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Whey Protein Isolate

Performax Labs ProWheyMax: Protein Boosted by Velositol and DigeZyme

Performax Labs ProWheyMax

Performax Labs, the longstanding science-based supplement brand with hard-hitting, powerful formulas, has been a touch quiet after coming off of a massive recharge with some incredible pre-workout (HyperMax and VasoMax) and weight loss (OxyMax) formula […]

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Inspired Nutraceuticals Rebirths Protein+ and ISO-PF Protein Powders

Inspired Nutraceuticals Protein+ and ISO-PF

Inspired Nutraceuticals is on what can only be described as a blitzkrieg recently. Hot off the heels of the launch of FSU Serum, a stimulant-free pre-workout glycerol liquid packed with pump-inducing ingredients, Inspired is out with not one, but […]

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Supercharged Protein: How Ingredient Optimized (io) Improves Protein Powder


In December of 2022, Ingredient Optimized (io) announced a partnership with Austin, TX supplement contract manufacturer Nutrabound Labs to bring their new ioCollagen™ technology to the market.[1] Nutrabound’s leadership sent us the following video if io Technology in action, permitting […]

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Happy Birthday CBum! Limited Edition Birthday Cake Itholate

Raw Nutrition CBum Itholate Birthday Cake

If you’ve been reading PricePlow for a while, you’ll know that nobody does flavors quite like “CBum” and the RAW Nutrition team. Chris Bumstead, legendary four-time Mr. Olympia, has staked out quite a name for himself in the supplement industry […]

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Team Kaged w/ Brian Rand: Mindset Nootropic Launch | PPP #081

Team Kaged Nootropic Podcast Launch


On January 23, 2023, Team PricePlow was joined by Team Kaged to discuss the Kaged Mindset launch. This episode is special because PricePlow Nation gets to meet two new faces: Aaron Heidebreicht (Chief Commercial Officer) and Brian Rand (Co-Founder […]

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AstroFlav IsoMix New Flavor: Strawberry Done Right

AstroFlav IsoMix Strawberry

Since 2019, we’ve been covering AstroFlav with gusto – and for good reason. AstroFlav comes out with excellent, science-based formulas, but they really set themselves apart with their flavors.

As many supplement ingredients become more widespread and commodified, there is […]

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Arms Race Nutrition Elevation: Pecan Pie Flavor Grandma Would Love

Arms Race Nutrition Elevation Pecan Pie

In addition to their Apple Pie Moonshine announcement, Arms Race Nutrition is embracing the fall spirit with an incredible, seasonably appropriate flavor of their Elevation whey protein isolate powder:

Pecan Pie!

Thanksgiving dessert after every workout

The importance of […]

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Kaged Whey Protein Isolate: New Branding, Same ProHydrolase Power

Kaged Whey Protein Isolate

The Kaged rebrand continues through 2022, and autumn brings us updated Kaged Whey Protein Isolate tubs – renamed from “Micropure Whey Isolate”.

Kaged Whey Protein Isolate has the same fantastic formula — a pure whey isolate that’s third-party lab […]

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Arms Race Nutrition Now in Vitamin Shoppe

Arms Race Nutrition Vitamin Shoppe

It’s been a couple years of incredible growth for Arms Race Nutrition, the novel influential sports supplement brand co-owned by Doug Miller and Julian Smith. Abbreviated to “ARN”, the brand supports foundational basics and old school principles, backed […]

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Core ISO Whey Protein Isolate: Now in Delectable Lemon Pound Cake

Core ISO Lemon Pound Cake

Doug Miller, pro natural bodybuilder and entrepreneur, is a machine. The company he started with his wife, Core Nutritionals, seems like it pumps out a new incredible formulation every week.

We’ve written about Core Nutritionals and their wide […]

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