Ghost Legend V2: New Formula and Flavors for Pre Workout Legends!

Ghost Legend V2

Ghost Legend V2 is upon us!

Ghost Lifestyle entered the sports nutrition industry in 2016 and one of the first products they released was Ghost Legend, a stimulant-based pre-workout. The first version of Legend featured an eye-catching label decorated with custom graffiti, a fully transparent ingredient label, and it was available in several licensed flavor collaborations, including Sour Patch Kids, Warheads, Welch’s Grape Juice, Sonic, and Bubblicious.

Legend quickly became Ghost’s flagship product and has remained in the spotlight, despite the company’s other incredible launches. While the pre workout remained extremely popular into 2021, Ghost announced they’re updating the formula, design, and flavors to make the product even better.

Dan Lourenco and Ryan Hughes, co-founders of Ghost, have been rigorously testing several versions of Legend throughout the past year. If you watch their Building the Brand TV series on YouTube (, you knew this was coming. And now we’re excited to lay it all out below.

Legend V2: Ghost’s Strongest Pre-Workout Yet

Here are some of the key changes that Ghost made to Legend V2:

Ghost V2 Series

Always getting better – 2021 will be the year of the “V2s” with Ghost!

  • 250mg caffeine, up from 202mg
  • Swapped out both caffeine anhydrous and dicaffeine malate for natural caffeine derived from coffee beans
  • Beta-alanine dose increased from 2 grams to 3.2 grams
  • Removed agmatine sulfate and norvaline
  • Added Nitrosigine (a patented ingredient from Nutrition21) and Senactiv (a patented ingredient from NuLiv Science)

Here are some of the key changes that Ghost made to the Smart Energy section:

  • Added tyrosine and AstraGin (a patented ingredient from NuLiv Science)
  • 100mg theobromine, up from 50 milligrams
  • 1.5mg Rauwolfia extract, up from 1 milligram
    *United States only – in Australia and Canada, this has been switched out for bitter orange extract. In the UK, it has been switched out for NeuroFactor)
  • No longer contains Rhodiola, NADH, or olive leaf extract
  • Still contains 1 gram of taurine

Bigger serving, smaller (but more) scoops

Ghost Lifestyle Logo

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Here’s something else you might notice about Legend V2: the serving size is two scoops (16.5 grams), up from one scoop (12 grams).

Increasing the serving size while decreasing the scoop size makes it easier for users to customize their dose, which you may want to tweak based on your tolerance of caffeine and other potent ingredients. For example, if 250 milligrams of caffeine is a little too much, then you can start with one scoop rather than a full two-scoop serving, and move up from there.

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Note: In the above listings, 25 servings is for Legend V2, while 30 servings is for the original version.

Ghost Legend V2 Ingredients

For best results, Ghost recommends mixing one serving (two scoops) of Legend with 6 to 8 ounces of cold water and consuming 15 to 30 minutes prior to exercise. Since Legend V2 is higher in caffeine, we strongly suggest starting with one scoop to assess your tolerance.

Here’s what one serving of Ghost Legend V2 (16.5 grams) contains in the US (note that there are some differences pointed out for international versions):

  • Ghost Legend

    • L-Citrulline – 4g

      Ghost Legend V2 Ingredients

      The Ghost Legend V2 Ingredients, now with more energy and a full dose of Nitrosigine for pumps!

      Since L-citrulline is such a powerful nitric oxide booster, Ghost saw no reason to change the amount in Legend V2. L-citrulline is a non-essential amino acid that’s naturally found in melon (like watermelon) and gourds.[1] L-citrulline is used a lot in pre-workouts because it increases blood flow, oxygen, and nutrient delivery throughout the body.[1]

      Not only does L-citrulline boost performance, but it also significantly enhances your ability to get a pump. This is one of the reasons why the ingredient is in other Ghost products, including Pump.

      L-citrulline is involved in the ureagenesis cycle, which is responsible for removing ammonia from the body. High levels of ammonia can negatively impact your body’s ability to generate energy in the form of adenosine triphosphate.[1] Theoretically, greater clearance of ammonia should reduce fatigue.

