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At the end of 2021, we had Gerhard Hoermann of NuLiv Science on the PricePlow Podcast to discuss the novel ingredient developer’s back-half of the year, recent international travels, and what’s coming in the future.

Gerhard Hoermann NuLiv Science

Listen to Gerhard Hoermann of NuLiv Science talk about the end of 2021 and the company’s ingredient offerings which go well beyond AstraGin on Episode #059 of the PricePlow Podcast

Key takeaways from this discussion are that NuLiv Science has many more ingredients going above and beyond the ones we frequently cover here (such as the astragalosides and ginsenosides in AstraGin, Senactiv, InnoSlim, and Astrion), and NuLiv Science is doing a fantastic job building more content, as can be seen on their @NuLivScience page on Instagram.

Gerhard (commonly known as ‘G’ in the industry) kicks it off by talking about their recent trip to Germany, as well as SupplySide West. He explains that the American market (as seen at SupplySide West) is currently stronger for novel ingredients, while European markets are behind on technology, presenting more opportunity for innovation.

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Talking novel ingredients with NuLiv Science

NuLiv Science 2022

Get hyped for a healthy 2022 with NuLiv Science. This article covers their ingredients and teases some new content to come!

After covering Gerhard’s background in sports nutrition (he worked in retail and then in online media), he gets into the transition of working with NuLiv Science, who generally operates more behind the scenes. He now helps brands put the right ingredients into new supplements, providing them with an edge against their competition.

‘G’ tells us that NuLiv has a new ingredient coming in 2022, and it will get coverage here on PricePlow, so sign up for our NuLiv Science news alerts.

Don’t miss the NuLiv Science social media content

One of the things G has done incredibly well since beginning at NuLiv Science is to help drive and provide more content on NuLiv Science’s social media properties. They’re doing more behind-the-scenes content, new collaborative taste-testing and product breakdowns, and making it cooler to be talking about ingredient science.

Since most companies are already aware of AstraGin (absorption-amplifier – find our blog’s AstraGin tag page to see how many product articles have included it), NuLiv already has great relationships that are bolstered at conventions such as SupplySide West. However, it’s their team’s job to educate brands and consumers about their other ingredients.

More than just AstraGin: Other NuLiv Science Ingredients


Out with the old, in with the new. Regenerate senescent cells and improve performance with NuLiv Science’s Senactiv

Senactiv and InnoSlim both made a great push in sports nutrition in 2021, while Astrion and Verbasnol are getting more heavily into skin care. Beyond that, a highly underrated ingredient is Zylaria, which is a relaxing ingredient based upon xylaria with a few recent tweaks made last year.

As Mike mentions during the podcast, an easy way to test out the anxiety-relieving capabilities of Zylaria is in Avani Health Stress + Sleep Support, which has 1 gram of Zylaria with absorption boosted by both 50 milligrams of AstraGin and 10 milligrams of black pepper extract in two capsules.

A major mushroom supplier

Most users also don’t know that NuLiv has several mushroom based ingredients, such as CordycepsPrime, ABMPrime, ChagaPrime, ReishiPrime, ShiitakePrime, MaitakePrime, CoriolusPrime, and HericiumPrime. They’re actually one of the biggest mushroom suppliers in the world, and many don’t even know that!

NuLivScience is a global research company with several patented ingredients including AstraGin, InnoSlim, Astrion, and Senactiv, but as we learned in this podcast, far more.

We also talk about Acteolin, NuLiv Science’s acetylcholine-boosting nootropic ingredient that has acteoside extracted from Osmanthus fragrans.

Meanwhile, getting back to AstraGin, Ben makes a great point that it’s hugely beneficial for gut health and should be in more gut health supplements.

All-around good conversation

Zylaria Relaxation

Get relaxed with Zylaria

We then get into the state of the world, talk supply chain (which comes up in every conversation lately), compare what’s happened in countries like Germany compared to America, and talk about the decentralization of information, research, and media, and how it’s pushing our knowledge further.

Given AstraGin’s ability to amplify ingredients such as creatine and citrulline — both of which are under the supply chain crunch — we expect to see it in greater use.

As you can see from the list of ingredients above, we have a lot of new stuff to cover from NuLiv, so be sure to sign up for our alerts on PricePlow at

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