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Bodybuilding.com Lays off 90 Employees. See Both Sides Here

Bodybuilding.com Lays off 90 Employees in 2016

A most dramatic year for Bodybuilding.com is coming to a nasty end, as the Idaho-based Internet retailer just laid off 90 workers via email in a “pre-Christmas downsizing”, per the Idaho Statesman[1] and KTB7.[2]

Bodybuilding.com issued the following statement:

“Today Bodybuilding.com announced an organizational downsizing. The change is part of an ongoing planned restructure designed to strengthen Bodybuilding.com’s core business and reach a wider set of customers.”

— Bodybuilding.com Official Statement

Note: this is a privately-owned blog, not a mainstream news website. Mike weighs in with his opinions below.

The company is estimated to have roughly 800 employees[3], which is […]

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Xtend GO – Scivation Overtakes the BCAA Energy Game

Scivation Xtend Go Flavors

Scivtation has given Xtend Go a facelift recently as they trimmed down the ingredients and amped up the energy!

Note: This blog post has been updated to reflect the changes made in 2016 – Xtend Go is now available everywhere now that a GNC exclusive is over.

Scivation Go is a BCAA + Energy drink mix powder that combines three of our favorite things: amino acids, caffeine, and cognitive focus enhancers!

This is an incredible product to take between meals for a quick pick-me-up, as a light pre-workout supplement, or anytime when dieting and you need a quick muscle and […]

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TigerFitness Holiday Contest: Win a Sony PS4 VR Bundle!

TigerFitness Holiday Contest 2016

The annual TigerFitness Holiday Contest is here, and this year it’s a great one — the grand prize winner will receive a Sony Playstation 4 VR Bundle!

Win a Sony Playstation 4 VR Bundle! Earn chances to win by buying the daily deals!

How it Works

Click the image to read more about Xtend Go and get it at TigerFitness to enter this contest!

Every order for $25 worth of MTS Nutrition, Cellucor, CORE Nutritionals, Nutrex, Scivation, and/or Kaged Muscle products that TigerFitness.com carries will count as 1 entry.

There is no limit in […]

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Body Fortress LAWSUIT: Amino Acid Spiking Class Action UPDATED

It has begun: The Body Fortress Amino Acid Spiking Class Action Lawsuit!

Update November 2016: This was the first amino acid spiking case, and it’s ever-slowly progressing. Click here to read the November 2016 case updates. This article was originally posted on July 2, 2014.


Last month, we wrote a detailed report about amino acid spiking, which is when a protein manufacturer adds additional low-cost amino acids to protein powders in order to legally “pad the stats” and nudge the amount of protein listed on the label.

The first major shot has been fired: A class action lawsuit against Body Fortress has been filed in California[…]

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Rich Piana’s Keto Diet Meal Plan: But is it Truly Keto?

Rich Piana Keto Meal Plan Review

A while back, we covered Rich Piana and 5% Nutrition’s Bodybuilding Lifestyle Meal Plan after the original announcement of Rich Piana’s Meal Plan Service. In the Bodybuilding Lifestyle post, we discussed all the meals and provided feedback on how each of them tasted.

Mike’s back with another review, this time it’s Rich Piana and 5% Nutrition’s Keto Meal Plan.

Well good news: Rich & 5% have expanded their meal delivery service now to also include the carb-avoiding ketogenic crowd as well!

5% Nutrition’s Keto Meal Plan packs everything you need to ditch [most of] the carbs once and for […]

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Bodybuilding.com vs. Jim Stoppani: An IP Lawyer’s Analysis

Bodybuilding.com vs. Jim Stoppani IP Lawyer Analysis

A couple weeks ago we wrote an article titled What’s JYM Really Worth? The Numbers You Won’t Believe where we revealed the three-year revenue numbers for JYM prior to the break-up and ensuing Bodybuilding.com vs. Jim Stoppani lawsuit.

Meet Nick, an experienced IP attorney in Ohio who weighs in on the Bodybuilding.com vs. Jim Stoppani Lawsuit

In that post, we mentioned that the was time to bring out the big guns – so the specialists are here to make comment.

Introducing Nick Gingo from Renner Otto Intellectual Property Law in Ohio:

Nick Gingo has been an intellectual property lawyer in […]

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MTS Insurgent – The Machine’s MAN MAKER

MTS Insurgent

MTS Machine is back with Insurgent, an all-new supplement that’s specifically engineered to be an “extremely potent libido and testosterone booster.”

He’s back! It’s been quite a while since we’ve seen a new supplement from Marc Lobliner and his supplement company MTS Nutrition.

Last we saw the famous bodybuilder and company spokesman was when he revised its popular fat burner Drop Factor. MTS Whey is also continually getting creative new flavors, which fans can’t stop loving and haters can’t stop envying.

But we need more from MTS, and Marc and the team have delivered.

The MTS Machine […]

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PWO-MAX: Prime Nutrition’s MONSTER Reformulation

Prime Nutrition PWO-MAX 2016

Prime Nutrition is returning to greatness with Hi-Tech at the helm and it’s first re-release is a charged up version of its pre workout PWO-MAX.

It’s been a wild year for Prime Nutrition, which went through some ownership turnover between Aaron Singerman and PJ Braun, but after Jared Wheat of Hi-Tech Pharma recently bought shares of Prime, things appear to be settling down now and the product line is moving forward.

The new tag-team of RedCon1‘s frontman Aaron Singerman and Wheat have wasted no time in completely overhauling the once fiery-hot brand, giving it a completely new […]

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Black Friday / Cyber Monday Supplement Sales: 2016 Edition

Black Friday 2016

It’s here!

Black Friday 2016 is Here!

PricePlow’s system deals Main Supplement Deals Page Buy 1 Get 1 FREE Buy 1 Get 1 50% Off Buy 2 Get 1 Free

Bodybuilding.com, Muscle & Strength, and GNC are having a bunch of BOGO/BOGO50 deals, check the above pages to see them all! We can’t even begin to describe how many insane BOGO’s are going on right now — get over to the BOGO page ASAP!!

Cyber Monday Store Updates!

Below are the new deals offered for Cyber Monday on top of the killer Black Friday ones below!

CYBRO Monday at Bodybuilding.com: […]

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Jim Stoppani Sued AGAIN. New Class Action Lawsuit

Jim Stoppan Pre-JYM Lawsuit

Update: This case was dismissed, but has already been re-filed. The PDF below shows the new complaint filed on November 26, 2016.

Jim Stoppani has been sued again — This time, a class action complaint regarding the ingredient-based claims in Pre-JYM and Post-JYM

It’s impossible to cleverly sugarcoat this one, so we’ll just cut to the chase: Jim Stoppani has been sued again.

In what’s becoming an unbearably litigious year for the PhD, a new class action lawsuit was filed on November 8, 2016 against Jim Stoppani’s company, PhD Fitness.

The class action complaint is over misleading statements, […]

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