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Jamie Giovinazzo Eat Clean Bro PricePlow Podcast

Jamie Giovinazzo of Eat Clean Bro joins the PricePlow Podcast and shows us what it’s really like to truly love your customers

In Fall of 2021, we hosted Jamie Giovinazzo of Eat Clean Bro on the PricePlow Podcast. Eat Clean Bro is the fresh meal delivery company based in the Northeast that Jamie founded, and is going through monstrous growth.

In this episode of the PricePlow Podcast, we talked about Jamie’s story from humble beginnings, food quality and craftsmanship, entrepreneurship, and fame. This was a strong and passionate discussion, and of all of the business owners we’ve talked to, none seem to love their business and their customers as much as Jamie – and that says a lot given the intense industry we deal with.

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If you’re new to Eat Clean Bro, see our introductory article titled Eat Clean Bro: Fresh, Healthy Meals Delivered… Fresh!

Talking Eat Clean Bro with Jamie Giovinazzo

“New Jersey is the epicenter of bro”, but Jamie tells us that they also have a kitchen in Atlanta, GA and are looking at Boston and Washington DC expansion. Jamie discusses where he operates in a way where he puts other people first, and it breeds cooperation, loyalty, and appreciation.

Jamie nearly has “celebrity status” because he knows so many people in the Northeast, but of everyone he deals with, he’s easily the most relatable person. He shares his rather strong opinions about social media, but tries to “bring people back to earth”.

From humble beginnings

Jamie discusses that he’s learned from mistakes,


“I’ve seen the rise and fall of many great entrepreneurs, and over the years, the most apparent trait is the ego. When you start feeling invincible, that’s usually when you fall the hardest. I’m very aware – I’m not invincible.”

— Jamie Giovinazzo

A company to support


“We make every single meal in-house… There’s a lot of national meal brands that do not cook the food, they outsource, they use copackers to make their food, they outsource their customer service wherever they can get it the cheapest, and they’re literally just a marketing company hammering coupons and they’re collecting customer information, and they’re taking that data, and that’s the data they’re using to sell to bigger companies who want that information…

And really what I’m getting at man, is I’m trying to be relatable and trying to encourage people and trying to get people to understand the real entrepreneur grind and to support your local entrepreneur and support local.”

— Jamie Giovinazzo

Customer service: a real human on the phone and live chat


“I always tell people about the customer service. When you call, there’s no ringtone. There’s no ‘please press 1 for sales or press 2..’ dude.. You call, we pick up the phone. If you’re calling, chances are, you want to talk to somebody.

I mean come on, any business that has that f’in ‘press this or press that’, and they’re not even that busy, I’m like come on man, somebody just answer the phone, why do I gotta press these buttons…

…So when you call Eat Clean Bro with one or two rings, there’s a real person who answers the phone, and our live chat is the same way.”

— Jamie Giovinazzo

Food cooked from scratch


“I don’t know if I do a good enough job promoting the talent we have, but Chef John got recognized as one of the best chefs in America. I can tell you from all the restaurants I’ve worked at and chefs I’ve been around, that that man is incredibly talented and we all love food and are constantly pushing them to be better.”

“We make all of our spice blends in house from scratch. Then we take the young chicken, we cook it, we grill mark it, then we cook it low and slow, which retains tons of moisture. I think the medium grain brown rice is pretty good, but now we’re looking at ways to enhance the shredded chicken. How do we take the food we’re already making, reduce the calories, reduce some of the wasted calories in the sauces… and how do we give people a tremendous meal that they’re not noticing the calorie reduction, and then delivering on a super high quality product that can last five days. There’s a lot that goes into the culinary art.”

— Jamie Giovinazzo

Marketing the culinary-minded maniacs


“It was funny, I got invited to one of these special events with one of my chef friends. It was just a bunch of chefs cooking on open fire, one of my favorite things to do. Someone said “I heard Eat Clean Bro was coming, I thought ‘why?'”… and it was truth that I needed to hear, but it broke my heart.

I mean damn, I have one of the best culinary teams in New Jersey. We have more culinary degrees in our four walls than any restaurant or restaurant group so I’m thinking I need to start promoting that we are just culinary-minded maniacs who just want to provide the best food, keep it affordable, and keep it healthy – everyday food. Just feed people food they can eat every day and be healthy”.

— Jamie Giovinazzo

Long story short: this is a must-listen episode

We could quote literally the entire first fifteen minutes of this podcast. Jamie drops one hit after another here.

After you finish listening, there’s only one solution: to sign up for our Eat Clean Bro news alerts, and order some if you’re within their delivery area!

Full Podcast Show Notes: https://blog.priceplow.com/podcast/jamie-giovinazzo-eat-clean-bro-056

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