Maureen Blanquisco Joins Forces with MuscleTech for an Epic 2023 and Beyond

MuscleTech has announced a new partnership with Maureen Blanquisco,[1-3] the current top-ranked bikini competitor in the world and the 2022 Olympia Bikini champion!

Maureen Blanquiso MuscleTech

Late last year, MuscleTech’s Scott Welch said that the brand was back in bodybuilding, and he wasn’t kdding — MuscleTech has signed #1 Rated IFBB Bikini Competitor, Maureen Blanquisco!

This comes hot on the trail after their incredible iQ Series supplement launch with enfinity paraxanthine and sponsorship of Blessing Awodibu, as the brand is keeping their foot on the gas:

#1 Ranked IFBB Bikini Competitor Maureen Blanquisco joins Team MuscleTech

The announcement was made on February 14, making for a very special Valentine’s Day. Blanquisco, who won her IFBB Pro Card at the Olympia Amateur contest in Italy, has currently won six IFBB Pro contests globally and has been consistently improving her physique. Fans who follow her Instagram closely may have seen this coming — she had recently been posting images of MuscleTech supplements to her story (pictured to the right in the featured graphic).

Maureen trains at Gold’s Gym Venice and uses several MuscleTech supplements in her diet and training program, including the Clear Muscle and Nitro-Tech Whey Protein pictured above. She aims to win her first Arnold Classic championship title in 2023, with the support of Burn iQ thermo, Amino Build BCAAs, and the classic Nitro-Tech protein powder.

Coming to the 2023 Arnold Sports Festival

Mareen Blanquiso MuscleTech Sponsorship

Meet MuscleTech’s latest champion, Mareen Blanquiso

MuscleTech is a major sponsor of the Arnold Sports Festival and the Arnold Classic and will have a booth at the event. Blanquisco will be making multiple appearances at the booth and will educate consumers about training and the MuscleTech products she’s currently using.

MuscleTech will also have some other special surprises – stay tuned to PricePlow and sign up for our MuscleTech news alerts for more information about that to come.

As predicted, MuscleTech is back in bodybuilding

The partnership reinforces the effectiveness of MuscleTech products, with consistent use from the best athletes in the world. MuscleTech supplements are made with the highest quality ingredients, are tested to the max, are available in over 100 countries, and are manufactured across the world to each jurisdiction’s strictest specifications.

Between Blanquisco, Blessing, and the addition of international star Ana Cozar[4,5] to the team, it’s clear that MuscleTech is back in bodybuilding — which is exactly what Scott Welch (Associate Director of the brand) told us was coming this year during the Blessing announcement.

MuscleTech’s pioneering Burn iQ products

Recently, we’ve been covering MuscleTech’s line of enfinity-based products on PricePlow, which includes the two Burn iQ weight loss supplements (see Burn iQ Powder or Burn iQ Capsules specifically). These are special because they incorporate one of the newest and most promising ingredients on the market: enfinity paraxanthine, a caffeine replacement.

MuscleTech iQ Series: Introducing enfinity (Paraxanthine)

MuscleTech has revealed their new iQ Series of supplements, and it will include a new stimulant — paraxanthine — named enfinity. Learn how this lineup will forever revolutionize the entire energy industry

Paraxanthine is one of the three metabolites of caffeine and has the potential to eat into caffeine’s overwhelming market share when it comes to stimulant supplement products – you get all of the upside with far less of the downside. It provides a smoother stimulating energy than caffeine, without many of the jittery side effects caused by caffeine’s other metabolites, theobromine and theophylline.

But don’t forget EuphoriQ

For those looking for a pre-workout supplement with the new ingredient, the nootropic-based EuphoriQ is the place to find it.

We project a major uptick in its usage in the industry in 2023 and beyond, with MuscleTech leading the charge to bring new ingredients to the entire international community. Don’t be surprised if you hear about even more athlete announcements and product releases from the brand — it’s pretty clear that they’re going big on bodybuilding, and are bringing some novel new supplements to support everyone’s goals.

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