NaturalBodyInc’s 2019 Block Party in NYC a Massive Success!

Natural Body Inc Epic Block Party 2019

It’s coming back to New York, and boy is it bigger than ever! And if you can’t come in real life, get 20% off online!

Natural Body Inc, one of the nation’s leaders in local nutrition retail, is celebrating their annual Epic Block Party in New York City, and 2019’s party will be bigger and better than ever before!

The Epic Block Party is Natural Body’s signature event, now in its sixth consecutive year, with no end in sight. At this annual event, you can meet your favorite fitness celebrities, industry CEOs, and save tons of money on their supplements!

The 2019 event was Saturday, August 10th at Natural Body in Ozone Park, New York from 12-6pm. On top of the huge event, NBI also had a 20% off coupon for online shoppers!

Our interview with Tim and Steve of Natural Body Inc

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I’M IN – How do I RSVP?!

Now for some details:

What is the NaturalBodyInc Annual Block Party?

Natural Body Inc

Natural Body Inc makes moves, the nation’s retailers follow!

Natural Body Inc is a popular store and internet retailer founded all the way back in 1996. This is part customer appreciation day, part sidewalk sale, part vendor showcase, part fitness expo, and part supplement industry VIP meet-and-greet!

It started as a fun event six years ago, but now it’s exceeded anything Team NaturalBody ever thought possible! This is an intimate way to give fans a “high-touch” experience, where you can interact face-to-face with your favorite industry personas — and wait until you see the list below!

Free entry!

The event is also entirely free. Instead, you simply “vote with their dollars” by supporting your favorite brands with a purchase.

Did you mention 20% off?!

The coupon goes live Saturday. Click here to see if it’s up!

Who’s coming?

On top of both Mike and Ben from PricePlow coming to do media (look for us on @PricePlow’s IG Live and hopefully YouTube Live!), over one thousand attendees expected, and NBI will be showcasing over 40 brands, headed up by their platinum sponsors:

NutraBio Natural Body Inc Block Party

Mark Glazier and Team NutraBio are in for the 2019 Block Party — and don’t miss their grand re-opening in NJ the very next day!

  • 1st Phorm
  • Ambrosia
  • Axe & Sledge
  • Blackstone Labs
  • Core Nutritionals / ‘Merica Labz
  • Devotion Nutrition
  • Evogen
  • Gaspari Nutrition
  • Granite Supplements
  • Ice Shaker
  • MFIT Supps (Discontinued)
  • MTS Nutrition
  • NTel Nutra (Discontinued)
  • NutraBio
  • Nutrex
  • Granite Supplements
  • VMI Sports

But perhaps more importantly are the faces behind those brands!

Featured attendees include:

Nutrex Natural Body Inc Exclusive Flavor

Nutrex is bringing an exclusive flavor to the show, and after sampling it, you’re not going to want to miss it!

  • PJ Braun (Blackstone Labs)
  • Guy Cisternino
  • Seth Feroce (Axe & Sledge)
  • Rich Gaspari (Gaspari Nutrition)
  • Mark Glazier (NutraBio)
  • Dana Lynn Kaye
  • Marc Lobliner (MTS Nutrition)
  • Doug Miller (Core/’Merica)
  • Keoen Pearson (Blackstone Labs)
  • Hany Rambod (Evogen)

…and many more!

NBI is now the best-selling sports nutrition and vitamin store per square foot in New York, as they have an insanely close relationship to both their customers and what’s hot in the industry!

20% off!

The coupon goes live Saturday. Click here to see if it’s up!

Three exclusive flavors!

NutraBio Intra Blast New York Punch

It’s official! NutraBio’s exclusive flavor for Natural Body Inc is New York Punch Intra Blast!!

NBI has been getting some great exclusive flavors lately, and there will be three of them showcased this year so far!

We can’t tell you what products, but the following brands will have something new for you at the event:

  • NutraBio – A New York Punch flavor of Intra Blast!
  • Nutrex
  • NTel Nutra

There may be others, but those are what we’ve heard about for now.

A teaser from NutraBio on their new flavor

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Meet Steve Calabrese and Tim Gritzman at NaturalBodyInc

Internet geeks love to throw around the word “influencer” a lot. But before that was even a thing, there was Steve Calabrese, fearless leader of Natural Body.

Steve is the man when it comes to running a local sports nutrition retail store, and an expert at catching trends that keep local stores ahead of the curve. When Steve makes a move, other retailers around the nation follow.

If you’re a local retailer, Steve is a great man to know and follow, and his partner Tim Gritzman is just as much of a badass! You can follow Tim at @TimGritzman (Instagram) and

What’s in store for the future?

New York doesn’t get enough of this kind of thing, so if it gets any bigger next year, they may have to take it offsite and do a full-fledged expo. Keep an eye on these guys!

The coupon goes live Saturday. Click here to see if it’s up!

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