Nutrition21 nooLVL & Lustriva at SupplySide West 2023 with Katie Emerson | Episode #119

In October of 2023, we made our annual trip to the “mecca of ingredientology” – SuppySide West 2023 in Las Vegas, NV.

Katie Emerson of Nutrition21: SupplySide West 2023 on the PricePlow Podcast

Katie Emerson of Nutrition21 returns to PricePlow at SupplySide West 2023 to explain the company’s retargeting of nooLVL, Lustriva, science, and more.

This is a major trade show that includes basically every component of the dietary supplement and nutrition industry’s supply chains, from ingredient developers to flavor houses to machine manufacturers to distribution experts. If you’re active in this industry, it’s the one to be at.

We kept our tradition strong by recording a new podcast with Katie Emerson of Nutrition21, who’s their Manager of Scientific Affairs and an event sponsor.

This is a follow-up to two previous PricePlow Podcast episodes, #075 and #085, continuing the conversation but with some new updates, and a few things never before mentioned on PricePlow.

nooLVL is for everyone… and what is Lustriva?

The big news is that Nutrition21 retargeted nooLVL for nootropics, and isn’t just targeting gaming supplements anymore. Katie also updates us about her recent presentations and research, and we finally get to ask the question, “What is Lustriva?!”

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Nutrition21’s Katie Emerson Talks nooLVL and Lustriva

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  • 0:00 – Introduction

    nooLVL Logo 2023

    The updated nooLVL logo, unveiled in 2023

    In Episode #118 of the PricePlow Podcast, hosts Mike and Ben welcome back guest Katie Emerson, marking her third appearance on the show (see episodes #075 and #085 to hear Katie on those). They are at the 2023 Supply Side West event, with the conversation beginning with gratitude towards Nutrition21 for their support of PricePlow since 2019.

    Katie talks about nooLVL’s target demographic, primarily gamers, and its broader applications. Katie points out that gaming, as a cognitive stressor, is analogous to the stresses of work and school life.

  • 6:30 – nooLVL energy and fatigue study

    nooLVL Mental Fatigue

    nooLVL significantly reduced mental fatigue vs. baseline.[1]

    Katie discusses her experience participating in a study as a test subject in Boca. She explains the process of demonstrating perceived energy increase using a graph that shows the results of a test taken by participants. This test was designed to measure energy levels and fatigue, both physical and mental. Katie highlights that the study revealed a clear difference in energy and fatigue levels between those who took nooLVL and those who did not, with the nooLVL group experiencing increased energy and reduced fatigue.

    The conversation then shifts to the practical application of nooLVL. Mike asks Katie about her personal routine for taking the supplement before a test or activity requiring focus. Katie explains that in the specific study, participants took nooLVL, engaged in an hour of gaming to induce mental fatigue, and then took the test again. This process showed significant differences in the energy levels of the two groups. The hosts and Katie also discuss their personal methods of consuming supplements, with Ben preferring a full dose quickly and Katie opting for a slower intake.

  • 10:15 – Dosage arms race

    Nitrosigine vs. Citrulline Malate (Mean Corrected FMD Change)

    Nitrosigine vs. Citrulline Malate (Mean Corrected FMD Change).[2] Image courtesy Nutrition21

    Ben and Katie discuss the importance of comparing supplement ingredients like Citrulline Malate and Nitrosigine on an even playing field.[2] Ben emphasizes the need for consistent scales and dose-dependent comparisons in studies to avoid the “arms race” of escalating doses in pre-workout supplements. Katie agrees, highlighting ongoing internal discussions about comparing their products against placebos. She notes that studies from other sources are just as valuable, especially if they involve parts of their ingredients.

    Katie then explains the challenges of replicating real-life stressors in a lab setting, using the example of mimicking military stress in studies. This leads to a discussion about how new perspectives on data can yield different claims or directions for products. For instance, they found that gaming serves as a cognitive stressor analogous to work and school stress.

  • 15:30 – Rebranding / Retargeting nooLVL

    nooLVL for Brain Health and Nootropics

    Nutriton21 recently published a press release titled “Nutrition21 Expands Its nooLVL Functional Ingredient Into the Brain Health Space With Unique Scientifically Substantiated Cognitive Claims”,[] announcing the plan to bring nooLVL to more audiences thanks to the research that’s already been performed.

