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NTel Pharma Mega-AREZ Sneak Peek: When Two Gods Collide

NTel Pharma Mega-AREZ Collide

AREZ White and AREZ Black have formed to create the ultimate pre workout experience in Mega-AREZ

NTel Pharma is known for having two of the hardest hitting, energy throttling pre workouts in the market in AreZ White and AreZ Black[…]

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CogniKeto: The Ketogenic Nootropic by Sparta Nutrition

Sparta Nutrition CogniKeto

CogniKeto is a new ketogenic nootropic brain boosting supplement from Sparta Nutrition.

Sparta Nutrition is on a mission to be one of the dominant forces behind the rapidly expanding keto diet trend. So far, we’ve seen a Keto Coffee creamer[…]

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‘Merica Labz Patriot’s Whey Review

'Merica Labz Patriot Whey Review

CJ & Robert review quite possible the best tasting whey protein powder on the market in ‘Merica Labz Patriot Whey.

Merica Labz has gone all-out to sell their patriotic theme. From the brand’s high-powered DMHA-fueled pre workout, Red, White, & […]

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Performax Labs FitMax: Taking Weight Loss Drinks to the MAX!

Performax Labs FitMax

It’s time to MAXimize your fat burning with the all-new fat burning powder from Performax Labs — FitMax.

No company dominated the back half of 2017 quite like Performax Labs. We covered their rebranding / reformulation in great detail, […]

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NooWave’s High Performer Nootropic: Unlock Your Mind!

NooWave High Performer

NooWave Supplements has reformulated their headlining productivity nootropic supplement The High Performer to make it even better than before, and now in a powder!

With all the intense work we do, we’ve been on a big kick with brain boosting […]

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Muscle Elements Post Pro: Post-Workout Recovery in a Hurry

Muscle Elements Post Pro America Bomb Pop

The best just got better – The fantastic America Bomb Pop Post Pro Flavor is in stock at ME’s website!

Since launching in 2013, Muscle Elements has been synonymous with top-notch quality supplements, as evidenced by their 3rd-party lab-tested protein […]

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Primeval Labs Neanderthal Ingredients: Explained by PricePlow

Primeval Labs Neanderthal Explainer

CJ gives you the low down on all the ingredients in Primeval Labs robust natural testosterone booster Neanderthal.

Primeval Labs looked to change the narrative on natural testosterone boosters when they released Neanderthal. While most natty test boosters are […]

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Monster Energy Drink Ultra Series Review

Monster Ultra Series Review

PricePlow’s Robert and CJ review six flavors of Monster Ultra Series Energy drink. White Monster still reigns supreme as the top Monster!

No one can deny the insane popularity of Monster Energy Drinks. They’re quite possibly the most well-known, […]

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El Jefe Pre Workout Review

El Jefe Review

The guys get their hands on “the boss” of pre workouts in El Jefe.

The formula is certainly sizeable aside from a few minor quibbles, but the really big issue is the MASSIVE clumping that occurs due to the […]

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EPG Supplements — The Next Generation of Extreme Supplements

EPG Logo

Extreme Performance Group (EGP) has been around for almost 10 years, and still continues to lead the way in aggressive, extreme supplements

Recently, we jumped into one of the most potent and talked about stim-based pre workouts available in Edge […]

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