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Kaged Muscle Trainers App Puts Kris Gethin in the Palm of Your Hand

Kaged Muscle Trainers App

Kris Gethin.
Fouad Abiad.
Tawna Eubanks.

Three major league names in the bodybuilding and fitness industries.

Three competitors who are well-known not only for their incredible physiques, but also for their wrecking-ball workouts that have helped thousands […]

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NutraBio BioCrew: An All-Inclusive Training and Learning Community

NutraBio BioCrew

What are we really doing here?

Most sports nutrition consumers buy supplements not only to enhance their performance in the gym, but to enhance their physique outside of it too.

And over the years, countless brands have come and gone […]

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John Meadows Bodybuilding Program: The GAMMA BOMB is Out!

John Meadows Gamma Bomb

This program is not for beginners.

The Mountain Dog is back! PricePlow’s favorite Ohioan has finally published his long-awaited program, “The Gamma Bomb”

It’s best to hear about it from the man himself though:

John Meadows Explains Gamma Bomb Training[…]

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Bench Press Grip Tips: Closed Hand vs Open Hand (Suicide Grip)

Bench Press Mistake

How Much Ya Bench, bro?

The number of times this question has been asked between guys is probably in the billions. The barbell bench press is one of the “Big 3” exercises (aside from squats and deadlift) and is without […]

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Heavy Cardio and Lifting on the Same Day? NO, says New Study

Cardio Lifting Lean Body Mass

There is an endless debate in fitness circles over the pros and cons of doing both cardio and strength training in the same day. Some gym bros say to do lifting before your cardio, some say do cardio before lifting, […]

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Strongman Seminar on Saturday, May 18 at Big Tex Gym in Austin, TX

Free Strongman Training Seminar at Big Tex Gym in Austin!

On Saturday, May 18, Texas state champion powerlifter Steve Smith will be hosting a free strongman seminar at the Big Tex Gym at 1:30pm.

The Who

Steve Smith and an experienced strongman professional will be giving the presentation. I will […]

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Best Home Gym: A $2000 Setup Balancing Quality and Value

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ANS Fortitude Day 8 | Colby Strunk

Colby's Triceps

Colby’s ANS Fortitude 30 Day Supplement Log

Day 8 – 4/3/13 Back/Bicep/Triceps

Yesterday was one of the best workouts I have had on my own in quite some time. I was focused, intense, pumped up and strong. I know it […]

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ANS Fortitude Log | Colby Strunk Days 4 and 5

Colby Strunk's Fortitude Log and Easter Workout

Hey folks, hope you had a Happy Easter! Let’s recap quickly to Saturday.

Saturday – Saturday was my day of “rest” I worked a ten hour shift and sweated through a handful of shirts, ate food that probably were not […]

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Colby Strunk | Logging Fortitude by ANS

Hey ladies and gentlemen what is up? I would like to formally introduce myself.

My name is Colby Strunk, 21 years old from the great liquid sunshine state (Oregon). I train at Elite Performance Center under the guidance of gym […]

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