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Alpha Prime Top Burn Legacy Series: Nootropic Enhanced Weight Loss

Alpha Prime Supps Top Burn Legacy Series

When PricePlow first started covering Alpha Prime’s supplements in 2020, the first video we published was about Top Burn, a hard-hitting thermogenic fat burner that brings a ton of energy.

The original Top Burn is aggressive and hard-hitting, modeling itself after an “ECA Stack” that will make its users sweat while smashing 300 milligrams […]
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The Unique Use of goBHB Ketones in Glaxon Specimen Genesis

Glaxon Specimen Genesis goBHB Ketones

The science team at Glaxon is absolutely first rate. Thanks to the intellectual firepower behind Glaxon’s R&D, this company is always pushing the boundaries of industry convention— in a good way. It’s usually Glaxon, for example, that’s pioneering ways to use some new ingredient that most other companies are afraid to gamble on. For Glaxon, […]
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Tim Gritzman: Natural Body Inc 2023 Block Party Recap | Episode #113

Tim Gritzman, Natural Body Inc on PricePlow Podcast Episode #113


It’s been too long since Tim Gritzman of Natural Body Inc — everybody’s favorite retailer in New York — has graced us with his presence on the PricePlow Podcast. Last seen in Episodes #044 and #045, Tim continues to keep the ship straight with this business partner, Steve Calabrese.

For this episode, we […]
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Primeval Labs IsoLIT Gets Upgraded in 2023: Now in 5lb Tubs!

Primeval Labs IsoLit

Primeval Labs has come a long way since their IsoLIT protein powder arrived on the scene in 2018. Their Ape Sh*t line, in particular has been a smashing success: products like Ape Sh*t MAX and Ape Sh*t Pumps provide heavy-duty options for athletes looking to supercharge their performance.

IsoLIT 5 lb tubs are back!

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GHOST 2023 Fall Flavors for Whey, Vegan Protein, and Greens

GHOST Fall LTO Flavors

The athletic nutrition industry is a fickle beast. Ingredients come and go, brands rise and fall, and it seems like everyone is at the mercy of the 15-minute trends that pervade social media.

Everyone except for GHOST Lifestyle, that is. In many ways, GHOST controls the trends, and they seem to catch every wave. […]
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Core MRP Banana Nut Bread is in the House

Core Nutritionals MRP Banana Nut Bread

Who doesn’t love Banana Nut Bread?! It’s a common home-baked favorite, especially useful if you’ve bought too many bananas that are getting overripe. We’ve seen it used as a protein powder flavor system, but we think it’s best used like this — as a meal replacement flavor! And that’s exactly what we today with the […]
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Paraxanthine: Caffeine’s Major Metabolite for Laser-Targeted Energy

Paraxanthine: Sold as enfinity and Distributed by TSI Group


A whopping 93% of American adults drink some sort of caffeinated beverage on a daily basis.[1]

So, we all pretty much love it, yet some of us hate it while loving it.

If you fall into the latter category, and have a tortured relationship with the western world’s drug of choice, read on, […]
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Kaged Creatine Elite: MAX Catalyst Monohydrate for Max Absorption

Kaged Creatine Elite

2023 has been a year full of big changes for Kaged. It really started in early 2022, with a name change to Kaged, as discussed in Episode #058 of the PricePlow Podcast. Then, this summer, Kaged announced a massive partnership with GNC, featuring the most products ever launched into the retailer at once, discussed […]
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Animal Recovery & Restore Performance Chews: Great-Tasting Glutamine and More

Animal Recover & Restore Performance Chews

This past summer, we wrote an article about using Animal Creatine Chews to kick-start glycogen reload. We concluded that article saying, “So it sounds like we’ll need some more Chews from Animal.”

Well our requests have been answered — not only did we get Animal Energy Chews (each individual one with 25 milligrams of […]
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Inspired Nutraceuticals LGND: Legendary Anabolic Builder Returns in 2023

Inspired Nutraceuticals LGND 2023 Now Available

Ready to become a living legend? The all-natural LGND muscle-building supplement is back, taking few of our favorite classic pro-anabolic ingredients and mixing them with some new ingredients to make for something we think will be legendary

Inspired Nutraceuticals has made it their mission to develop not only scientifically based products, but […]
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