nooLVL for Next-Level Gaming: Focus Supplement Ingredient for Gamers!

The first fully-dosed nooLVL supplement is here with the new Focus V2 by Advanced.GG Gaming Supplements, hot on the heels of a new clinical study done on actual gamers!

Our world is one with an ever-shifting limelight – various things come and go, each capturing facets of attention for small periods of time.


nooLVL is a new ingredient from Nutrition 21 that is the first to have a clinical study on it specifically performed on gamers — who were playing modern games!

In 2019, we’ve seen a variety of trends gain significant traction in multiple sectors. In the supplement industry, we’ve witnessed the popularity of vegan products and nootropics grow exponentially. In parallel, we have the boom of eSports. Electronic gaming is among the fastest-growing businesses in the world, and more people are beginning to take notice.

One of the most interesting developments in regards to eSports has been the increasing demand for focused-based eSport supplements. These products are designed to increase cognition and mental quickness to improve one’s performance in gaming. This rise in demand has bred heaps of innovation as well, with companies continuously searching for the next best thing in the market. Gaming supplements are on the rise!

Meet the first fully-dosed nooLVL Supplement: Focus 2.0 from Advanced.GG!

Advanced.GG Gaming Supplements is one of the leaders in the gaming supplements market, gearing their products specifically to video game enthusiasts. Whether you compete in eSports or are just a recreational gamer, Advanced.GG is a name you should pay attention to!

Advanced Focus 2.0 nooLVL

Announced on Instagram, Advanced.GG’s Focus 2.0 will be the first supplement with a full clinical dose of nooLVL

And with respect to the word “attention”, the newest release from the brand is definitely something you’ll want to quickly get your hands on – Advanced.GG’s Focus 2.0 is the latest iteration of the brand’s flagship energy and focus-boosting nootropic product, and it uses an entirely novel ingredient to elevate itself above its predecessor! Focus V2 utilizes nooLVL, the world’s first science-backed nutritional supplement for gamers! This patented non-stimulant is the latest step taken towards the future of focus supplements, and can seriously take cognition to another level, especially for gamers!

In this post, we’ll tell you all about nooLVL and why it’s inclusion in Focus V2 is so effective, as well as touch a bit on Focus 2.0 itself! Before we get into it, though, make sure you’re subscribed to PricePlow for some of the best supplement deals, news, reviews, and interviews out there!

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See the 2019 NooLVL Study[1]

Focus V2 – powered by nooLVL

Advanced.GG wouldn’t have bothered releasing a second version of their main product had they not been confident it would be superior to the initial version!

Nutrition 21

Nutrition 21, the creators of nooLVL, provided materials for this article

What’s different? The key driver has been revealed, and it’s nooLVL, a patented ingredient from the bright minds at Nutrition 21, one of the world’s leading ingredient developers. nooLVL is itself an advancement of a well-known cognitive booster, engineered to deliver a higher level of results.

This ingredient is also the first cognitive booster explicitly tested on gamers, where it passed with flying colors. If gaming is your thing, nooLVL is something you’ll like want in your arsenal come game-time. Even if you don’t play video games, if your work or hobbies call for enhanced reaction time, processing speed, and energy, this novel ingredient can be beneficial!

What is nooLVL?

Nitrosigine Arginine Inositol Silicate

Not only does Nitrosigine immediately boost N.O. levels, it keeps them elevated for a period of up to 2 weeks!
Image courtesy of

A further iteration of one of the industry’s most popular compounds, nooLVL is an advanced version of their powerhouse nitric oxide boosting ingredient, Nitrosigine. This is comprised of bonded arginine silicate with inositol, but in the case of nooLVL, there’s even more inositol! This provides improved blood flow to the brain, and then delivers a powerful nutrient that helps it work better.

Let’s dive a bit deeper into each component:

  • Arginine silicate

    If you’re at all familiar with supplements, you’ve likely heard of L-arginine before. This amino acid was one of the industry’s first “nitric oxide pump”-inducing ingredients, showing the ability to increase blood flow via increased nitric oxide (NO) production.[2] Given that the body breaks arginine down into nitric oxide directly,[3] it helps encourage improved blood flow, which led athletes and weightlifters to use it to improve performance and get the much-heralded muscle “pump” when training.

    However, we quickly learned that plain L-arginine was not the best advocate for enhanced NO synthase, as it unfortunately holds poor bioavailability in isolation. We needed something better, it just didn’t work well enough on its own since it got broken down too quickly. However, science has shown that bonding it to silica (making arginine silicate) and combining it with inositol can significantly increase NO production and energy levels.[4] This tandem makes for an effective hit of blood flow, focus, and energy, bioavailability be damned!


    Nitrosigine is what we always wanted L-arginine to be. It took the innovative researchers at Nutrition 21 to make it a reality. Now that we have the blood flow, can we use it to deliver more focus?

    So Nutrition 21 developed this ingredient as Nitrosigine, and it became the arginine that we had always wanted – one that clinically improved blood flow, nitric oxide levels, and workouts like L-arginine had been theorized decades ago.

    Blood flow is great for athletes, but now it’s time to make it better for the e-athletes:

  • Inositol – a higher dose than usual!

    Inositol is a sugar that the body relies on to facilitate a number of functions. From maintaining cell membranes to promoting neurotransmitter activity,[5,6] inositol is a vital part of everyday life, though it often goes unnoticed.


    Inositol is a beautiful carbocyclic sugar that is abundant in brain, and amongst other tasks, it mediates cell signal transduction in response to a variety of neurotransmitters. Image courtesy Wikimedia.

