Mark Glazier Interviews: NutraBio and Supplement Regulations (2016) | #007

Note: This page and audio feed was published on July 10, 2019, nearly three years after the interviews. They are still relevant to this day, although the plant tour videos will be out of date as NutraBio is constantly expanding their operations.

PricePlow Podcast #007: Mark Glazier of NutraBio (2016)

PricePlow Podcast #007: Mark Glazier of NutraBio (2016). These interviews have stood the test of time, and are finally on our audio feed!

In November 2016, I flew out to New Jersey to see NutraBio‘s world headquarters to spend the day with Mark Glazier and learn about The NutraBio Story.

We discuss several topics shown in the videos below. They mostly revolve around the FDA’s supplement industry regulations, Mark’s creation of the NutraBio company and brand, and how he complies with the letter of the law.

I also get a plant tour, which is omitted from the audio feeds, but note that those videos are now out of date since NutraBio has scaled operations up.

Some videos from this trip were never published, but it was time to move this to the audio feed anyway. It’s also time to get another trip up to New Jersey, as the brand has grown leaps and bounds since then!

Audio Feed on the PricePlow Podcast

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Watch Mark discuss the truth about supplement regulations, then join him and Mike on a plant tour of NutraBio’s facilities in Middlesex, NJ:

The laws that all supplement companies must follow:

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The NutraBio Plant Tour

  • Step 1 – Incoming Ingredient Verification:

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  • Step 2 – Precision Supplement Blending:

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  • Will Donald Trump’s FDA Regulate Supplements?

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  • Whey Protein Scams

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  • Mike and Mark Glazier’s Fixes for the Supplement Industry:

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