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Anastasis Konnect — The Professional’s Nootropic

Anastasis Konnect

Check out the super nootropic supplement from Anastasis Nutraceuticals. Konnect will ignite your productivity and focus.

A few weeks back, we introduced Anastasis Nutraceuticals, a biohacking company founded by the owner of Inspired Nutraceuticals. Back when we first […]

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SARMs on the Ropes: FDA Finally Issues Warning Letters


The FDA is on the prowl again, this time they’re officially going after three companies who have sold SARMs into the sports nutrition market.

Don’t look now meatheads, but SARMs are officially under fire from the FDA – only two[…]

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Get Active at the PricePlow Forum and Win Free Supplements!

PricePlow Forum Coming Soon

Last weekend, we quietly released the all-new PricePlow Forum, and already have some great conversations going!

To encourage users to jump in and help get things going, we have a contest going to award gift cards, swag, […]

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Primeval Labs MEGA PRE Brings Bigger Pumps, Better Blood Flow

Primeval Labs Mega Pre

After a little delay, Primeval Labs is ready to rock the supplement world again with its stimulant free pre workout Mega Pre.

If you’ve been following the supplement newswire lately (which includes our YouTube channel), you’re well aware of […]

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Elemetx NitroVegg – Ovo-Vegetarian Friendly Protein Powder


Check out the latest innovation from Elemetx:
NitroVegg, a dairy free protein powder that’s comparable to whey protein.

Fast-growing Canadian brand Elemetx is known for making effective supplements that offer a little something different than what you usually find […]

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BPN Flight: The Bare Performance Pre Workout

BPN Flight Sand

Bare Performance Nutrition is a fast-growing brand from Texas looking to soar with its clinically dosed pre workout, Flight.

Bare Performance Nutrition (BPN) is a local Texas-grown supplement company headed by brothers Nick and Preston Bare.

The brothers (who […]

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Vinpocetine: Enhanced Blood Flow to Your Brain


Vinpocetine is a little mentioned nootropic that enhances cognitive function and learning via increasing blood flow to the brain.

Over the past few months since jumping down the nootropics rabbit hole, we’ve covered some of the most popular, and frequently […]

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Performax Labs SlinMax: MAX Out Your Carbs.. and Your Gains!


Performax Labs unveils their revamped glucose disposal agent / nutrient partitioner SlinMax which improves glucose uptake, blood sugar levels, and lean mass gains.

Everyone wishes they could eat endless amounts of carbs and never have a single one of them […]

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Win 1 of 3 Products from GoldStar Performance!

GoldStar Contest

Who’s ready to win one of three products from GoldStar Performance — the DMHA pioneers?!

Contests on PricePlow have been at an all-time high lately, and we’re back with yet ANOTHER one for you today courtesy of Goldstar Performance. […]

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Adaptogen Science L-Carnitine 3000: The Fat Burning Liquid

Adaptogen Science L-Carnitine 3000

Adaptogen Science has released a much more robust version of the fat burning L-Carnitine 3000 liquid supplement containing Paradoxine and LeanGBB!

A couple weeks ago, we introduced you to Adaptogen Science and their new intra workout supplement Intra Amino Sport[…]

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