      In order for L-citrulline to carry out its effects, it has to be converted into L-arginine by the kidneys. Afterward, an enzyme called nitric oxide synthase converts the L-arginine into nitric oxide (NO).[1,2] In response to increased levels of NO, blood vessels will vasodilate (expand), allowing blood to flow more efficiently throughout the body. Studies have shown that supplementing with 3 to 6 grams of L-citrulline before exercise can:

      • Significantly boost performance (especially during high-intensity strength and power activities)
      • Reduce the post-exercise rating of perceived exertion
      • Lower blood pressure
      • Decrease muscle soreness[1,2]

      Needless to say, there’s a good reason why most top-selling pre-workouts contain an efficacious dose of L-citrulline.

      Ghost Legend V1 vs V2

      Label Comparison: Ghost Legend V1 vs V2. V1 is on the left, V2 on the right

    • Beta-Alanine – 3.2g

      The mild tingling sensation (known as paresthesia) you’ll feel when you take Legend V2 is attributed to the higher dose of beta-alanine. Next to L-citrulline and caffeine, beta-alanine is one of the most common ingredients in pre-workouts. Users especially like it because you can really feel the temporary paresthesia kicking in. However, that’s not the only reason the ingredient is included in pre-workouts.

      Ghost Lifestyle Pump

      Need even more pumps for those insane arm days before you hit the beach? Then don’t forget about Ghost Pump!

      Beta-alanine is a non-essential amino acid that the body naturally produces. This means that it’s not necessary to consume beta-alanine through diet and/or supplementation. But supplementing with the compound may increase performance (especially muscular endurance) by raising intramuscular levels of carnosine.[3] Carnosine is a dipeptide molecule made up of two amino acids, beta-alanine and L-histidine. Since carnosine is a hydrogen ion buffer, it can help delay lactic acid build-up in working muscles.

      Lactic acid accumulation is typically responsible for the burning sensation in your muscles during intense exercise. When lactic acid builds up, it causes a drop in pH levels and negatively affects various aspects of the body’s energy systems. Thus, by lowering lactic acid levels, your body can continue regenerating ATP to fuel whatever activity you’re engaging in. According to a meta-analysis published in the journal Amino Acids, beta-alanine is an effective ergogenic aid that can significantly increase performance during high-intensity exercise.[3]

    • Nitrosigine (Inositol Stabilized Arginine Silicate) – 1.5g

      To increase nitric oxide production, even more, Ghost uses 1.5 grams of Nitrosigine along with 4 grams of L-citrulline. Nitrosigine, a patented ingredient from the masterminds at Nutrition21, has demonstrated potent nitric-oxide boosting properties.

      Nitrosigine Benefits

      Nitrosigine is research-backed and “gym bro backed” — Image courtesy Nutrition21

      Nitrosigine is made up of two primary ingredients, L-arginine and inositol, bound with silica.

      Nitrosigine is also referred to as “inositol-stabilized arginine silicate” in the scientific literature. L-arginine is a non-essential amino acid that’s primarily involved in protein synthesis and nitric oxide synthesis. As we mentioned earlier, L-citrulline gets converted into L-arginine before it can be used for nitric oxide production.[1] Therefore, supplementing with L-arginine directly is arguably a more efficient route for increasing nitric oxide levels, though, with one major caveat: poor bioavailability.[2]

      Research shows that L-arginine is broken down in the stomach before it can be absorbed in the small intestine and used for nitric oxide synthesis (known as the first-pass effect).[2] So, in that sense, supplementing with L-arginine on its own is not very effective at increasing nitric oxide levels. In fact, studies have shown that citrulline raises plasma levels of arginine significantly more than arginine itself.[2] That’s why L-citrulline, or even citrulline malate, is used in most pre-workouts and not L-arginine.[1,2]

      But, not all hope for arginine is lost, thanks to Nutrition21 and Nitrosigine!

      Nitrosigine: Nutrition21 solves the L-arginine dilemma

      Nutrition21 was successful in addressing L-arginine’s poor bioavailability by binding it to silicate and then adding a small amount of inositol.[4] A recent study from the University of Arkansas found that 1.5 grams of Nitrosigine are just as effective at boosting nitric oxide levels as 8 grams of citrulline malate.[5]


      Move over L-arginine, Nitrosigine (inositol-stabilized arginine silicate) actually makes it work as originally desired!

      Furthermore, studies have shown that Nitrosigine boosts energy levels, focus, cognitive flexibility, and recovery; and it reduces inflammation and combats excessive muscular damage.[4-10] It’s no surprise that Nitrosigine is starting to make its way into some of the best selling pre-workouts on the market. Ghost has used Nitrosigine in the past, but only with limited-edition versions of Legend. This time, with V2, it’s here to stay!

