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Ryan DeLuca: Exit Bodybuilding.com, Enter Black Box VR | Episode #099

Ryan Deluca of Bodybuilding.com and Black Box VR on the PricePlow Podcast


On Memorial Day of 2023, we had a fantastic podcast with Ryan DeLuca, the original founder and 17-year CEO of Bodybuilding.com… and current founder and CEO of Black Box VR, a virtual reality physical fitness company that’s bringing an immersive, gamified workout experience to franchise gym locations.

Ryan DeLuca: Tech and[…]
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MuscleTech Partners with Ryan DeLuca’s Black Box VR at ASF 2023

MuscleTech Black Box VR ASF 2023

Coming off of a hot 2022 with their enfinity-fueled iQ Series launch and signing of Blessing Awodibu, MuscleTech has been keeping the hits coming with another major signing of 2022 Olympia Bikini champion Maureen Blanquisco.

At the end of our article announcing Blanquisco’s sponsorship, we mentioned that she would be at ASF […]
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Bodybuilding.com BOGO Policy Changes: Too Little Too Late?

Buy One Get One Free Supplements

An anonymous tip rolled into the PricePlow tipline this morning, with the following news:

BOGO Offers are about to change at Bodybuilding.com

The rumor is that

Starting December 1, Bodybuilding will no longer allow BOGO offers on full-size tubs on three main categories: Protein Pre Workout Supplements Post Workout / Recovery Supplements

BOGO50 deals […]
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Ryan Deluca Resigns from Bodybuilding.com

Ryan Deluca

After a whopping 17 years of running Bodybuilding.com, Ryan DeLuca has resigned as CEO of Bodybuilding.com, as reported by the Idaho Statesman[1] and Ryan’s own Facebook post.[2]

Ryan says it better than any article ever could:

I was barely out of high school when I started a business in my garage. I had never met […]
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