Kaged Training App Puts Tawna Eubanks in the Palm of Your Hand

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Tawna Eubanks: One of the most major league names in the bodybuilding and fitness industries.

Well-known not only for her incredible physique, but also for her wrecking-ball workouts that have helped thousands of athletes meet their goals.

A key motivator who knows how to get the most out of her followers.

If you’re in a training slump or sticking point, you call a Kaged teammate like Tawna for a tune-up. And now she’s available right in your phone.

Get Taken to Town by Team Kaged Muscle

Thanks to the brand new Kaged Training App — available on both iOS and Android — you get the workout plans and mindsets of Kris, Fouad, and Tawna right in your own pocket… for free!

We have the full story below (including some quotes from Kris), but if you want to get right to it, below is a link to the app’s landing page:

Kaged Muscle Trainers App

Click the image to head to the App Page on Kaged Muscle’s website!

(Apple App Store link | Google Play Store link)

The Features at a Glance

  • Full training programs with assistance from videos and images
  • Nutrition calculators personalized to your specs and goals
  • Daily motivational and educational videos from your favorite athletes
  • Supplement overviews depending on the goal / training program
  • Access to Kaged Muscle promos and special offers

Looking for Kris Gethin’s 4 Weeks 2 Shred? Finally ready for Fouad Abiad’s Project Inferno? Time to get bikini-ready? No more Googling around. This app has it, and it has it within a few clicks!

My Kaged Muscle app demo on YouTube:

Using my iPhone, I recorded the following app from start to “getting started”:

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A word from Kris Gethin

Before we get into the details, let’s hear what Kaged Muscle’s CEO, none other than Kris Gethin, has to say:

We created this app specifically for usability, accountability, convenience, and to provide another free service to our loyal community. Our users can access all of our daily video trainers from the gym, use our nutrition calculator while in the kitchen, and order supplements from anywhere in the world all from their mobile device.

This is our first edition with many more to come such as tracking, image uploads, community and much more. Within 48 hours of its release we hit the top 100 of all Health & Fitness apps. This is just the beginning.

— Kris Gethin

The Trainers (Free Workout Programs) Initially Available

  • Kris Gethin’s 4 Weeks 2 Shred

    Sixteen years of knowledge and training experience culminates into a vicious training program centered around Kris’ DTPXtreme protocol to ensure intensity, volume, and hypertrophy. (DTP stands for Dramatic Transformation Principle, a physique-altering combination of reps, weights, and workout techniques.)

    This is a 4-day-per-week split (2 on, 1 off, 2 on, 2 off) that lasts four weeks.

  • Fouad Abiad’s Project Inferno Fat Loss Trainer

    Fouad Abiad Project Inferno

    Fouad Abiad’s Project Inferno is how you go from swole to shredded

    This program is what Fouad uses to get ripped after attaining his mass goals. Fouad is all about cycling between mass-building and dieting phases — this trainer’s for the diet phase.

    This one’s for the truly dedicated: for eight days you will be training five or six days per week (usually six) and Fouad gives you every set and every rep.

  • Tawna Eubanks’ Bikini-Ready Body Trainer

    Tawna knows how to get a head-turning bikini body ready, and now she shares her training program with you for free.

    Don’t think this will be any “easier” than the above two programs, though — it’s eight weeks long and is often five or six days of training per week, split by bodypart.

    Tawna Eubanks Bikini Ready Body

    Don’t worry ladies, Tawna’s got you covered too!

  • Kris Gethin’s 8-Week Hardcore Trainer

    As if the above workouts weren’t hardcore enough, Kris had to get even crazier and make what he calls “the most extreme transformation program in the world”.

    The rest days are actually active rest days in this one, so it’s time to get out in nature to decompress the mind and body and keep your body moving — just the way Kris would have it!

  • Kris Gethin’s 8-Week Muscle-Building Trainer

    Last but definitely not least, this is the one we see most guys jumping into, as it’s what Kris considers the best program he’s done yet, and it’s for bulking season (which we know is year-round for some of you!)

    You’ll be training five days a week here, and the training days are split by body part, with some friends joining along the way.

The Tools

Kris Gethin Diet

Follow diet advice from Kris Gethin, Fouad Abiad, and Tawna Eubanks – personalized to your needs!

When you setup your account, you put in your height, weight, bodyfat percentage, and age (this can be updated later). The Nutrition Calculator then takes that information, asks what program you’re on, and what day of it you’re on, and suggests the amount of calories, protein, and carbs you should be getting in for starters.

It’s not an exact science, but it’s important to be honest about your bodyfat percentage so you get some realistic protein numbers! If you’re on the bulking plans, get ready to eat!

Works in vertical or horizontal mode

The app works in both horizontal and vertical modes, but the first version is honestly a bit tighter in vertical mode on my iPhone. You can always flip to horizontal for the videos, making a best of both worlds.

Conclusion: Now you have no excuses

Need a serious training program? Kaged Muscle has your back.

Bored of your current routine? Kris, Fouad, and Tawna are there for you.

Need to steal just a back day from Kris and the gang? KM will let you do that too. But once you see how easy this app is to use, you’ll be coming back for far more than that app.

Want some motivation? Listen to Kris talk for ten minutes during your warmup.

This app makes it too easy. Some of us love to train but hate to program. If that’s you, then this is for you. No more guesswork. Just hardcore training.

Kaged Muscle put together something special here, and we’re excited to see where they take it. As Kris said, this is just the beginning.

Kaged Muscle Trainers App

Click the image to head to the App Page on Kaged Muscle’s website!

(Apple App Store link | Google Play Store link)

About the Author: Mike Roberto

Mike Roberto

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Mike's goal is to bridge the gap between nutritional research scientists and non-academics who seek to better their health in a system that has catastrophically failed the public.

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