the aforementioned chlorophyll but also easily-absorbed vitamins and minerals.

    • Organic Spirulina Powder

      Powerful antioxidant action and lipid profile improvements from this unique microalgae. There are also a few performance-based studies, such as a couple showing improved endurance and one showing more power!

    • Organic Barley Grass Powder

      Mineral rich with several anti-inflammatory and immune-supporting polysaccharides, as well as mood-supporting GABA.

    • Organic Chlorella Powder

      Another great source of chlorophyll that’s similar to spirulina.

    • Organic Parsley Leaf Powder

      A source of apigenin that has longevity promise.

    • Organic Broccoli Powder

      All gym bros love broccoli, right?! there are several unique phytochemicals and antioxidants inside, as well as a fantastic mineral profile.

    • Organic Beet Root Powder

      Primeval Labs ApeSht Untamed RTD

      When Primeval Labs enters a niche, they enter explosively. Get ready to go Ape with Ape Sh*t UNTAMED RTD – no shaker cup needed.

      Cardiovascular support when dosed high enough.

    • Organic Spinach Powder

      Popeye wasn’t wrong after all – this is a good source of betaine / trimethylglycine, which has several performance brenefits.

    • Organic Kale Powder

      A superfood that may be a bit overplayed in popular culture, but does support gut health

    • Organic Alfalfa Powder

      Alfalfa brings a unique, high-phytochemical and pharmacological profile.

  • Fruit Blend – 2500mg

    Fruits are where the flavor is at!

    • Pineapple Juice Powder

      Pineapple generally has great anti-inflammatory properties, especially with bromelain.

    • Raw Coconut Water Concentrate

      Primeval Labs Electrolyte

      A great stack without added carbs: Primeval Labs Electrolyte is a great tasting electrolyte matrix formula.

      Hydrating electrolytes and flavor.

    • Strawberry Fruit Powder

      Most don’t know that

    • Lemon Juice Powder

      Another glycemic improvement ingredient that has strong antimicrobial effects.

  • DigeSEB – 50mg

    Digestive enzymes to absorb this (and the rest of your food) better:

    • Amylases – break down carbs / starches
    • Lactase – break down lactose / milk sugars
    • Proteases – break down proteins
    • Lipase – break down lipids / fats
    • Cellulase – break down cellulose / plant fibers

    Protease may also increase recovery, and we’re surprised we don’t see it added to more post workout supplements!

Again, you can read our article titled Primeval Labs Day2Day: Fruits & Greens That Go for TASTE to get the details, with citations alongside.

All flavors available

    Day2Day Strawberry Mango Banana: Stunning Flavor!

    Primeval Labs Day2Day

    Greens Powder the Primeval Labs way – simple and delicious! Read our original Day2Day article.

    If you came looking for a top-shelf greens flavor, then you have it right here.

    Primeval Labs will be the first to tell you that Day2Day isn’t going to be a protein-scoop-sized formula full of nastiness. This is for their already-healthy followers who just need an extra serving of fruits and veggies — not a dozen. It’s a booster, not a meal. And for their athletes, who are already high in protein (see IsoLit for even more), that’s perfectly fine.

    Primeval Labs builds supplements that taste great, and just because they put out a greens powder doesn’t mean they have to stray from that. This flavor is on point and on brand, and that means it has top tier taste.

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