NutraBio BioCrew: An All-Inclusive Training and Learning Community

What are we really doing here?

NutraBio BioCrew

Join the Crew! NutraBio BioCrew is the brand’s all-inclusive training and learning community initiative

Most sports nutrition consumers buy supplements not only to enhance their performance in the gym, but to enhance their physique outside of it too.

And over the years, countless brands have come and gone to cater to those consumers — some with a fresh take on training and supplementation, yet many without.

But somewhere along the way, between the ten-thousandth selfie and the endless pics of material possessions (be it a fast car or a pair of sneakers), the industry collectively forgot what we were doing here in the first place.

We go to events, we set up booths, we sell supplements and schwag… and then what? We go out to dinner? We head back to the hotel room? Sit on our phones?

So again, what are we really doing here?

Because last time I checked, we’re here to train.

Introducing BioCrew: NutraBio’s Open-Access Community Training and Learning Initiative

The team at NutraBio realized that when they travel to events such as the Olympia or the Arnold, they all get together and train.

After all, that’s what we’re here for. Yet surprisingly, very few major brands actually do that!

It keeps the NutraBio as tight-knit as possible, so why not take that idea and bring it home to the consumers?

NutraBio Weightlifting

This is what we’re here for.

With that in mind, the brand created BioCrew, a community initiative for people who want to become a part of the NutraBio crew to share, learn, and train without compromise. Like-minded athletes coming together and doing like-minded activities.

What do customers really need?

The reasoning is pretty simple: When defining a brand, the conversation revolves around the core customers. And when talking about customers in this industry, the conversation should steer towards training.

Yet nobody is doing this — not in real life, anyway. You can’t train online. You train in the gym. And now, NutraBio and their loyal customer base are ready to meet you there.

And while there will be several regional in-real-life meetups, there will also be plenty of online learning events for those who can’t make it or just want to keep in touch on social media.

How it works and how to join

First off, let’s first clear the air that there is no sales pitch here. If you want to use NutraBio supplements, great. If not, also great. This is about training hard, learning, growing, and making like-minded friends.

With that out of the way, if you’re interested in finding a local crew to train with, it starts by clicking the link below to head over to NutraBio’s BioCrew page:

Sign up for Free at

You’ll immediately receive an email thanking you for joining, outlining what to expect, and inviting you to the private BioCrew Facebook group to get meeting the other Crew members. You’ll also receive “identity” graphics to post up and show everyone that “you’re with the Crew”.

NutraBio BioCrew

Get with the Crew!

What can I get out of BioCrew?

  • Invitation to Crew Lifting Meetups

    The local crews are called “Chapters”, and NutraBio’s leadership will announce meetups whenever they come to your area — so don’t forget to put your location in the signup form linked above!

  • Webinars and Seminars from Guest Athletes

    NutraBio BioCrew Instagram Story Image

    This Instagram story image will be provided to you after joining – tell your story!

    All fitness levels welcome, and they’ll be streamed in case you can’t make it live… but in real life’s always better.

  • Exclusive Training Programs

    NutraBio athletes will design training guides for various goals and training styles.

  • Charity Lifts and Competitions

    Some of us need something to train for — charity and competitions both accomplish that feat, giving you a goal and date to aim at.

  • Entry into the Street Team

    Help spread the word about NutraBio at local events — this could be the first step towards joining the company as something more!

  • Earn “Crew Cash”

    Although this is a community initiative and not a supplement sales pitch, there will be ways for NutraBio athletes to earn points over time. Best way to get started is to hashtag your NutraBio-inspired sessions with #BioCrew and #NutraBio.

More opportunities available

Some of you may just be looking for occasional epic training sessions. Others are looking for more.

Over the course of time, those who are actively involved with NutraBio will be invited to area expos and events. NutraBio will be keeping an eye on #BioCrew and #NutraBio on social media, and if you’re crushing it on the regular, you will get noticed.

NutraBio Mark Glazier Interview

NutraBio’s Mark Glazier Lives, Works, and Trains WITHOUT COMPROMISE. Understand the man, understand the brand (watch Mark’s latest interview).

If you’ve ever heard NutraBio’s founder Mark Glazier talk, he doesn’t hire people who don’t use the product. He wants athletes who live it and breathe it just like he does. It’s worked so far, and the power of social media only takes it further.

It’s about time someone did this

When Ben explained this to me at the 2018 Mr. Olympia (video below), I realized that NutraBio is the perfect brand to do this.

Honest truth is that the bigger brands don’t care, and the smaller brands just aren’t big enough. NutraBio’s growth, attitude, and “Without Compromise attitude” (again, see our Mark Glazier interview) puts them in a perfect position to pull it off.

As the industry continues to shift into this whole “online influencer” marketing model, sometimes the important stuff gets lost along the way — like going to the gym and meeting people in real life.

NutraBio’s continual growth put them in the big leagues, and they’ve done their part in differentiating with third-party lab tests, bombastic formulas, and full label disclosure. Now it’s time to bring the customer along for the ride, and it all starts with BioCrew.

Sign up for Free at

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