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TruBrain Bars — Nootropic powered Energy Snack!

TruBrain Bar

TruBrain is the first of its kind all natural energy / snack bar loaded with nootropics like Citicoline!

Most of us get our supplements via pills or drinks, but wouldn’t it be fun every now and then to eat your […]

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MAN Sports Brain Bridge: Powdered Brain Power!

MAN Brain Bridge

Brain Bridge is powerful nootropic supplement from MAN Sports to enhance cognition, focus, and productivity.

We love our nootropics here at PricePlow. Can you blame us?!

We use our brains all day long reading, writing, and researching, so anything that […]

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Onnit Alpha Brain – Overrated Cognitive Booster for Beginners?

Onnit Alpha Brain

Onnit Alpha Brain is an incredibly popular nootropic touted by celebrities around the world, but is it really just an over-hyped, overpriced product?

Onnit is one of the most recognized brands in fitness, due to its growth among the CrossFit, […]

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Modafinil (Provigil) – The Superstar Wakefulness Pill


Get ready to go down the wormhole of one of the most popular and powerful wakefulness nootropics: Modafinil!

The brain is the epicenter of everything in your life — movement, thought, sleep, response. Everything begins and ends with the […]

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PreSeries LEAN by Transparent Labs: When to Use Lean vs BULK?

Transparent Labs PreSeries Lean

Today, we break down the differences between Transparent Labs PreSeries Lean and PreSeries Bulk!

A while back, the industry was buzzing over Transparent Labs and their extremely well-dosed, albeit pricey PreSeries BULK. The company dominates thanks to it’s all-natural […]

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Performax Labs NootropiMax – Free Your Mind

Performax Labs NootropiMax Mind

Performax Labs enters the nootropics market with NootropiMax, a powerful focus and cognitive boosting supplements.

We’ve pegged 2017 as the year of the nootropic, and so far, this year has certainly lived up to that moniker. Several new and […]

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Primeval Labs Gray Matter – Serious Brain Gains

Primeval Labs Gray Matter

It’s here! Primeval Labs has released their first nootropic supplement for serious brain gains called Gray Matter.

A while back, we introduced you to Primeval Labs, a “hardcore” brand well-known to the anabolics / prohormone crowd, but not widely […]

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Militant Supplements Shell Shock: Pre Workout Designed for a Monster

Militant Supplements Shell Shock

Militant Supplements is a new brand started by wounded combat veteran KC Mitchell. Shell Shock is the brand’s debut pre workout, and it’s a beast!

If you’ve been a follower of Primeval Labs for some time, you’ve no doubt encountered […]

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HAKNutrition PreHAK – The Ultimate Workout Hack!

HAKNutrition PreHAK Rapberry

HAKNutrition is a new company that has burst onto the scene with PreHAK, an incredibly well dosed pre workout that will provides the perfect “hack” for endless gains during your workout!

We’ve had the privilege of working closely with many […]

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PES Prolific – PEScience is Back in the Pre Workout game!

PES Prolific

PES has jumped back into the stimulant pre workout market with Prolific, a performance and focus centric pre workout for the intelligent lifter.

PEScience underwent a bit of a “backlash” with their original customer base when they recently reformulated beloved […]

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