MuscleTech Partners with Ryan DeLuca’s Black Box VR at ASF 2023

Coming off of a hot 2022 with their enfinity-fueled iQ Series launch and signing of Blessing Awodibu, MuscleTech has been keeping the hits coming with another major signing of 2022 Olympia Bikini champion Maureen Blanquisco.

MuscleTech Black Box VR ASF 2023

MuscleTech and Ryan DeLuca’s Black Box VR are joining forces at ASF 2023!

At the end of our article announcing Blanquisco’s sponsorship, we mentioned that she would be at ASF 2023, but there would be something else going on with the brand:

MuscleTech partners with Black Box VR at the ASF 2023

From March 2 through March 5th in Columbus, Ohio, MuscleTech — a key sponsor and exhibitor — will be at the Arnold Sports Festival at Booth #645. On top of showcasing Burn iQ, EuphoriQ, and their vibrant new athletes, MuscleTech is also featuring one of the fitness industry’s most exciting innovations — Black Box VR!

Black Box VR is a fitness experience that allows fans to compete with each other in the world’s first fitness-based virtual reality game — an active in-game workout.

Black Box VR’s co-founder and CEO is none other than Ryan DeLuca, the legendary founder of Black Box VR can be found at, featuring a mantra Change the Game, Change Your Life.

Ryan DeLuca: Industry visionary strikes again?

It’s been quite some time since PricePlow checked in with DeLuca, who resigned from in autumn 2015 after 17 epic years at the helm (see Ryan Deluca Resigns from A true entrepreneurial pioneer at heart, it was only a matter of time before DeLuca decided that flying airplanes and raising a family wasn’t enough to satisfy the itch to make another global impact.

As someone who preceded — and outsurvived and outmaneuvered — the entire dotcom wave, to call DeLuca a visionary is an understatement. So is he once again a clairvoyant when it comes to fitness and VR?

In a press release issued by MuscleTech, DeLuca issued the following statement:[1,2]

“We are thrilled to join forces with MuscleTech® at the 2023 ASF to showcase the future of fitness.

The integration of our virtual reality technology and cutting-edge exercise equipment with MuscleTech expertise in sports nutrition and performance will provide users with a truly innovative and transformative experience.”[1,2]

— Ryan DeLuca, Black Box VR Co-Founder and CEO

What is Black Box VR?

Ryan Deluca

Ryan once said of, “There have been an insane number of ups and downs, as any entrepreneur can understand, but the highest ‘up’ has been working with my team to create something special that will live on.” Now, he’s got that chance to do it again at Black Box VR!

Black Box VR is an interactive fitness experience that combines gaming and exercise in an effort to build muscle and shed fat. There’s a workout battle that guides you through an intense combat-style workout geared towards your goals. Level up your fitness, level up in the game!

So MuscleTech fans will not only be able to say hi to Blessing and Blanquisco, they can test out MuscleTech’s augmented reality platform then try some EuphoriQ or Burn iQ and get in on the Black Box VR revolution as well!

Scott Welch, MuscleTech’s Associate Director, stated the following in a joint press release:[1,2]

“The MuscleTech® relationship with Black Box VR® co-founder Ryan DeLuca goes back 20 years when he was running, and his reputation as a fitness industry disruptor and visionary is unmatched. For our return to the Arnold Sports Festival, we’re looking to deliver an exciting experience for our bodybuilding and fitness fans at the show.

“Black Box VR® showcases a commitment to innovation in the fitness space that

aligns with our own commitment to innovation in fitness, making this a great collaboration. They are able to deliver a new workout experience in a space that’s been virtually unchanged for decades and has the power to change people’s lives while redefining our definition of what going to the gym looks like.”[1]

— Scott Welch, MuscleTech

How will it go? Sign up for our MuscleTech news alerts on PricePlow using the widget below. We’ll be sure to give it a shot and see for ourselves.

And maybe, if we’re lucky, we can get DeLuca on the PricePlow Podcast to talk about his new innovation. But until then, if you want to learn more about the enfinity paraxanthine ingredient (a caffeine replacement) in MuscleTech’s iQ Series supplements, listen to Episode #072 with MuscleTech’s Raza Bashir.

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