Shawn Wells Upcoming Stimulant & The Energy Formula | PPP #048

Update: This new stimulant is out! It’s paraxanthine, and is marketed as “enfinity” from Shawn’s new partnership with NNB Nutrition’s Kylin Liao and a couple of other supplement innovators. Read about it in our article titled MuscleTech Reveals New Workout Stimulant: enfinity brand Paraxanthine!.
Shawn Wells The Energy Formula Podcast

Shawn Wells jumps back on the PricePlow Podcast to catch up with Mike, talk about his new stimulant, his book The Energy Formula, and how he handled 2020!

Shawn Wells, Chief Science Officer of NNB Nutrition, is back on the PricePlow Podcast to talk about his new book, The Energy Formula, how he handled 2020, and most important to many of our followers… his new stimulant!

We’ve had Shawn on the PricePlow Podcast several times, with many episodes revolving around specific ingredients. This one is a more general chat and in-person catch-up, but zeroes in on a few topics including the new stimulant that can replace caffeine and Shawn’s plant-based medicine experiences.

Video: Shawn Wells Discusses All Things Energy

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You can read our The Energy Formula book review and sign up for our Shawn Wells & NNB Nutrition news alerts for when more things happen regarding Shawn or the novel ingredient supplier he works for.

In the next episode, we get more specific and discuss dihydroberberine.

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