Dan Lourenco & Ryan Hughes – Ghost Energy V2 | PPP #035

In December of 2020, we got the chance to speak with Dan Lourenco and Ryan Hughes, co-founders of Ghost. In just over an hour, they covered several interesting topics, including:

  • Ghost Energy launch
  • Ghost Energy V2 (new packaging, formula, and flavor!)
  • Ghost 2020 recap (how Ghost overcame several obstacles to make 2020 the best year yet)
  • Ghost Citrus Energy

    Cheers to another gamer changer!

    Ghost 2020 stats

  • How Ghost values partnerships even during times of hardships
  • What the future of sports nutrition retail may look like
  • Ghost’s plans for 2021 (V2 edition of Ghost’s sports nutrition line!)
  • Ben’s thoughts on Legend V2
  • A higher stim Ghost Legend
  • Ghost’s entrance into Canada
  • Other brands copying Ghost

Needless to say, this is a podcast that you don’t want to miss, so make sure that you stay tuned until the very end!

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Key Timestamps

Ghost Energy

If you haven’t tried Ghost Energy yet, you’re missing out!

  • 0:48 – How Ghost Energy V1 performed
  • 4:45 – Unexpected challenges with the launch of Ghost Energy
  • 18:00 – Ghost Energy V2 (new formula and the next flavor!)
  • 23:00 – Did Ghost consider using any other nootropic based ingredients in Ghost Energy?
  • 24:10 – Why Ghost switched to two-tone packaging for Ghost Energy
  • 25:30 – 2020 Recap (Gamer, Glow, Greens, Multi, Bubblicious, Nutter Butter)
  • 37:00 – 2020 Ghost Stats
  • 39:00 – Ghost Canada (the challenges of going international)
  • 41:00 – Dan’s thoughts on brands copying Ghost or wanting to be the next “Ghost”
  • 42:50 – How did GNC’s bankruptcy and COVID affect Ghost?
  • 45:00 – The importance of partnerships and Ghost’s decision to be exclusive
  • Ghost Energy PricePlow

    It’s time for more Ghost Energy!

    51:00 – The future of sports nutrition retail (will Ghost ever be in large chains like Walmart or Target?)

  • 53:21 – Ghost 2021 (Sports Nutrition V2: Ghost Legend V2, Ghost Size V2, Ghost Pump V2, New flavor collaborations, more Ghost Energy, Protein RTDs, and Functional Foods)
  • 55:33 – Ben’s thoughts and feedback on Ghost Legend V2 (what you can expect)
  • 58:20 – A higher stim Ghost Legend on the way?
  • 1:01:03 – Dan and Ryan’s closing thoughts

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