Weight Lifting on PricePlow

Heavy Cardio and Lifting on the Same Day? NO, says New Study

Cardio Lifting Lean Body Mass

Fig. 1 – Mean (SD) changes in total body lean mass. By the end of the 24 weeks, it’s clear that the group doing cardio and lifting on Different Days experienced the greatest gains.[1]

There is an endless debate in […]

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PricePlow RETURNS to YouTube with CJ Woodruff & Amin Shahry

APS Mesomorph Review

2015 was a great year for PricePlow – but one major thing was missing: YouTube videos!

We had to focus on what was working best for us: technology and written content. Along the way, we wrote some solid articles[…]

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Strongman Seminar on Saturday, May 18 at Big Tex Gym in Austin, TX

Free Strongman Training Seminar at Big Tex Gym in Austin!

Free Strongman Training Seminar at Big Tex Gym in Austin!

On Saturday, May 18, Texas state champion powerlifter Steve Smith will be hosting a free strongman seminar at the Big Tex Gym at 1:30pm. The Who

Steve Smith and an […]

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Versa Gripps Review – CJ Woodruff Explains Versa Gripps Pro

Versa Gripps Review

Last week during a back day, CJ borrowed some Versa Gripps from James (thanks James!) and put them to the test.

CJ’s Versa Gripps Review

CJ has some long sets, so we speed things up into 4X mode.*

The Explanation[…]

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Weight Lifting Beyond Failure: Muscle Overload – CJ Woodruff

Muscle Overload - Training Beyond Failure

During our Prodigy supplement review, CJ Woodruff* explained how he was approaching a chest press movement on the inclined Hammer Strength machine:

Muscle Overload, CJ Style!

I did my best to filter out the music, but I was right […]

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Smith Machine Drag Curls for a Bicep Isolation Workout

Smith Machine Drag Curls with CJ

In yesterday’s PES Enhanced Review, the video briefly showed CJ doing smith machine drag curls.

I’d tell you why, but CJ explains it better himself:

Drag Curls Using a Smith Machine, Featuring CJ Woodruff

The most important thing […]

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Best Home Gym: A $2000 Setup Balancing Quality and Value

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Time Under Tension Training (Super Slow Training) with CJ

Time Under Tension Training

In today’s video, CJ Woodruff explains Time Under Tension Training, also known as Super Slow Training:

Why Do This?

Because it’s different. There’s no “absolutes” in training — like CJ says, all types of training are great, so […]

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ANS Fortitude Day 8 | Colby Strunk

Colby's Triceps

Colby’s Tricep… One of the Best Workouts in a LONG Time thanks to ANS Fortitude!

Colby’s ANS Fortitude 30 Day Supplement Log

Day 8 – 4/3/13 Back/Bicep/Triceps

Yesterday was one of the best workouts I have had on my own […]

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ANS Fortitude | Colby Strunk Day 4 and 5

Colby Strunk's Fortitude Log and Easter Workout

Hey folks, hope you had a Happy Easter! Let’s recap quickly to Saturday.

Saturday – Saturday was my day of “rest” I worked a ten hour shift and sweated through a handful of shirts, ate food that probably were not […]

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