      Learn more about Nitrosigine in our article titled Nitrosigine: The Nitric Oxide Booster That Enhances Brain Function

    • Senactiv (Panax Notoginseng and Rosa Roxburghii) Root Extracts – 50mg

      Another new addition to Legend V2 is Senactiv (formerly known as ActiGin) from NuLiv Science, which is a patented blend of Panax notoginseng and Rosa roxburghii root extracts. Similar to Nitrosigine, Ghost has used Senactiv in previous limited-edition versions of Legend. The company must really believe in the ingredient to permanently include it in Legend V2 as well as other new supplements like Ghost Hydration.

      NuLiv Science Senactiv Ingredient Info

      Level up your energy levels with Senactiv from Nuliv Science!

      Research shows that Senactiv may help you re-energize, recover, and repair by:

      • Increasing the production of citrate synthase, which is an enzyme involved in ATP synthesis
      • Reducing exercise-induced inflammation markers, resulting in faster recovery and less soreness
      • Promoting the removal of damaged cells and the replenishment of healthy cells[11-13]

      Ghost has been working closely with NuLiv Science for years and uses several of its cutting-edge ingredients in various products. Although Senactiv is relatively new, it comes from a trusted supplier, is GRAS-affirmed (generally regarded as safe), and is both Informed-Sport and Informed-Choice certified.[11] From what we’ve seen at PricePlow, Senactiv is a great addition to Legend V2.

      You can read more in our article titled Senactiv from NuLiv Science: Regenerate Senescent Cells and Perform Better.

  • Ghost Smart Energy

    • L-Tyrosine – 1g

      To increase focus and help you cope with stressful situations, such as intense exercise, Legend V2 uses 1 gram of the conditionally essential amino acid L-tyrosine. Some research shows that L-tyrosine boosts alertness, focus, mood, and mental energy by increasing the production of three key neurotransmitters:

      Senactiv Energy

      Improved VO2 Max from Senactiv means big things for everyone, not just endurance athletes! Image courtesy NuLiv Science.

      1. Norepinephrine
      2. Epinephrine
      3. Dopamine[14]

      Neurotransmitters are chemical messengers that are necessary for cell-to-cell interactions, signaling, and carrying out nearly every physiological process in the body. High-stress events (including exercise) can significantly deplete neurotransmitter levels. This can lead to decreased performance, increased fatigue, and difficulty concentrating. So supplementing with L-tyrosine prior to exercise can help delay or prevent the depletion of these neurotransmitters.[14]

      Norepinephrine and epinephrine are two catecholamines (hormones) that play an important role in the sympathetic nervous system (SNS). They’re activated in times of stress. The SNS is where the fight-or-flight response originates. It’s how the brain responds to stressful situations. These hormones are mainly responsible for increasing lipolysis, blood glucose levels, heart rate, and decreasing digestion.

      Dopamine, on the other hand, is known as the “feel-good” neurotransmitter. It’s linked to feelings of pleasure, motivation, mood, and reward. Research has shown that supplementing with L-tyrosine leads to improved cognitive function and performance and assists users in adapting to stress.[14]

    • Taurine – 1g

      Similar to L-tyrosine, taurine is classified as a conditionally essential amino acid because the body can produce it from other substrates. However, under extreme circumstances (intense training, illness, etc.), it’s likely beneficial to take a taurine supplement.[15]

      Taurine is involved in a number of bodily functions, such as:

      Ghost Legend V2 Leaked Ingredients

      The first ingredient list leaked by CEO Dan Lourenco in early 2021, and the additions of Nitrosigine and Senactiv are two that will certainly be felt!

      • Production of bile salts, which help metabolize fats
      • Osmoregulation (the balance between intracellular and extracellular fluid)
      • Stabilization of cell membranes
      • Calcium signaling
      • Scavenging free radicals
      • Reduction of oxidative stress[15,16]

      Recently, a systematic review of taurine published in the journal Sports Medicine discovered that taurine is an underrated ergogenic aid. Supplementing with 1 to 6 grams of taurine, according to the study authors, can significantly increase endurance.[17]

      Moreover, a study published in the journal Life Sciences found that taurine can boost cognition through:

      • Restoring the function of taurine transporters and GABA (𝜸-aminobutyric acid) receptors
      • Decreasing neuroinflammation and oxidative stress
      • Activating physiological pathways
      • Stimulating mitochondrial biogenesis and synaptic function[16]

      Lastly, a recent study from the journal Nitric Oxide suggests that taurine has the ability to increase nitric oxide levels by activating nitric oxide synthase and enhancing the bioavailability of nitric oxide.[18] Taurine offers several health and performance benefits, so we’re not surprised that it’s returned for Legend V2.

