Mark Glazier is on Top of His Game and Brings NutraBio Along: 2018 Interview

At the 2018 Mr. Olympia, I was fortunate enough to get a press pass to NutraBio’s first BioCrew event, where customers could train and learn alongside the brand’s ambassadors.

NutraBio Mark Glazier Interview

NutraBio’s Mark Glazier Lives, Works, and Trains WITHOUT COMPROMISE

But even better than that, you could also chat and train with the company’s founder and CEO, Mark Glazier, who put on a 2.5-hour training display for the ages.

In an era where too many supplement industry leaders don’t even touch their own products, let alone train with their teams and customers, NutraBio is taking a completely different approach. This is to be detailed in a future post about the launch of their BioCrew, but for now, it’s time to watch a passionate Mark Glazier do what he does best – get jacked up and tell it like it is:

“Fuck 56!”

Just wait for it, as Mark tells the world what he really thinks about his age:

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There’s a reason this brand uses the hashtag #WithoutCompromise, and it’s due to Mark’s absolutely uncompromising nature.

In this interview, we cover the following:

  • The NutraBio BioCrew community initiative, where people who want to become a part of the NutraBio crew and train without compromise — no sales push included (blog post and official announcements coming soon)
  • Training hard at age 56 and defying the norm
  • The EAA Energy launch and new flavor launches
  • Why specific herbal items like Maca have been out of stock (hint: NutraBio stands behind those lab tests)

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