NutraBio Dragon Fruit Candy Flavor System: Now in Six Supplements!

When it comes to seriously-dosed training aids, there’s one trusted and tested stack that cannot be defeated:

With this stack, you’re taking just about every performance enhancing, endurance-boosting, muscle-building ergogenic ingredient you could wish for. Toss in some BCAA 5000 to sip on between meals and you’re set with not only satisfied muscle tissue, but a satisfied sweet tooth to boot!

NutraBio gets aggressive on the flavors

In the past six months, NutraBio has undertaken some major projects, and we’re just starting to see them come to life. The long story short is that they’re stepping up the flavor game in a big way. They’ve always been known for quality, honesty, and third-party lab tests for their monster formulas, but now they’ve taken the challenge of flavoring those insane formulas with the best of them.

So this year, it’s time to get things a lot sweeter over at NutraBio.

We’ve already discussed the enhanced flavor systems of the new Strawberry Ice Cream 100% Whey Protein Isolate and Strawberry Smoothie Classic Whey, but what’s next for the workout supplements like PRE and Intra Blast?

Introducing NutraBio’s Dragon Fruit Candy Flavor System!

Dragon Fruit Flavor

Not just Dragon Fruit… Dragon Fruit Candy!

Intra Blast was the first supplement to get NutraBio’s new Dragon Fruit Candy flavor system, and their epic PRE Workout and BCAA 5000 quickly followed.

This isn’t just dragon fruit — it’s a sweeter version modeled off of a dragon fruit candy, with a touch of a tart twist.

We have a bit of information about this interesting fruit and the PRE / Intra stack below, but first, check out PricePlow’s coupon-powered prices and sign up for NutraBio News alerts, because this is only the start of things and you won’t want to miss out:

Try Dragon Fruit Candy in your favorite products directly from NutraBio:

Pre Workout Options:

Intra Workout / Amino Options:

What is dragon fruit?

Also known as Pitaya, Dragon Fruit is a fruit that grows in tropical and subtropical regions and is popular to eat in Asia and the Caribbean. It’s actually a part of the cactus family, and has a white flesh with a mildly sweet taste.


A cross-section of dragonfruit / pitaya. It’s that white flesh we want!

The exact species that most people eat (and most flavorists model after) is Hylocereus undatus, with its notable black crunchy seeds that add just a dash of nutty taste. But don’t worry — most flavorists completely ignore the taste of the seeds when creating flavors — we just want to take that white flesh sweetness, and amp it up!!

And that’s exactly what NutraBio did. They took the unique and mildly sweet flavor of dragon fruits and gave it the sweet tooth treatment, making for Dragon Fruit Candy, something both dieters and bulkers alike can enjoy! This isn’t your standard old fruit punch flavor, to say the least.

The tub has a lot of scent to it, which is great because amino acid supplements like this don’t often smell great in their raw form. Mixability is great (this is never an issue with NutraBio stuff or Intra Blast), just a touch of foam. There’s a lot of flavor, that feels like there’s a touch of kiwi in there.

So if you’re looking for an epic “sports drink” style intra workout supplement, but want a flavor that’s different from the rest of the field, this is one to try.

Mike’s Dragon Fruit Flavor Reviews

First, the PRE / Intra Blast review:

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Next, the two “aminos” — BCAA 5000 vs. EAA Pure.

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New supplement added! Alpha EAA!

A month later, NutraBio added Alpha EAA to the Dragonfruit Candy menu! This intra workout supplement has a full spectrum of essential amino acids but also ergogenic adaptogens and nootropics for more focus and less anxiety!

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The overall winner on this flavor system? It was Intra Blast, but now, Alpha EAA is even better!! Overall the PRE / Intra stack is unbeatable, PRE brings a touch more tartness but Alpha EAA is on another planet thanks to its built-in feel-good nootropics!

NutraBio Pre Workout Dragon Fruit

What’s better than the Best Pre Workout? The Best Pre Workout in a new flavor system!

What is NutraBio Pre Workout?

If you haven’t taken the time to look at NutraBio PRE, then read our blog post linked there — this is one of the most massively-dosed supplements you’ll ever see, with full doses of muscle builders, energy enhancers, endurance boosters, and more.

This is the “one and done” pre workout that prevents you from tinkering with a ton of powders in order to hit your clinical doses. And now it’s available in a new epic flavor!

A stimulant-free option

The same formula is also available in NutraBio PRE Stim-Free, just without the stimulants!

But even more interesting…

A more Extreme version… with Carbs and Yohimbine!