    • Alpha-GPC (Alpha-Glyceryl Phosphoryl Choline 50%) – 300mg

      Alpha-GPC (alpha-glyceryl phosphorylcholine) is commonly used in pre-workouts and nootropics because of its ability to increase:

      • Focus
      • Mental energy
      • Mind-to-muscle connection
      • Strength
      • Performance
      Ghost Energy RedBerry Athlete

      Just looking for carbonated energy and no pumps needed? Ghost Energy Sour Patch Kids Redberry is one of their best selling flavors!

      Alpha-GPC is a precursor to acetylcholine, a neurotransmitter that’s heavily concentrated in neuromuscular gap junctions (the points at which the nervous system interacts with skeletal muscle). Since neurotransmitters are molecules that help relay signals from neurons, acetylcholine helps carry out muscular contractions by telling muscles to contract.

      Research shows that Alpha-GPC is effective at increasing levels of acetylcholine by supplying the body with an extra source of choline.[19-21] Not to mention, choline is an essential nutrient that’s needed for optimal health, not just performance. Several studies have found that supplementing with alpha-GPC can enhance both cognitive function and physical performance through various mechanisms.[19-21]

    • Natural Caffeine [From Coffee (Coffea spp.) Bean] – 250mg

      Instead of using a synthetic source of caffeine, such as caffeine anhydrous, for Legend V2, Ghost decided to use natural caffeine derived from coffee beans. In Legend V1, Ghost relied on a combination of caffeine anhydrous and dicaffeine malate to achieve a fast-acting, yet long-lasting, increase in energy. However, by switching to natural caffeine, Ghost no longer has to use various sources. This is because natural caffeine typically raises energy levels more gradually and keeps them elevated for longer periods of time.

      Ghost Gamer Peach Graphic

      Ghost Gamer is quickly becoming Ghost’s top selling products and it also contains natural caffeine – and at a lower dose than Ghost Legend!

      Furthermore, consuming high amounts of synthetic caffeine can cause several adverse effects, such as jitters, rapid heart rate, and the potential for users to crash shortly after taking it. That can definitely have a negative effect on your performance. So we’re glad to see that Ghost is now using natural caffeine for Legend V2.

      Caffeine is the most studied supplement ingredient and has been shown, time and again, to significantly boost both physical and mental performance across various activities.[22,23] Caffeine acts by blocking adenosine from binding to its receptors, which reduces neural activity and results in boosting energy levels.[22,23]

      Moreover, caffeine inhibits the enzyme that breaks down cyclic adenosine monophosphate (cAMP), known as phosphodiesterase.[22,23] Greater levels of cAMP help increase ATP production, which also leads to a rise in energy. Studies have shown that caffeine decreases pain perception and promotes fat loss.[22,23]

    • Theobromine – 100mg

      In addition to 250 milligrams of caffeine for boosting energy levels, Legend V2 also has 100 milligrams of theobromine. Theobromine, a bitter alkaloid derived from cacao beans, is commonly found in pre-workouts and fat burners due to its ability to increase energy levels and suppress appetite.[24,25]

      Theobromine Effects

      Interesting: High-Dose Theobromine can dial up the “feels”

      Research shows that theobromine has the same mechanism of action as caffeine, meaning that it’s an inhibitor of both phosphodiesterase and adenosine.[24] Since theobromine has a very similar molecular structure to caffeine, it makes sense that it would have similar effects on the body.

      However, some studies suggest that caffeine and theobromine have varying levels of stimulatory effects due to different half-lives.[24] Simply put, it takes longer for the body to metabolize and excrete theobromine than caffeine. Theoretically, the combination of these two ingredients is supposed to boost your energy levels and keep them elevated for a longer period of time.

