NutraBio Alpha EAA Now in Grape Berry Crush

Hot off the heels of NutraBio’s epic 2019 Memorial Day Weekend that was kicked off with the new Grape Berry Crush flavor system for their PRE / Intra Blast / Reload stack, the powerhouse brand has launched it for another supplement, and it’s easily one of our favorite intra workout supplements right now: Alpha EAA!

Alpha EAA now in Grape Berry Crush flavor!

NutraBio Alpha EAA Grape Berry Crush

The best-feeling intra workout supplement on the market, Alpha EAA, is now available in the instant-legendary flavor, Grape Berry Crush!

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Tim Gritzman at Natural Body Inc says it all

For this week’s release, we leave it to our good friend at Natural Body Inc, Tim Gritzman (who’s not even a “Grape Guy”), to do us the honors of describing this flavor system:

Grape Berry Crush promises to be a “grape lover’s grape” with enough of a berry hint- technically raspberry- to make it interesting and not just grape. If Tim gives it a thumbs up then we know we hit our mark.

NutraBio’s Michael Perez hits his target once again. Now with Dragonfruit Candy, Strawberry Lemon Bomb, and Grape Berry Crush all launching in 2019 what will be our next flavor system…? All we know is it will be out of this world!

— Tim Gritzman, Natural Body Inc

You can also watch Mike’s flavor review for NutraBio PRE / Intra Blast / Reload below to get a feel for this flavor, because he has a slightly different spin on it than Tim:

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Long story short, we think there might be a smidge of pomegranate in this one!

Why Alpha EAA?

NutraBio Alpha EAA Grape

A grape flavor system that everyone can enjoy!

For the most in-depth information on this supplement, check out our main Alpha EAA blog post.

The long story short is that this is a super-focused, feel-good intra workout to take during hard/long/stressful training sessions. It has a well-dosed full spectrum of essential amino acids with added taurine and CocoPure coconut water extract for hydration.

But best of all, thanks to the added two sources of choline for focus and KSM-66 Ashwagandha for cortisol control, this is a stimulant-free training aid that you can feel, and it feels great!

All Alpha EAA flavors currently available

Here’s an updated list of Alpha EAA flavors:

    You can also see the other products available in this flavor in our main Grape Berry Crush post.

    Team NutraBio Keeps Rolling

    As always, stay tuned to our NutraBio news alerts, there’s still a bunch more coming from the brand. What a 2019 it’s been!

    NutraBio Alpha EAA Grape Berry Crush Label

    The full NutraBio Alpha EAA Grape Berry Crush label

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