    Research has begun to show just how influential this sugar can be, however, specifically in regards to mental health. Multiple studies have found high correlations between things such as depression and low levels of inositol in the brain, suggesting that this sugar is key for neurotransmitter activation.[7] Furthermore, inositol supplementation has shown the ability to balance brain-based chemical production, improving levels of key neurotransmitters such as dopamine and serotonin.[6] This brain-boosting sugar has quite the effect on your cognition.

    What’s special here is that nooLVL uses more inositol than the athletically-minded arginine silicate inositol blend in Nitrosogine! This enables it to have more of a cognitive effect, making it all the more relevant in the world of gaming.

    This ingredient delivers some powerful brain-boosting NO-powered blood flow, the exact type of thing necessary to enhance brain power a bit! Luckily, the benefits yielded by this NO boost have been researched, notably in professional gamers.

The first clinical cognitive-boosting gaming ingredient!

There are many cognitive-enhancing ingredients and stimulants – some safer and more legal than others. However, once nooLVL is both of those, and was researched specifically on gamers!

nooLVL Research 1: TMT-A Time

TMT-A is a test where the subject is asked to connect an ascending sequence of 25 numbers as quickly as possible. An improvement indicates enhanced motor and visual search speed. Image courtesy Nutrition 21.

In research published in October 2019, the cognitive effects of the new ingredient, nooLVL, was tested in eSport athletes. In a double-blind, placebo-controlled study, 60 subjects were randomly assigned to two groups – one was administered 1600g of nooLVL daily for seven days, with the other group receiving a placebo.[1]

In order to test the ingredient’s effects, multiple tests were conducted – Trail Making Test A and B (TMT-A,B), Stroop Test, Profile of Mood States (POMS), and ultimately, video game performance – in real games that matter in 2019.

In the TMT-A,B tests, the test group performed significantly better after just 15 minutes of supplementation and 60 minutes of gaming, completing the tests faster and with less errors.[1] A similar faster completion speed was found in the Stroop Test as well, with the POMS test unveiling higher scores of self-reported energy in the nooLVL group.[1]

The study found that both groups improved in video game performance, with no significant differences identified between the two. That being said, the cognitive effects are impressive, with nooLVL displaying its potential in this study.

A 2019 study using 2019 games

nooLVL Research Stroop Test

The Stroop test is a neurocognitive test where subjects must read aloud the color of the text that is printed rather than the actual text! It evaluates selective attention, response inhibition, and reaction time. Fewer errors are better!

It’s also worth noting that the games tested were amongst today’s most popular, including Fortnite, Call of Duty, and Madden. Although these effects should translate to most video games, if you’re serious about online play in any of the games from this study, nooLVL has already shown to promote better play!

Focus V2’s other ingredients – what else can we expect?

Before its winter 2019 release, Advanced.GG has provided a few more inklings regarding this formula:

  • Lutein, a crucial nutrient for eye health – incredibly important for long bouts of gaming!
  • A high-quality source of choline in Alpha-GPC paired with acetylcholine protector Huperzine A.
  • A natural source of caffeine (100mg per scoop). Note that the clinically-tested dose of nooLVL at 1600mg comes at two scoops, which would get you a “standard” 200mg caffeine.
  • L-Theanine, at half the dose of caffeine, which is also synergistic for nootropic effects. This helps take the “edge” off of the caffeine.
  • Full antioxidant complex for overall health – this includes Vitamin C and several B-Vitamins, but also astaxanthin and panax ginseng.

That’s just a taste of what Focus 2.0 will be, but already we can see how it shapes up to other products gamers rely on. This formula is much more than the typical energy drinks or energy powders wrongly tagged as “supplements”. Focus 2.0 is a true supplement, designed specifically for gamers. Not much else out there can say that!

Conclusion – reach another level thanks to Focus 2.0 and nooLVL


Gamers or not, our brains (and bodies) are ready.

Video games originally came to us as a form of recreation – an entertaining way to spend time as kids or a way for adults to destress after long days at school or at work. Their origin is not all that much different from popular sports such as baseball – the first baseball players played for fun, only to later realize they could compete and monetize their talents. Following a similar trajectory, recreational gaming has led to eSports – competitive gaming filled with e-athletes looking for ways to improve their abilities in order to find more success.

nooLVL Advanced Focus V2

Focus V2 will be the first, but it certainly won’t be the last. We’re ready for the onslaught!

Advanced.GG is one of many a growing population of supplement brands focused on the gaming community. Gaming supplements are often structured to increase energy levels and improve cognitive ability, particularly in terms of reaction speed and accuracy. Focus 2.0 is the brand’s newest release, and just may be the market’s most impactful gaming supplement.

nooLVL is ready to storm the arena

Advanced.GG uses nooLVL, the world’s first nutritional supplement specifically for gamers, from Nutrition 21. This ingredient elevates brain power via two avenues – enhanced oxygenated blood flow and increased neurotransmitter levels. Translation – it delivers more energy, more focus, and quicker response times!

Advanced.GG has a potent supplement on their hands and they’re excited to share it with the world. It just may be able to take your gaming to the next level!

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Nutrition 21

See the 2019 NooLVL Study[1]

About the Author: Mike Roberto

Mike Roberto

Mike Roberto is a research scientist and water sports athlete who founded PricePlow. He is an n=1 diet experimenter with extensive experience in supplementation and dietary modification, whose personal expertise stems from several experiments done on himself while sharing lab tests.

Mike's goal is to bridge the gap between nutritional research scientists and non-academics who seek to better their health in a system that has catastrophically failed the public.

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