Alphamine Capsules: Unleash the Power of PQQ

We didn’t see this one coming! After PEScience’s recent Shift to a new stimulant-free fat burner in LipoVate, the brand is replacing their Norcodrene capsules with Alphamine Caps! Same energy component as the deliciously popular “Athlete’s Energy Drink”, but with some new tools in the shed and in convenient pill form factor!

Today, we’re going to talk about fat loss, but we’re also going to focus on energy.

Alphamine Capsules

Think you know energy? Think again: Alphamine Capsules bring PQQ to the fat burning party.

How often do you feel run down, tired, and like you’re just dragging through the day? Bad dietary choices can hit you quickly, and many of us can frequently find ourselves needing a pick-me-up in order to stay on our game.

That jolt of energy, needed at the dreaded “2 P.M. workday crash” or before an intense workout, has led to quite a robust market for energy-focused supplements. But not all of these energizing supplements are made the same. Some use cheap ingredients, while others may be severely underdosed. Or worse, they’re just overloaded with caffeine.

No energy crisis here! Meet the new Alphamine Caps

In PEScience’s new product, Alphamine Capsules, we may have something that does much more than those run-of-the-mill products. In replacing their former capsulated fat-burner Norcodrene, PES has developed an incredibly well-rounded weight loss supplement that gives you a complete form of energy, in addition to some thermogenic enhancement.

These capsules are based off of a similar stimulant blend as Alphamine powder, but brings even more using a different pathway. Here, PEScience targets you with both stimulant-based and stimulant-free energy, providing you a clean energy that most other products lack. When you consider the track record of PES (such as with LipoVate), doing what the competition didn’t think of is exactly what we’ve come to expect!

Get ready to meet the Power of PQQ

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Alphamine Capsules – distant cousin of the Alphamine powder?

PEScience is known for some of the best supplements on the market. For years, they’ve been putting out some of the highest-quality, most effective products you can find. It’s a reputation they’ve earned, yet still aren’t satisfied with – they also test some of their products in the lab, through their MySelect program to ensure what hits the shelves is impeccable!


See our PEScience page to compare prices on all of their excellent supplements!

One of their most popular products is their thermogenic energy-focused powder, Alphamine. Dubbed “The Athlete’s Energy Drink”, it’s built to provide athletes with the boost of energy they need, when they need it. It’s perfect for clean energy to get you through the day (or a great cardio workout), with some additional thermogenic and nootropic benefits tossed in.

A novel ‘new’ energy pathway

Alphamine Capsules follows the same path – clean energy with fat-burning capabilities. However, the capsule form does things a bit differently than its cousin. What it lacks in nootropics it more than makes up for in a novel way to boost energy levels.

Rather than rely solely on stimulants, these caps also deal with “molecular energy”, the type of functional energy created by the mitochondria within your cells. With this comprehensive approach, we’re left with something special – an all-inclusive energy formula, designed to get you moving and burning fat in the process!

Alphamine Capsule Ingredients

Now let’s get into what makes the stuff so effective!

  • Caffeine [as Caffeine Anhydrous and Dicaffeine Malate (InfinergyⓇ)] – 125mg

    Alphamine Capsules Ingredients

    We love the two-factor caffeine and olive leaf extract combos, and BioPQQ is a new way of providing stimulant-free, mitochondrial energy!

    Now, although this is an innovative energy-providing product, it still needs to use caffeine! This tried-and-true stimulant should be nothing new to you, but we love it so much, we’re going to explain it a little anyways!

    What makes caffeine so useful is that it does more than just “wake you up”. Taken before exercise, it’s routinely shown the ability to boost strength and performance during your workout.[1,2] It even helps you burn fat, as it also stimulates thermogenesis within the body.[3] Not only does it give you the energy to burn calories, while also burning calories through its own chemical mechanisms!

    As we’ve previously said, PES isn’t looking at individuals who need a lot of stimulants here. At only 125mg, this formula pales in comparison to most other stimulant-based products on the market these days. However, that doesn’t mean that 125mg isn’t effective. It’s absolutely enough to give you a nice, smooth increase in alertness.

