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Review: CT Fletcher’s I Command You to Grow Protein Powder

CT Fletcher I Command You To Grow Review

The boys reviewed the three flavors of CT Fletcher’s I Command You To Grow Protein on YouTube! Click here to see the review, and if you want more information, read about this on our Iron Addicts brand page![…]

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ATP Nutrition Perform Kinetics: The Perfect Surprise Pre Workout

ATP Nutrition Perform Kinetics

ATP Nutrition has crafted the ultimate performance enhancing pre workout in Perform Kinetics, and we LOVE it!

When we released the latest version of our Top 10 Pre Workouts list, there was one product in there that nobody saw coming in the non-DMAA side of things.

So here’s the story.

Recently, we came across a new supplement company titled ATP Nutrition, short for Aspire. Train. Perform. ATP was founded by Daniel Valdez, a former military vet and active duty firefighter that’s committed to bring transparently labeled, efficaciously dosed supplements to the market.

The brand currently has a dynamite performance-enhancing […]

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VMI Sports K-XR: High Energy High-Stim Pre Workout

VMI Sports K-XR

K-XR is the all new high energy, strength boosting pre workout from VMI Sports that is generating quite a buzz in the industry.

At the end of 2016, we introduced you to VMI Sports, a burgeoning supplement company based in Dallas, TX that was priming to take the industry by storm. At the time, VMI was preparing to launch their brand new high energy pre workout K-XR.

Well, the day has come, and K-XR is here in all its high-energy and focus glory, and we’ve got a full breakdown of it!

This is a high-energy pre workout supplement[…]

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5% Nutrition Contest Prep Meal Plan – Get Stage Ready with Rich Piana!

Without a doubt, the posts and videos that get the biggest feedback (backlash?) occur when we cover Rich Piana and his supplement company 5% Nutrition. No matter what the product is, the responses and YouTube comments we get to those entries are simply astounding.

Today, we feature the third variation of Rich Piana and 5% Nutrition meal delivery service in the Contest Prep Meal Plan.

Earlier this year, we introduced Rich Piana’s 5% Nutrition Meal Plans, where we later covered 5% Nutrition’s Bodybuilding Lifestyle Meal Plan as well as the Keto Lifestyle Meal Plan. In each […]

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Muscle Building Nutrition DOMINATE Brings the Ergogenics

Muscle-Building Nutrition Dominate

Dominate is the fully loaded pre workout from Muscle-Building Nutrition that contains only scientifically proven ingredients in clinically effective studies.

We live in an age of utter abundance when it comes to well-dosed pre workouts. The era of the “concentrated” micro-dosed pre workout reign is long gone, and pre workouts of today are a considerable step up in quality, scoop size, and overall effects.

One such company utilizing these mega-sized pre workouts is Muscle Building Nutrition, where we introduced them here in towards the end of 2016. In that post, we documented their commitment to fully-dosed, research-backed formulations – […]

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Performax MassMax XT – Superior Natty Gains

Performax MassMax XT

Performax Labs has released a new natural muscle building supplement in MassMax XT that helps build muscle, reduce fat, boost protein synthesis, and increase appetite.

Whenever Performax Labs has a new product release, we’re always paying attention, as they have some of the most interesting and unique formulations on the market. From their potent mood-boosting pre workout HyperMax XT (as seen on our best pre workout supplement buyer’s guide) to their novel nutrient partitioner SlinMax, Performax continually delivers the goods with each new release.

But right now we’re going through an upheaval of new natural muscle-building supplements with a […]

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Win 1 of 5 FREE Muscle Building Nutrition DOMINATE Pre Workout Tubs!

Muscle Building Nutrition Dominate Contest

Enter for a chance to win a tub of Muscle-Building Nutrition’s clinically dosed pre workout Dominate.

It’s time for another big giveaway here on the PricePlow blog, this time it’s courtesy of an up and coming brand, Muscle Building Nutrition. It’s for the DOMINATE pre workout, which was just unveiled on this blog on January 17!

We’ve got the prizes listed below (five people are going to win this!), but first, here’s a bit on how you can get entered:

How it works Enter your name and email below On the next page, you’ll be given[…]

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Core Flex Powder – Full Spectrum Joint Support

Core Flex

Core Nutritionals has released a “kitchen sink” type joint health formula in Flex that aims to be a “jack of all trades” type product.

One category that we absolutely love, but never see enough of in this industry is joint health supplements. Sure, we’ve seen a few notable additions to the category pop up over the previous year, but not enough to satiate our appetite for testing new joint support.

Well, that changes today, as Core Nutritionals has unveiled an update to their popular joint support formula, Core Flex. There’s been a minor tweak to the formula and a major […]

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Primeval Labs Gray Matter – Serious Brain Gains

Primeval Labs Gray Matter

It’s here! Primeval Labs has released their first nootropic supplement for serious brain gains called Gray Matter.

A while back, we introduced you to Primeval Labs, a “hardcore” brand well-known to the anabolics / prohormone crowd, but not widely known outside those circles. On our main Primeval page, we mention that they were about to release more mainstream products throughout 2017, appealing to a more diverse audience outside of the hardcore crowd.

Today, we’re back with that all new Gray Matter, an incredibly well dosed nootropic supplement for cognitive focus that will bring some serious brain gains your […]

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Gaspari Precision Protein Contest: PricePlow Playoffs Pick’em!

Gaspari Precision Protein Giveaway

Win a tub of Gaspari Precision Protein.. but first, you gotta pick the winner of this weekend’s NFL Playoff game between the Cowboys and Packers!

The NFL Playoffs are in full swing, and as the march towards Super Bowl LI continues, it’s time for another contest, courtesy of Gaspari Nutrition! One lucky winner will score a free tub of the all new Gaspari Precision Protein.

But there’s a catch! In order to be eligible, you must first correctly pick the winner of the Cowboys vs. Packers game Sunday afternoon – pick wrong and your entry is thrown in the […]

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