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Tim Gritzman: Natural Body Inc 2023 Block Party Recap | Episode #113

Tim Gritzman, Natural Body Inc on PricePlow Podcast Episode #113

It’s been too long since Tim Gritzman of Natural Body Inc — everybody’s favorite retailer in New York — has graced us with his presence on the PricePlow Podcast. Last seen in Episodes #044 and #045, Tim continues to keep the ship straight with this business partner, Steve Calabrese.

For this episode, we […]
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AstroFlav 2X: Double the MitoBurn & InnoSlim in Your Fat Loss Stack

AstroFlav 2X

These days we’re seeing bigger and better formulas in every product category, with ever-lengthening lists of ingredients. A lot of the formulas we’re seeing are great and totally kick-ass – especially as newer, more powerful and focused ingredients emerge.

One example of an awesome multipurpose supplement line is AstroFlav MetaBurn AM and MetaBurn PM, […]
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NutraBio Intra Blast New York Punch – The BEST Flavor – Goes Worldwide!

NutraBio NY Punch Intra Blast

If you follow the sports supplement industry, you no doubt heard about all of the phenomenal flavor and product launches NutraBio did in 2019. But one of the most notable releases flew a bit under the radar — at least outside of the Northeast.

We’re talking about none other than New York Punch Intra Blast[…]
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NaturalBodyInc’s 2019 Block Party in NYC a Massive Success!

Natural Body Inc Epic Block Party 2019

Natural Body Inc, one of the nation’s leaders in local nutrition retail, is celebrating their annual Epic Block Party in New York City, and 2019’s party will be bigger and better than ever before!

The Epic Block Party is Natural Body’s signature event, now in its sixth consecutive year, with no end in sight. At […]
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NutraBio Expands Natural Series: Q&A Takeover on PricePlow!

NutraBio Natural Body Inc

Big news for New Yorkers, NutraBio fans, and PricePlow followers who have some questions for industry expert Mark Glazier:

On Saturday March 31, 2018, NutraBio launched their newest Natural Series products at the famous Natural Body Inc supplement store in Ozone Park, NY, and they took over the PricePlow YouTube channel for a live Q&A […]
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Bait and Switch: The REAL Reason to Hate Proprietary Blends

Proprietary Blend Cheap Raw Materials

Over the past decade, the supplement industry has made a serious shift towards open labeling practices and away from proprietary blends. Nearly all new brands on the scene are opting to disclose the dosages of all active ingredients, while the older brands that fail to do have been dying slow deaths, need to resort to […]
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