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Performax Labs FitMax: Taking Weight Loss Drinks to the MAX!

Performax Labs FitMax

It’s time to MAXimize your fat burning with the all-new fat burning powder from Performax Labs — FitMax.

No company dominated the back half of 2017 quite like Performax Labs. We covered their rebranding / reformulation in great detail, […]

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Primeval Labs Hurakan: The Hot-Headed Fat Burner

Primeval Labs Hurakan

Hurakan is the groundbreaking new fat burner from Primeval Labs that looks to actually help burn fat, not just crack you out.

Hurakan is the K’iche’ Mayan god of wind, storm and fire, and it also happens to be the […]

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SNS Inhibit-E: Shut Estrogen Down Like a Boss

SNS Inhibit-E

SNS Inhibit-E is an extremely potent all natural aromatase inhibitor that helps keep estrogen levels under wraps.

Estrogen is one cruel mistress. On the one hand it’s necessary and a vital hormone for both men and women. On the other, […]

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PYRETIC by Primeval Labs: Setting Fat on Fire without Stims!

Primeval Labs Pyretic Stephanie Sanzo

Pyretic is a novel stimulant free fat burner from Primeval labs that’ll help you set fat on fire like never before.

Primeval Labs was once known only as an under-the-radar hardcore brand, popular for a bevy of well-dosed prohormones. Recently […]

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Elemetx ThermoxyShred: Full-Heat Fat Burner in Canada

Elemetx ThermoxyShred

Elemetx™ ThermoxyShred is a thermogenic fat burner that encourages fat loss and provide focus.

Elemetx is an up and coming Canadian supplement manufacturer that we’ve recently be keeping an eye on as they’ve done some pretty interesting things in regards […]

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Elemetx Payload-ATP: High Endurance Pre Workout Rocks Canada

Elemetx Payload ATP

Canadians take note! Another incredible new brand is on the rise, and it’s only a matter of time before they hit the States:

Elemetx is a newer Canadian supplement manufacturer who debuts their new line of products with the high […]

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Alphamine Reformulated for Better Feels: The Sexiest Supplement

Alphamine and Shift

Alphamine has been a fan favorite to many since 2012. As the times and the industry changes, so do formulas. The newest version of Alphamine brings a few tweaks to widen its distribution and appeal to more consumers, while still […]

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Olympus Labs Ignit3 – Full Spectrum Fat Burner

Olympus Labs Ignit3

Ignit3 is a brand new fat burner from Olympus Labs that includes both Eria Jarensis and J. Regia extract for a potent fat melting combo.

A few weeks ago, Olympus Labs released several teaser photos showing a lineup of four […]

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Myokem Thyrovate – New Stim-Free Fat Burner

Myokem Thyrovate

Myokem releases a new stimulant free fat burner called Thyrovate that uses several new herbal extracts to improve weight loss and suppress appetite.

If there’s one supplement category that equally as popular as pre workouts, it has to be fat […]

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ANS Diablo Inferno: Seriously Thermogenic Fat Burner

ANS Diablo Inferno

Diablo Inferno is the all new high-powered thermogenic fat burner from ANS that’s rumored to be as potent as 2 scoops of the powder!

Some companies seem to release a new product every month of every year just to stay […]

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