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SNS Pepti-Plex and Core BOLIC: A Tale of Two PeptiStrong Supplements

SNS Pepti-Plex vs Core BOLIC

It’s no secret that the PricePlow Blog is cranking out the research at breakneck speed, but even by our standards, our summer 2023 article PeptiStrong: Natural Anabolic Ingredient from Fava Beans is one of our clear favorites.

In case you missed it, PeptiStrong from Irish biotechnology firm Nuritas has a fascinating origin story: It’s a […]
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Musclesport CarniShred Baja Splash Surprise Release

Musclesport Carnishred +MitoBurn Baja Splash

Musclesport has been burning the midnight oil recently. Led by Jason Mancuso, the brand hass been dropping new Lean Whey flavors like candy – in October it was Huckleberry Cheesecake and Lemon Pound Cake, then last month they dropped half a dozen flavors with some Christmas-themed Lean Whey flavors for Black Friday, which included […]
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Core Nutritionals ISO Clear Protein Launches in Fun Sweets Cotton Candy!

Core Nutritionals ISO Clear Fun Sweets

The big news over at Doug Miller’s Core Nutritionals last month was the release of their MOOSE TRACKS Protein Brownies. They launched in two flavors: Blondie, and Brownie, and they are nothing short of delectable.

This month, though, we’re getting another new product from Core – ISO Clear! This isn’t just a new […]
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Inno Supps Inno Fast: Amplify Your Fast with Chromax

Inno Supps Inno Fast

You’ve no doubt heard a lot about the health benefits of fasting, and maybe you’ve even given it a try. Of course, it’s not always easy to go without food for most of the day or, if you’re a hardcore faster, a whole day or more — many claim 3 days is the sweet […]
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Caffeine + Taurine: Another Reason to Love Animal Chews

Animal Chews Synergy: Caffeine + Taurine!

Animal is a brand that needs no introduction — it’s one of the most respected names in sports nutrition. The company is known for the legendary Animal Pak, which was the first product of its kind – less a supplement than a comprehensive supplementation system, with its multitude of ingredients organized into packs […]
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RAW Nutrition Gingerbread Itholate for a CBum Christmas Treat

RAW Nutrition Gingerbread Itholate Protein

The big news from RAW Nutrition in the last couple weeks was the release of their testosterone-boosting stack – Signal – for Black Friday. It is an awesome formula built around Fadogia agrestis and Longjack, two of the most potent T-boosters available on the market. As RAW does, they prioritized sourcing, and ensuring that […]
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Nutrition21 nooLVL & Lustriva at SupplySide West 2023 with Katie Emerson | Episode #119

Katie Emerson of Nutrition21: SupplySide West 2023 on the PricePlow Podcast

In October of 2023, we made our annual trip to the “mecca of ingredientology” – SuppySide West 2023 in Las Vegas, NV.

This is a major trade show that includes basically every component of the dietary supplement and nutrition industry’s supply chains, from ingredient developers to flavor houses to machine manufacturers to distribution experts. […]
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Primeval Labs Epibolic Brings the Fight with Tongkat Ali!

Primeval Labs Epibolic

What if we told you that some of the best ingredients you can put into your body come from the earth? It seems pretty obvious, but sometimes it’s best to get back to the roots. Introducing Epibolic, the performance and hormone support product from Primeval Labs that was updated in 2023.

Epibolic: Harness the[…]
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Strawbango Margarita GHOST Energy Returns to GNC and Vitamin Shoppe!

Ghost Energy Strawbango Margarita

Back in September of 2022, GHOST released a new flavor for Energy, Legend, and Pump called Strawbango Margarita, and it was a roaring success. The flavor was created in collaboration with Maxx Chewning, and the community found the flavor worked particularly well with GHOST Energy.

This year, rather than repeating the above trio, the […]
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BPI Sports Acquired by Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals in Bankruptcy Settlement

BPI Sports Acquired by Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals

On September 18, 2023, well-known sports nutrition supplement brand BPI Sports filed for bankruptcy, with an interesting list of creditors that included employees, contract manufacturers, and even former business partners like Mike O’Hearn.[1]

We posted the following video on Instagram with some of the highlights:

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