The Dream is Real! NutraBio’s Classic Whey Ice Cream Cookie Dream

The onslaught of delicious flavor upgrades from NutraBio continues! Things are keeping busy up in New Jersey, where Mark Glazier and the Dream Team have taken the initiative to improve their flavor systems in both their proteins and sports supplement series. It’s tough to do when you have monstrous formulas and clean protein labels that are low in fats and carbs, but they’re making it happen.

NutraBio Classic Whey Ice Cream Cookie Dream

The Ultimate Dream from the Supplement Dream Team: Classic Whey’s Cookies & Cream has been upgraded to Ice Cream Cookie Dream

On the protein side of the game, we’ve seen some incredible flavors coming out of the 100% Whey Protein Isolate department which includes Strawberry Ice Cream isolate, the bombastic Breakfast Series Proteins, and the recent Bourbon Banana Nut which really put a creative spin on things. Meanwhile, Strawberry Ice Cream also came to NutraBio’s Micellar Casein for pre-bedtime and a long-lasting protein infusion.

But what about those of us who don’t need to pay for a pure whey protein isolate and want a thicker whey protein concentrate they can trust?

A dream into reality for Classic Whey lovers

That’s where NutraBio’s Classic Whey comes in. Classic Whey is a pure WPC-80, which means it contains Whey Protein Concentrate that is 80% protein by weight – as opposed to the more costly (and thinner) WPI-90 whey protein isolates discussed above.

Classic Whey is great for those of us who can handle a bit of lactose, and like it a touch creamier and smoother. With all of the new NutraBio flavors, it’s so far received an upgraded Strawberry Smoothie flavor, but fans have been left wanting more.

Enter NutraBio flavorist Michael Perez, who gave is the low-down on what’s wrong with Cookies & Cream flavors, and how this new Ice Cream Cookie Dream is much better… and still cleaner!

We get the scoop after checking NutraBio’s news alerts and Classic Whey prices:

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Mike's Ice Cream Cookie Dream Flavor Review

About the Ice Cream Cookie Dream Flavor

I spoke with Michael Perez to figure out what his angle was here. These conversations are always insightful, as I recently learned with our descriptions of the Strawberry Lemon Bomb sports supplement flavor system and Bourbon Banana Nut system.

NutraBio Classic Whey Ice Cream Cookie Dream

This one starts with a very strong and creamy vanilla ice cream base, with the chocolate and cookies added next!

As many know, this is a replacement for the old Cookies & Cream flavor, which was okay but in general, not sweet enough for the modern consumer.

With everything he’s learned lately, Michael knew he could do a lot better – especially since so many brands out there make lazily mix chocolate and vanilla and call it Cookies & Cream. That kind of flavoring no longer cuts it in this industry, yet there are few Cookies & Cream flavors that really make it happen. Most of them just taste like chemicals.

A strong vanilla ice cream base

The trick with NutraBio’s latest is that Ice Cream Cookie Dream actually relies on a very strong vanilla ice cream base. It’s mostly French Vanilla, but with a touch of NutraBio’s Alpine Vanilla baked in there.

After the vanilla ice cream base was set and creaminess was added, Michael then started working on the notes of chocolate and cookie flavor. They’re trying to get that “cookie cream sandwich” style flavor that everyone knows and loves. But remember – ice cream is predominant. And as we saw with his Strawberry Ice Cream 100% Whey Isolate, we know Michael can nail ice cream.

NutraBio chose to keep it clean and smooth — they are not adding cocoa bits or cookie bits because that adds bitterness, and Classic Whey is notoriously smooth and creamy, not chunky or crispy.

With everything added together, this is one of Michael’s favorite Classic Whey flavors, if not his favorite, and given the 950mg natural flavor along with the 450mg cocoa powder, we expect it to be super solid!

NutraBio Ice Cream Cookie Dream

The dream is real, but it doesn’t need to be taken before bed. Take it anytime, especially surrounding your workout or as a snack!

Now on to the macros:

NutraBio Classic Whey Ice Cream Cookie Dream Ingredients

As always, NutraBio brings a fully transparent label disclosing their WPC80 which yields 25g protein

Classic Whey Ice Cream Cookie Dream Nutrition

  • Calories: 130
  • Protein: 25g
  • Fat: 2g
  • Carbohydrates: 3g
    • Sugar: 2g

Compared to some of the other flavors, such as Alpine Vanilla, you will see an extra carbohydrate, which brings an extra gram of carbohydrate, as is expected when you add cocoa to the flavor system!

Even more interesting is that this has nearly as much cocoa added as the Chocolate Milkshake flavor, but with a whole lot more natural flavoring on top of it as well!

See all Classic Whey variations

Below is our up-to-date list of Classic Whey flavors and offers through PricePlow:

NutraBio Classic Whey Cookies & Cream

Cookies & Cream no longer… now it’s all about The Dream

    NutraBio Keeps it Coming

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    NutraBio is the industry leader in quality and transparency, and has been for quite some time.

    As always, sign up for our NutraBio news alerts and remember that high protein diets are healthy! While we don’t always rely on whey protein, it’s a fantastic supplement to do just that – supplement your diet.

    Classic Whey is where it’s at if you want a whey protein concentrate without junky WPC-34 or anything like that. Just the good stuff and some great flavoring.

    NutraBio Classic Whey – Deals and Price Drop Alerts

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    No spam, no scams.

    Disclosure: PricePlow relies on pricing from stores with which we have a business relationship. We work hard to keep pricing current, but you may find a better offer.

    Posts are sponsored in part by the retailers and/or brands listed on this page.

    NutraBio Classic Whey Ice Cream Cookie Dream Label

    The Full Label

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