In NutraBio’s PRE Extreme, you have the same epic PRE Workout formula, but it’s enhanced with a picture perfect 15g of high-quality workout carbohydrates in Cluster Dextrin… and 4mg Yohimbine HCl! There’s no doubt, carbohydrates are true performance enhancers, and we haven’t seen any better of a fast-acting carbohydrate than Cluster Dextrin (also known as HBCD or Highly-Branched Cyclic Dextrin).

NutraBio eaaDragon Fruit Candy

NutraBio’s new flavor system released January 2019 is Dragon Fruit Candy, and it’s available in their workout supplement series! (PRE, BCAA 5000, Intra Blast, and EAA Pure, PRE Stim Free, PRE Extreme, and Alpha EAA)

If you enjoy the fat-fighting, high-energy effects of yohimbine and can fit the carbs in your diet, this one is really the one to get!

What is Intra Blast?

You can read all of the details on our main NutraBio Intra Blast blog post, but the long story short is that this is a fantastically-dosed intra workout supplement (think of this as a “sports drink” that actually works, yet without the sugar) that has a massive range of amino acids and workout enhancers, including a full spectrum of essential amino acids, or EAAs.

EAAs are a bit tougher to flavor than BCAAs alone, but they provide your body with more muscle-building blocks, since all nine EAAs are required to get by diet or supplements (hence they are essential). EAA supplements have become hot the past year or two, but NutraBio has had Intra Blast long before it was cool. They’re usually ahead of the curve like that.

On top of the 7.4g worth of EAAs, you also have 2g dose of betaine for cell hydration (you may even get a bit of a ‘pump’ and build muscle easier with this), 2g taurine (which is well beyond clinical dose for endurance), and 5g glutamine for recovery.

NutraBio Intra Blast Dragon Fruit Ingredients

Now this is how you make an intra workout supplement. The dragon fruit candy flavor system brings it sweet!

OKG (Ornithine alpha-ketoglutarate) is a beneficial ingredient seldomly not used by the competition, but is exciting since it’s a precursor of arginine and nitric oxide, which can then add to your pump and endurance experience.

Finally, there’s over 800mg of electrolytes, providing Calcium, Phosphorus, Magnesium, Sodium, and Potassium — a full spectrum blend!!

All in all, this yields a monster 24g formula, which in all honesty can nearly be cut in half for smaller individuals and still yield incredible benefits!

As always with NutraBio, the label is completely open formula, showing a hefty 900mg flavor system and 220mg sucralose with 40mg acesulfame potassium (Ace-K) for sweetening. The colors are all-natural as always, with a blend of beet root powder and annatto powder.

Again, you can read the full story with sources cited on our main NutraBio Intra Blast article, and if you’re interested in NutraBio’s full label disclosure and lab testing philosophies, read our NutraBio Story article.

Intra Blast is awesome… but Alpha EAA is what’s really blowing our minds lately

Alpha EAA

All Day Aminos & Nootropics. Count us in.

With everything above stated, the truth is that we’re still all about the new Alpha EAA formula, thanks to the nootropics and adaptogens added to its EAA formula. It’s a bit less of a ‘monster’ than Intra Blast, but this is our favorite NutraBio workout supplement right now, because we can feel the focus!

Dragon Fruit Candy also available at your local store in EAA Pure

Dragon Fruit Candy isn’t just for the sports supplements sold above — it’s also coming to EAA Pure, which is a brick & mortar store exclusive, so you can support your local business! Team NutraBio is clearly going to keep us very busy in 2019.

NutraBio Workout Supplements for Everyone

NutraBio just keeps the ball moving. As we’ve said, Intra Blast was out way before it was “cool” to have EAAs, and PRE was monstrously dosed and open formula before that was the trend too.

Keeping ahead of the game last year, these two products were given the natural treatment, joining the NutraBio Natural BCAA 5000 in the stevia-based NutraBio Natural Series. Those products come in green apple and sweet tea flavors (FYI – we liked sweet tea better for the Natural Intra Blast and green apple better for the Natural Pre Workout).

NutraBio Naturals Launch

If you’re avoiding sucralose, then check out NutraBio Natural Series Intra Blast, which is in my current arsenal with 5g organic cane sugar and stevia

After that, we participated in their fall Cherry Limeade launch during the Olympia, which is a bit on the “crisper” side for those who enjoy a sweet cherry start and a refreshing citrus finish.

Cherry Limeade was good, especially if you dig that citrus back-end, but this Dragon Fruit Candy flavor brings us back to full-strength sweetness with a dash of “sweet-tart” in there!

Check out the box below for links to this flavor and the epic stack — and as always, sign up for our NutraBio News alerts because they have a ton more stuff on the way – both in dragon fruit and some other sweet stuff… stay tuned!

Try Dragon Fruit Candy in your favorite products directly from NutraBio:

Pre Workout Options:

Intra Workout / Amino Options:

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