    Note this is a blend – different than Alphamine Powder but same 125mg resulting dose


    Part of the stim blend. Infinergy helps prolong the initial stim kick from caffeine anhydrous and citrate giving you longer-lasting energy without any nasty crash.

    Alphamine Capsules also uses a combination of two different forms of caffeine in order to achieve longer-lasting effects. In caffeine anhydrous you’ll get a bit of a quick jolt, while in InfinergyⓇ (which yields around 73% of pure caffeine) you’ll get a longer-lasting form of energy, thanks to the presence of malic acid.

    So each capsule has the same dosage of caffeine as Alphamine powder (125mg total), but the blend gives an even cleaner, longer-lasting boost in energy you’re looking for. This makes sense, since the capsule can be taken in half a second, as opposed to sipping a drink for a while, so their “caffeine kinetics” should be similar in the end.

  • Theanine – 100mg

    Whether the caffeine level in Alphamine Capsules is relatively low or not, the stimulant tends to create a somewhat “unstable” state for some. How often have you consumed caffeine then had a hard time actually applying the newfound energy towards something productive? It’s almost like driving a car, foot on the gas but no control over the wheel! It may beg you to ask if there is anything that can help you focus the alertness.

    L-Theanine Tea

    L-Theanine comes from tea leaves, and pairs very well with caffeine offset any potential anxiety.

    Enter theanine. This nootropic is an amino acid isolated from green tea, but it offers effects that one may not expect in an energy-focused supplement. Theanine is actually able of helping you relax without sedating.[4] Now, we wouldn’t be surprised if you might be questioning what it’s doing on this label. But, research has shown this nootropic has an interesting relationship with caffeine.

    When used in conjunction with caffeine, theanine actually helps you increase focus, cognition, and attention.[4] It also works synergistically with stimulants, as it assists in taking the edge off of the energy boost they bring.[5] That means it’s extremely useful in prolonging the effects of a clean, long-lasting energy hit.

    We sometimes see caffeine and theanine in a 1:1 relationship with each other, usually with a bit more of the stimulant than the focusing agent. PEScience makes proven products based on proven relationships, therefore, that relationship is basically what we have here!

    With caffeine operating the speed, theanine has got its hands on the wheel – and you’re on the road to the focused energy you need to power through the day!

  • oleaBURN- Olive Leaf Extract (providing 20mg oleuropein), Olive Leaf Extract (providing 5mg hydroxytyrosol) – 80mg

    Here’s where Alphamine Capsules starts to deviate from the well-traveled path most tend to stay on, and man, are we happy they did!

    Olive Leaf Extract OleuropeinHydroxytyrosol Benefits

    Insulin and glucose responses to oral glucose tolerance tests and respective areas under the curve (AUC), following supplementation with placebo (gray) and olive leaf extract (black).[10]

    oleaBURN is an exclusive trademarked blend of two different concentrations of olive leaf extracts. This gives us both of the two components of the olive leaf that are touted for their health benefits – oleuropein and hydroxytyrosol. A blend containing these two together is actually quite uncommon, as the process of extracting one destroys the other. PEScience goes the extra mile, doing extraction twice, and blending the two components giving exactly what they were looking for. Having both is crucial to this label, and adds to the completeness of the whole formula!

    We have no doubt that you’ve heard about the health benefits of olive oil, but the leaves of the plant, unfortunately, tend to go unnoticed! In research, olive leaf extract has shown the ability to reduce body fat through induction of the molecules involved with thermogenesis.[6] Scientists have also seen potential in stimulation of the thyroid gland, which helps control your metabolism. Olive leaf extract also seems to show potential in improving insulin secretion in type 2 diabetics,[7] and it’s prominence in the Mediterraenean way of eating is why the diet is touted as “heart healthy.”

