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GHOST Partners with Sydney Cummings to Unveil Summertime Punch Flavors

GHOST x Sydney Cummings Summertime Punch

Summertime is just about here, and that means it’s time for some deliciously fruity collaborations from GHOST!

For 2024, they’ve partnered with Sydney Cummings, the Guinness Record Holder for most fitness videos! This is the perfect collaboration, since both parties are kings (and queens) of content in their respective fields.

Sydney Cummings Summertime Punch[…]
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Ghost Greens Matcha Latte to Celebrate Earth Day 2024

GHOST Greens Matcha Latte PricePlow

April has been a huge month for GHOST, with two brand new products making their debut. First, we got GHOST’s Protein Cereal, which was released in both a peanut butter and a marshmallow (with real Lucky Charms!) flavor. Shortly thereafter, the supplement giant released GHOST Joint, which is a unique formula to ensure your joints […]
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JOCKO WILLINK | PricePlow Episode #132

Jocko Willink on the PricePlow Podcast

While at the 2024 Vitamin Shoppe Brand Summit, we were honored to have none other than Jocko Willink of Jocko Fuel on the PricePlow Podcast for Episode 132.

Jocko Willink: Founding Jocko Fuel and Jocko’s Supplement Stack

We had a quick discussion about the founding of Jocko Fuel, how they strive to do the right […]
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Revive MD Subscription Box: Greens, Vitamin Packs, and More!

ReviveMD Subscription Box

Whereas many supplement brands focus strictly on athletic performance, some have begun to take a more holistic approach to health supplementation. Revive MD is a brand that’s setting the standard in this regard.

With a huge catalog of targeted formulas meant to take aim at specific areas of health and wellness, Revive understands that how […]
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GHOST Pink Lemonade Flavor Lineup: Greens, Pump, and Size

GHOST Pink Lemonade Lineup

GHOST has staked a claim in the pantheon of supplement brand greats in large part due to their pioneering of flavor collaborations. Over the years, GHOST has partnered with a variety of different brands, transferring flavors we all know and love to supplement form.

The latest such collaboration was with FaZe Clan, the hyper-famous […]
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Kaged Kickstarts 2024 in The Vitamin Shoppe’s Fit Lifestyle

Kaged Fit Lifestyle Vitamin Shoppe

Long ago, when we started PricePlow, this corner of the industry was basically called “Bodybuilding Supplements”. As the industry grew and shifted away from just bodybuilding, the niche transformed into “Sports Nutrition”… but that’s not exactly a perfect fit either. Not everyone’s into sports, after all.

To combat that, we’ve more recently […]
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Infinis Ultra Greens: Immunity Support and Micronutrients

Infinis Ultra Greens

Infinis, a newcomer on the supplement block, has made quite a splash with its initial product launches on Black Friday 2023. A couple of weeks ago, we covered the Infinis Ultra Pre-Workout formula, and with 13 trademarked ingredients, it’s unlike anything we’ve ever seen. If you saw that post, then you know Infinis isn’t […]
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INFINIS Has Entered the Chat: Reach Your Infinite Potential

Infinis: Infinite Potential

PricePlow is proud to unveil a new brand launched on Black Friday 2023:

INFINIS Nutrition

With a tagline of Infinite Potential, they posted the following images to the @InfinisNutrition Instagram:

They’ve now teased a pre-workout and a greens formula:

Infinis Ultra Pre-Workout

You want everything in a pre-workout supplement — from pumps to […]
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Glaxon G-Day 2023: Pink Lady Astrolyte & Super Greens Energy!

Glaxon Goon Day 2023 is Now Called G-Day, but is still on 11/11 and has a 35% off Site-Wide sale!

It’s celebration time. Glaxon – a brand renowned for its cutting-edge and innovative approach to supplement formulation – is turning 4 years old on November 11th. To mark the occasion, Glaxon has announced a sitewide 35%-off sale from November 11 (11/11!) to the 14th, plus free shipping for orders over $99.

Even better, we’re getting […]
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Glaxon’s Fall Bash: Pumpkin Patch Super Greens and CANDY CORN Electro Creatine!

Glaxon Pumpkin Patch Super Greens and Candy Corn Electro Creatine

Fall is in full swing now – the leaves are orange, the air is crisp, and nutritional requirements are increasing. In the supplement world, this means fall-themed flavors galore! The one-and-only Glaxon is kicking things off with a new flavor of Super Greens.

Pumpkin Patch and Candy Corn

Glaxon’s Super Greens is a supercharged[…]
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