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GHOST® Whey OREO® MINT Announced for June 28, 2024

Ghost Whey Oreo Mint

In April and May, GHOST Lifestyle was on the warpath. During those two months, GHOST released three new formulas – Intra, Joint, and Protein Cereal – and 4 new flavors. All in all, a huge couple of months. This month, though, the supplement titan has been eerily quiet.

Until now, that is. GHOST has […]
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MuscleSport Lean Whey Pina Colada: A Tropical Taste for Summer 2024

MuscleSport Lean Whey Pina Colada

There are only a few certainties in life – things you can really count on. You have death, of course. Then there’s taxes. The third universal constant is that no matter when and where you are, there is a new flavor of Musclesport’s Lean Whey protein powder around the corner for you to try.

Many […]
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BOGO50 Protein and Pre-Workouts! GNC In-Store Blowout Sale Through 7/3

GNC In-Store BOGO50

Summer is here, and GNC is welcoming it in serious fashion with a massive BOGO50 (Buy One, Get One 50% off) on all protein powders and pre-workout supplements — but it starts in-store only, with a shortened sale available online:

BOGO50 Protein and Pre-Workouts at GNC: In-Store

Through July 3rd, 2024, take advantage of […]
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Jocko GOOD Sweetener: A Natural Blend of Allulose, Reb-M, and Monk Fruit Extract

Jocko Hydrate RTD GOOD Sweetener

One of the biggest hurdles in the supplement industry is flavoring — and with that comes sweetening. After all, the demographic that is interested in performance-boosting supplementation is the same demographic that has the sense to be wary of unnecessary sugar intake and overall ingredient quality.

Avoiding Sugar (and Corn Syrup) is Just[…]
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Creatine in Pre-Workouts: C4 Ultimate Strength Brings the Power

C4 Ultimate Strength (focus on creatine content)

February of this year, PricePlow was proud to announce to the world the new 5th Generation of C4 Pre-Workouts from NutraBolt. This long-awaited lineup brought some incredible innovations like an entirely new peptide-derived pump ingredient named PeptiPump, NSF Sport certifications for the beefed-up C4 Sport series, and the use of higher-quality B-vitamins in all […]
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Ryan Garcia Fails Drug Test and Blames NutraBio Super Carb, Tests Find NONE (Updated 6/16/2024)

Ryan Garcia Failed Drug Test - Ostarine in NutraBio Super Carb Alleged

On May 1, 2024, boxer Ryan Garcia tested positive for ostarine, a banned performance-enhancing drug.[1] Three weeks later, his B-sample re-confirmed the drug.[2] The A-sample had been taken the day before and the day of his April 20th upset win over Devin Haney, a victory that’s now in jeopardy of disqualification.

On May 30th, […]
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What is Jocko MÖLK Protein? A Full Breakdown to Celebrate Cookies & Cream

Jocko Fuel Molk Protein Powder Cookies and Cream

Jocko Willink is one of the biggest names in the world. As a former Navy Seal, Jocko has built an empire around himself – from books to corporate training, he is the go-to man for discipline and success.

The hard professionalism Jocko exemplifies carries over extremely well to his supplement brand, Jocko Fuel. After […]
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Consider Creatine in MREs, US House Committee Suggests to Department of Defense

House Suggests Creatine in MREs

In late May, 2024, the Committee on Armed Services in the U.S. House of Representatives published its National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) report, suggesting that the Department of Defense consider adding creatine to MREs (Meals Ready to Eat).[1]

On pages 213 and 214, the report states:[1]

Consideration of Including Creatine in Meals Ready to Eat[…]
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InnovaPharm TEST XL: Boost Testosterone with TWO New Extracts and Far More

InnovaPharm Test XL

InnovaPharm is a supplement company that always lives up to its name. When they launch a product, you’d better pay attention, because it’s virtually guaranteed to offer one of two major value-adds:

Powerful ingredients that no other company has used for that specific application, or Combinations of ingredients, even common ingredients, that nobody has ever[…]
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Gamer Supps Receives Cease and Decist from Dept of Homeland Security For Using President’s Likeness, Then Trolls Them Back

Gamer Supps Cease and Decist Letter

On June 4, 2024, the U.S. Department of Homeland Security sent a letter to Gamer Supps instructing the supplement company to immediately remove their LEAN products, which contained an “unauthorized and inaccurate depiction of the President of the United States”.[1] You can see the tub below, courtesy of archive websites.[2]

Gamer Supps posted the DHS […]
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