    This ability to improve insulin sensitivity seems to be applicable to everyone, not just diabetics, based on research showing that the extract, specifically oleuropein, modulates the amount of GLUT4 receptors in muscle tissue while reducing cortisol secretion.[8-16]

    It’s not just oleuropein — don’t forget the hydroxytyrosol

    Alphamine New Formula

    We aren’t ditching OG Alphamine Powder for when we need a tasty energy drink though! You’d be happy too if you had a nice heavy 84-serving tub of energy!

    Hydroxytyrosol, on the other hand, is yet another strong antioxidant contained within olive leaves. It acts primarily as an anti-inflammatory, while also regulating normal blood cholesterol levels.[17] Interestingly, the same insulin-sensitivity effects found with oleuropein are also found in studies of hydroxytyrosol.[10,12]

    By providing the two key components of olive leaf extract, oleaBURN packs a full punch of fat-burning benefits. PEScience seems to be really excited about this blend, as they should be, and we hope to see olive leaf extract on the labels of other fat-incinerating products, too!

    Note: this ingredient is also used in PEScience’s new stimulant-free fat burner, LipoVate.

  • Aframomum Melegueta Seed Extract (12% 6-paradol) – 15mg

    Long before we were hyping the effects of this ingredient here, guess who was already using it? Yep, PEScience! Let’s revisit:

    Grains of Paradise Energy Expenditure

    Energy expenditure change (ΔEE) after oral ingestion of grains of paradise (GP) extract and placebo. ΔEE before (0 h) and after oral ingestion of 40 mg GP extract (●) or placebo (○). (a), (b) Δ EE, (c), (d) ΔEE adjusted for fat-free mass (FFM), (a), (c) brown adipose tissue (BAT)-positive group (n 12), (b), (d) BAT-negative group (n 7). This dose would require you to run the Alphamine Capsule / Lipovate stack during the day.

    The reason we’re so excited about oleaBURN is because PEScience has a habit of utilizing incredible ingredients before many others realize how strong they may be. This happened with Aframomum melegueta, or Grains of Paradise, as PEScience was much more proactive about using it in formulas than most (they may have actually been the first to use it in a fat burner). They were clearly onto something, because this ingredient is one of our favorites over here at PricePlow.

    Decrease body fat through preventing visceral fat!

    In 2014, preliminary research testing the effect of Grains of Paradise was published. Although previous research suggested it was a potent fat-burning tool, all other studies had used mice, so seeing how humans handled it was integral to proving its worth.

    These researchers found that daily ingestion of Grains of Paradise, for four weeks, significantly decreased body fat through prevention of visceral fat accumulation.[18] This type of fat is the kind that’s stored around your organs, and tends to be associated with “belly fat”. It’s also the most deadly, so keeping it at reasonable levels is hugely important. As this research showed, Grains of Paradise can help lower these stores by increasing energy expenditure, and targeting “hard to burn” brown adipose tissue within the body![18]

    Grains of Paradise is also a non-stimulant ingredient, and when combined with caffeine, those fat-burning effects kick it up a notch!

    So we’ve hit an old PEScience tool, but now we get to their newest:

  • Pyrroloquinoline Quinone (BioPQQⓇ) – 5mg

    You know how we mentioned PES and their innate ability to recognize trends before others can? They seem to be doing just that here, by including Pyrroloquinoline quinone (PQQ). This ingredient may just be gaining notoriety, and given what the diet community is collectively learning, it will no doubt keep gaining steam over the next few years.


    BioPQQ provides a natural energy boost!

    PQQ is a small molecule that does a number of awesome things for the body, mainly in regards with cognitive health.[18] This pseudo-antioxidant also has some anti-aging factors working for it as well.

    While those are both interesting benefits, PEScience is using it here in an intriguing way: for energy.

    Not just any old energy, but mitochondrial energy

    No, PQQ doesn’t act like a stimulant, nor even a nootropic. Instead, PQQ actually helps you generate more real, natural energy through its ability to activate mitochondrial biogenesis.[19] That’s right, this stuff helps create more mitochondria,[20] the parts of the cell directly responsible for energy production. When you consider that producing more energy also means more calories burned, it seems like PQQ is fighting both battles this supplement is dealing with!