      Lastly, theobromine expresses several health benefits because of its anti-inflammatory, antitumoral, and cardioprotective properties.[24]

    • AstraGin (Panax Notoginseng and Astragalus Membranaceus) Root Extracts – 50mg

      AstraGin is another patented ingredient from NuLiv Science. It’s made up of a proprietary blend of Panax notoginseng and Astragalus membranaceus root extracts. Because of its unique ability to increase the bioavailability of other ingredients, AstraGin is used in a wide range of products, from supplements for gut health to pre-workouts.[26]

      For one reason or another, certain nutrients and ingredients aren’t absorbed very well by the small intestine. When that happens, they’re unable to fully express their effects. Ghost addresses this issue by using 50 milligrams of AstraGin.

      NuLiv Science AstraGin Ingredient Info

      Increase the absorption and effectiveness of your supplements with AstraGin from NuLiv Science!

      Preliminary studies show that AstraGin activated numerous absorption-specific transporters in the small intestine. This allows your body to uptake a much greater proportion of nutrients with low bioavailability including:

      • Amino acids
      • Creatine
      • Omega-3 fatty acids
      • Vitamins
      • Minerals
      • Turmeric[26]

      Furthermore, some evidence suggests that AstraGin improves intestinal health and immune system functioning by lowering inflammation and strengthening the gut’s lining.[26] Similar to Senactiv, AstraGin is also GRAS-affirmed (generally recognized as safe), and Informed-Sport/Informed-Choice certified.[26] Ghost wants to ensure that users get the most out of their supplements, which is why they often use absorption-boosting ingredients like AstraGin.

    • Rauwolfia (Rauwolfia Vomitoria) Root Extract – 1.5mg (United States only)

      Rauwolfia vomitoria, more commonly called alpha-yohimbine, is an alkaloid known as a strong sympathetic nervous system activator.[27,28] It’s most commonly found in advanced pre-workouts and intense fat burners.

      Research suggests that alpha-yohimbine may:

      • Increase energy
      • Enhance fat loss
      • Improve mood
      • Boost libido
      • Suppress appetite[27,28]
      Ghost Project X Sour Patch

      The flavor collab that really put the industry on notice. They’re sour… then sweet!

      Alpha-yohimbine is a potent alpha-2 antagonist, meaning it blocks substrates from binding to alpha-2 receptors.[7,28] Due to this effect, the compound can significantly boost fat loss by enhancing lipolysis and preventing fat storage.[27,28] In other words, alpha-yohimbine increases the number of fatty acids available for energy production.

      Legend V2 may not be marketed as a fat burner, but when you’re frequenting the gym with the goal of improving your physique, then rauwolfia may help amplify your results. Ghost opted to use alpha-yohimbine, as opposed to yohimbe, because there’s less potential for adverse side effects, such as anxiety, nervousness, irritability, and headaches. Keep in mind that 1.5 milligrams is a strong dose. That’s why we always suggest starting with half a serving (or one scoop). That way, you can more easily assess your tolerance.

Ghost Legend V2 Flavors

Here’s an updated list of all Ghost Legend flavors that are currently available:

    The last notable change made to Legend V2 from the original version, besides these flavors and appearance, is the number of servings in the tub. Legend V1 offered a total of 30 servings, whereas Legend V2 has 25 servings. The discrepancy comes from the fact that V2 has a serving size twice as big as the original Legend’s.

    What’s Next For Ghost?

    In 2020, Ghost was extremely busy launching several new products and flavors, including:

    Ally Besse Ghost Lifestyle

    Best tasting greens powder? Quite possibly with Ally Besse’s Ghost Greens Passionfruit collab!

    …and even more flavors behind those formulas (all of them can be seen on PricePlow’s Ghost news page).

    Behind the scenes, Ghost was also revamping formulas, flavors, and labels for their sports nutrition line, which consists of:

    • Legend: the company’s flagship stimulant-based pre-workout
    • Ghost Pump: a non-stimulant pre-workout
    • Ghost Size: a creatine-based natural muscle builder

    Now that Legend V2 is here, in the next few months you can expect to see more updated versions for the rest of Ghost’s sports nutrition products.

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    Mike Roberto is a research scientist and water sports athlete who founded PricePlow. He is an n=1 diet experimenter with extensive experience in supplementation and dietary modification, whose personal expertise stems from several experiments done on himself while sharing lab tests.

    Mike's goal is to bridge the gap between nutritional research scientists and non-academics who seek to better their health in a system that has catastrophically failed the public.

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