NutraBio Launches Natural Series at Natural Body Inc: PricePlow Channel Takeover!

NutraBio Naturals Launch

In New York City? Then forget the live stream, go meet the team in person!

Big news for New Yorkers, NutraBio fans, and PricePlow followers who have some questions for industry expert Mark Glazier:

On Saturday March 31, 2018, NutraBio is launching their newest Natural Series products at the famous Natural Body Inc supplement store in Ozone Park, NY, and they’re taking over the PricePlow YouTube channel for a live Q&A to celebrate!

The party has ended, but you can watch the video below:

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Thanks to Ben for setting this up, and thanks to Mark Glazier and Tim Gritzman for doing such a great job!

Shout-out to Jimmie Rivera for jumping in too.

2PM EST: The PricePlow Takeover

Mike and CJ couldn’t be there, so Ben Kane of Team NutraBio guest-hosted a live Q&A with NutraBio founder Mark Glazier and Natural Body Inc. manager Tim Gritzman!

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Have your questions ready to go for Mark, Tim, Ben, and even Dan – we have a few prepared ourselves to kick things off.

But if you’re on the island in New York, then head over to Ozone Park to join in real life and taste-test the newest NutraBio products:

What’s the deal at Natural Body Inc?

Natural Body Inc is a popular store and internet retailer that was founded all the way back in 1996. They are now the best-selling sports nutrition and vitamin store per square foot in New York, as they have an insanely close relationship to both their customers and what’s hot in the industry!

Why is this a big deal?

Natural Body Inc

Natural Body Inc makes moves, the nation’s retailers follow!

Outside of any live Q&A with Mark Glazier being a great chance to learn something new, there are two major shifts happening here:

  1. Led by founder Steve Calabrese, Natural Body Inc is the leader in local sports nutrition retailing, followed by other retailers all around the nation.

  2. NutraBio is launching their first production runs of their newest Natural Series supplements!

On top of that, this is the 22nd year of business for both brands – talk about experience!

Introducing Steve Calabrese

Internet geeks love to throw around the word “influencer” a lot. But before that was even a thing, there was Steve Calabrese, fearless leader of Natural Body Inc.

Steve is the man when it comes to running a local sports nutrition retail store and catching trends that keep local stores ahead of the curve. When Steve makes a move, other retailers around the nation follow.

And now, Steve is bringing the NutraBio Natural Series family into Natural Body Inc, which is a major step in educating the masses about Mark Glazier’s uncompromising stance on transparency, full disclosure, clean products, and third party lab testing.

If you’re a local retailer, Steve is a great man to know and follow!

NutraBio Natural Body Inc

Amongst all of the athletes that will be there will be UFC fighter Jimmie Rivera!

Unfortunately, Steve is overseas, but his right hand man, Tim Gritzman, will be on call to answer any questions for the store.

The NutraBio Natural Series Expands with Pre and Intra!

On the NutraBio front, Mark Glazier and the crew are proud to bring out their first production runs of the new Natural Series Pre and Natural Series Intra Blast workout supplements, which we got to sample at the 2018 Arnold Sports festival and they’re seriously the best non-sucralose workout products we’ve had to date.

You can get a taste-test of the industry’s best-tasting stevia-sweetened drinks, which is saying something given how massive and powerful these formulas are!

So if you’re on the island, head over to Natural Body Inc in Ozone Park and get a taste for yourself. As for the rest of us, we’ll just need to watch it go down live on PricePlow’s YouTube.

Have your questions ready for 2pm EST – Mark and the crew are coming to PricePlow!

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Mike Roberto

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Mike's goal is to bridge the gap between nutritional research scientists and non-academics who seek to better their health in a system that has catastrophically failed the public.

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