    PQQ provides a clean, natural energy, something that other energy-boosting ingredients simply can’t do. Research backs this up too, as scientists have found that PQQ has decreased fatigue in clinical studies.[21]

    Creating more energy internally, in addition to some energy externally through caffeine, while also kick-starting some internal fat-burning processes, exactly what a dieter needs.

    With BioPQQ, Alphamine Capsules truly sets themselves apart.

Dosage – how should I use Alphamine Capsules?

PEScience loads each bottle with 60 capsules, and lists each serving is as 1 capsule. However, based on the dosages of each individual ingredient, you can absolutely take 2 capsules. Whether you want to split it up over the course of the day, or take 2 at once (250mg of caffeine is quite doable for most people), we’d actually recommend 2 capsules per day. That not only gets you to a great dose of the fat-burning ingredients in play here, but puts you around the clinical dosage of PQQ, too!

  • Stacking: Consider LipoVate and Timing

    PEScience LipoVate PricePlow

    The ultimate stack for ALphamine. A ‘sugar killer’ you say? More like a sugar-shuttler… right to the muscle and not the fat!

    PEScience released Alphamine Capsules right after another new product, Lipovate, and we don’t think that’s merely a coincidence. You can read more about it linked above, but to give you the gist: Lipovate is a potent blood sugar-fighting stim-free formula that utilizes not only the oleaBURN and Grains of Paradise we have here, but a couple of other great ingredients as well. In addition, Forskolin-95+ can be added to those looking to increase another energy pathway (via cAMP).

    Stacking these two (or three) products provides you with even more of the fat-burning you get with Alphamine Capsules, in addition to a couple of other angles that are worth taking.

    Another idea is to take a capsule of Alphamine in the morning, and train with your pre workout such as PEScience Prolific in the afternoon (or vise versa). And you know we love PEScience Select Protein powder to bump the protein up!

Conclusion – A Fully-Loaded Energy Formula

Alphamine Capsules Label

The back Alphamine Capsule Label

If you’re familiar with PEScience, then you’ve probably come to expect quality, effective, oftentimes novel ingredients being formulated into their supplements. With Alphamine Capsules, things are no different. Taking inspiration from their highly-touted Alphamine powder, “the athlete’s energy drink”, they’ve packed a very comprehensive formula into a much more convenient capsule.

PQQ is right in line with what we’re seeing the diet community needs, as there is a serious problem (caused by our poisoned food supply) regarding “insufficient cellular energy”. LipoVate hits the blood sugar side of things exactly as we want, and this hits energy likewise. Even PEScience’s take on mass gainers is similar to ours (Select Smart Mass), so it’s great to see a brand we can agree with so much.

Providing a solid combination of stimulant- and cellular-based energy, PES has made a product that’s somewhat the first of its kind. We haven’t seen anything that takes this type of wholesome approach to providing energy, much less while also touching on fat-burning simultaneously.

With Alphamine Capsules, you have more than a resource for that late-day “pick me up”. You have a way of getting energy, both absorbed and internally produced, in addition to a tool in keeping off excess fat. Sure, this isn’t a stimulant-packed formula… but it’s not supposed to be. It’s the clean, natural, novel supplement you should be reaching for when that 2:00 wall hits!

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Disclosure: PricePlow relies on pricing from stores with which we have a business relationship. We work hard to keep pricing current, but you may find a better offer.

Posts are sponsored in part by the retailers and/or brands listed on this page.

About the Author: Mike Roberto

Mike Roberto

Mike Roberto is a research scientist and water sports athlete who founded PricePlow. He is an n=1 diet experimenter with extensive experience in supplementation and dietary modification, whose personal expertise stems from several experiments done on himself while sharing lab tests.

Mike's goal is to bridge the gap between nutritional research scientists and non-academics who seek to better their health in a system that has catastrophically failed the public.

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