    Katie shares her conversation with a key figure in the gaming supplement industry about the rebranding / retargeting of nooLVL, emphasizing that while the product was tested and proven effective for gamers, it can benefit a broader audience. They assert that the product’s efficacy remains, and it’s crucial to maintain strong relationships with their gaming audience while expanding its reach. Ben adds that companies should not solely rely on an ingredient’s marketing but use the data provided to appeal to different segments.

    Katie points out that pre-workout supplements, initially formulated for athletes, are used by a wide range of people, including gamers. This realization led to the decision to broaden the marketing of nooLVL beyond just the niche gaming market.

  • 18:45 – What’s Lustriva?!

    In this podcast segment, Mike and Katie discuss Lustriva, a beauty product by Nutrition21, focusing on its ability to improve blood flow and nutrient absorption in the body. Katie explains that the product, although at a lower dose than their other ingredient Nitrosigine, has shown promising results in a clinical study.[3] This study revealed an 18% increase in hair follicle growth over three weeks, and by the end of the three-month study, there was also a significant decrease in fine lines and wrinkles. She clarifies that while Lustriva can stimulate growth in existing hair follicles, it cannot create new ones.

    Lustriva Hair Grwoth

    The Lustriva group experienced an 18% increase in hair follicle growth over three weeks, and by the end of the three-month study, there was also a significant decrease in fine lines and wrinkles.[3]

    Katie suggests that since many people in sports are concerned with their appearance, it makes sense to include products that improve hair and skin health in sports supplements. Ben agrees, noting the trend towards active nutrition and lifestyle products that extend beyond traditional categories like pre-workouts and testosterone boosters.

  • 21:30 – The success of beauty products

    Mike and Ben discuss the potential for Nutrition21 to expand their sales into the skincare market on platforms like Amazon, considering the success of similar products. They talk about Ghost Glow, a product by Ghost, which was developed in response to a growing demand for beauty and skincare supplements. This suggests a trend where companies are increasingly recognizing and catering to consumer interest in such products.

    Katie discusses the possibility of combining Lustriva with other ingredients and mentions that it is currently an orally ingested capsule, although they have considered topical applications.

  • 23:00 – Hair growth

    Lustriva Reduced Wrinkles

    In the study, Lustriva promoted a significant reduction in the depth of wrinkles.[3]

    Katie explains the science behind hair growth and how their product Lustriva works on existing hair follicles. She differentiates between two types of hair: terminal (thick, dark hair) and vellus (thin hair, like on arms). Katie highlights that the goal of their product is to increase terminal hairs while reducing vellus hairs, thus improving hair fullness, thickness, and density. She also mentions different hair growth phases, noting that their studies focused on activating the active growing phase.

    Katie shares that some people have reported needing haircuts more frequently due to accelerated hair growth. Ben relates this to his own experience of faster nail growth while using biotin and silica, highlighting the overall effectiveness of these ingredients on hair and nail growth. While there was no significant difference in nail growth between the study groups, Katie and Ben agree that, anecdotally, they’ve observed noticeable changes in their own nail growth, reinforcing the product’s impact.

  • 26:00 – Wrap up

    Ben shares his personal experience with Ghost Glow, a product similar to Lustriva, and how he receives queries about its effectiveness for skin and hair. Mike emphasizes the importance of breaking down scientific research into understandable content for their audience, regardless of the heavy male and sports nutrition focus of their platform. He suggests that the initial interest in supplements often starts with workout-related products but can expand to other areas of biohacking and lifestyle improvement.

    nooLVL: Focus You Can Feel

    nooLVL: Focus You Can Feel

    The podcast concludes with Mike thanking Katie for her insights and asking about her plans for the rest of the event. Katie mentions she’s going to attend a session with industry professionals Dan and Joey, expressing excitement about seeing their collaborative work on stage. Ben and Mike discuss the importance of bringing different people together in the industry and the potential for interesting discussions, especially around branded ingredients.

    They also talk about the necessity of keeping some topics for future discussions and encourage listeners to follow updates on Nutrition21 and Katie’s work through PricePlow’s platform and LinkedIn.

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Mike's goal is to bridge the gap between nutritional research scientists and non-academics who seek to better their health in a system that has catastrophically failed the public. Mike is currently experimenting with a low Vitamin A diet.

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