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RedCon1 Fade Out: Sleep Supplement Knocks You the F’ Out

RedCon1 Fade Out Camo

Say goodnight, folks! Fade Out from RedCon1 is a comprehensive sleep formula that also reduces stress and promotes Growth Hormone release.

RedCon1‘s launch continues to storm the beaches of the supplement industry, and they haven’t slowed down one bit since their debut in early August. In that time, the brand has released a total of 12 products and still have one more yet to go.

Previously, we’ve covered the high-powered pre workout Total War, and the stim free pump and focus powerhouse Big Noise. So far, all of the products have been incredibly well-dosed, and early feedback’s […]

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Bodybuilding.com is SUING GNC for 100 MILLION Dollars

Bodybuilding.com vs. GNC LAWSUIT

Grab a seat folks, because this is happening.

Today while checking PACER, we saw that there was a Motion to Correct/Amend the Jim Stoppani Lawsuit. Had the two sides reached a settlement???

Not. Even. Close.


Bodybuilding.com has amended the lawsuit to include GNC, and they are seeking $100,000,000 in damages

You can download the amended lawsuit below:

Click here to download the amended lawsuit against Jim Stoppani and GNC.

This is not a joke nor a drill. The two behemoths are about to clash.

This is actually happening. 2016 never ceases to deliver.

The Lawsuit[…]

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biPro Protein: Pricey yet NSF-Certified Natural Whey Isolate

biPro Whey Isolate Chocolate

biPro Whey Isolate is an ultra-clean whey protein powder that’s NSF certified for sport, making it ideal of drug-tested athletes.

If you’re anything like us on the weekends recently, you’ve been watching lots of college and pro football – it really is the best time of the year! During the endless amounts of commercial breaks, we kept seeing advertisements for BiPro Whey Isolate protein powder.

So we dug in to see why it was getting so much press on the various sports networks. What we found is that BiPro protein powders are NSF Certified for Sport®, meaning BiPro’s proteins […]

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Divided Labs PREVIDE: Serious Pre-Workout.. but at 2 Scoops

Divided Labs Previde

Divided Labs potent pre workout Previde boasts a completely transparent, and rather comprehensive, profile that’s sure to take your workouts to the next level!

We’re incredibly fortunate here at PricePlow to have an extremely tuned in fanbase that regularly engages with us both here on the blog and on our various social media outlets. One of our regular readers (shout-out to Miguel!) told us about this powerful new pre workout he’d been using with great success.

Being the stim fiends and pre workout buffs that we are, our Spidey-sense immediately went crazy and we went digging up any and all […]

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Jim Stoppani SUED by Bodybuilding.com! (Update: Court Dates Set)

Jim Stoppani Lawsuit

UPDATED September 19, 2016: JYM is now being sold in GNC, so many are asking what’s going on. Click here to skip to the 2016-Q3 update — in short, it looks like this is heading to court and business is moving forward for all parties until then.

UPDATED September 20, 2016: Bodybuilding.com has released a statement regarding the matter, and Jim posted a video as well.

UPDATED September 22, 2016: The case has been amended and Bodybuilding.com is now suing GNC as well as Stoppani!

If you thought the ongoing Jim Stoppani Scandal couldn’t get any […]

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Rich Piana’s MAMMOTH MUG For 5%-ers Only!

Rich Piana Mammoth Jug

5% Nutrition has developed the most “5%” water-drinking device you’ve ever encountered, The Rich Piana MAMMOTH MUG.

When Rich Piana and 5% Nutrition do anything in regards to supplements, lifting, or heck, even life — they do it like no one else in the industry. We’ve seen outrageously strong supplements, monstrous protein-packed meals, and some ridiculous cycles from the man, but nobody could have prepared us for Rich & Co.’s latest innovation.

Let’s just say it may be the most “5%” water-drinking device you’ve ever encountered. The Rich Piana MAMMOTH MUG is coming, and it’s as beastly as […]

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Synadrene by Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals – The Modern Man’s Synedrex!


Look familiar?! Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals Synadrene embodies everything that made Synedrex great but has been slightly modified to take advantage of the latest and greatest in terms of fat burning ingredients.

Over the past several months, we’ve received countless requests about where to locate one of the most popular fat burners of all-time: The original SYNEDREX by Metabolic Nutrition, which included DMAA.

People have hunted high and low for the well-known and effective thermogenic, but kept coming up empty since it’s long been bought up.

Apparently we weren’t the only ones getting asked – because it’s about to be “re-released” as […]

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MAN Sports ISO-Amino Coffee Creamer: A Healthy Creamer Alternative!

MAN Sports ISO-Amino Coffee Creamer

Finally! A coffee creamer that’s good for the muscles and not just a bunch of fat and carbs! If you thought MAN Sports ISO-Amino and its candy flavors was awesome but you’re also a coffee fan, then you must read this:

MAN Sports has created the first ever anabolic coffee creamer in ISO-Amino Coffee Creamer that gives 5g of BCAAs and 0 calories per scoop.

Coffee… that deep, dark, delicious, black elixir. For many it’s a way to get moving in the morning; others opt to indulge after a fine meal, and still another portion use it as the means […]

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Giant Sports GIANT RIOT: It’s time to get ROWDY!!!

Giant Riot Preview

Giant Riot from Giant Sports is a brand new fully transparent DMHA-based pre workout that brings pumps, energy, and focus!

It wasn’t too long ago that we got our first sneak peak of Giant Sports newest product, a comprehensive pre workout guaranteed to send the fan base into a frenzy. At the time of the announcement, all we knew was that the new pre workout would be titled Giant Riot and which ingredients would go into it.

Just over a month after the announcement, Giant Sports has finally revealed the doses just days ahead of its release. Spoiler alert, if […]

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Elemetx ThermoxyShred: Full-Heat Fat Burner in Canada

Elemetx ThermoxyShred

Elemetx™ ThermoxyShred is a thermogenic fat burner that encourages fat loss and provide focus.

Elemetx is an up and coming Canadian supplement manufacturer that we’ve recently be keeping an eye on as they’ve done some pretty interesting things in regards to supplements. We’ve previously discussed the brand’s performance-boosting pre workout Payload-ATP, which includes some rather unique ingredients for a pre workout.

Today we looking at ThermoxyShred, the brand’s energy-boosting thermogenic fat burner.

We’ll get to the breakdown in just a second, but first, take a moment to check the best deal and sign up for alerts from PricePlow:

Click […]

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