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Nate Frazier & Ken Huntly: Why GNC? Strategy in 2023 | Episode #098

Nate Frazier & Ken Huntly of GNC on the PricePlow Podcast Episode #098

At the 2023 GNC Franchise Convention, Team PricePlow was a guest of Kaged’s, and Ben had a quick moment to talk with Nate Frazier (Chief Operating Officer) and Ken Huntly (VP of Sports Nutrition) to talk about GNC’s partnerships and strategies in 2023 and beyond.

This is a continuation of Episode #097 with Kaged’s […]
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Kaged at GNC in 2023: Aaron Heidebreicht & Darin Decker | Episode #097

Aaron Heidebreicht & Darin Decker: PricePlow Podcast Episode #097

In May of 2023, Kaged brought Team PricePlow to GNC’s annual Franchise Convention in Las Vegas, NV. This is a closed show (as in not consumer facing) that provides an incredible opportunity for brands to showcase their latest product offerings and sales to GNC Franchisees.

At the show, Kaged — a brand with little […]
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Konlan Paul & Landon Suggs: KJ Paul to Inspired Nutraceuticals | PPP #096

Konlan Paul and Landon Suggs of Inspired Nutraceuticals on the PricePlow Podcast

Listen below, watch it on YouTube, or find the PricePlow Podcast on the podcast app of your choice below:

Show Notes with Konlan Paul and Landon Suggs: Talking Inspired Nutraceuticals and V1 Nutra

Detailed Show Notes coming soon!

Useful Links Inspired Nutraceuticals on PricePlow V1 Nutra on PricePlow @InspiredNutra on Instagram @V1Nutra on Instagram[…]
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Brian Tweer & Brady Adamson: From Jersey Shore Supplements to AstroFlav | PPP #095

AstroFlav on the PricePlow Podcast: Brian Tweer and Brady Adamson

In late May of 2023, we were thrilled to have Brian Tweer and Brady Adamson of AstroFlav on the PricePlow Podcast. Brian founded AstroFlav in 2019 after several years of running Jersey Shore Supplements, a local retail business that he founded. He eventually brought Brady on to AstroFlav, and things have been lights-out […]
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Ryan Bucki: Fit Butters is Crushing the Nut Butter Competition | PPP #094

Ryan Bucki - FitButters and Fitness Informant

Ryan Bucki, founder of Fit Butters and Fitness Informant, jumps on PricePlow to talk Fit Butters explosive growth, and what will happen to FI next.

Many of our followers are also longtime followers of Ryan’s, who, as a performing wrestler, serves as an incredible “Hype Man” in the sports nutrition industry. With his popular […]
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Shawn Baier: HMB – Everything You Need to Know | PPP #093

Shawn Baier of Metabolic Technologies Inc on the PricePlow Podcast #093 to Talk HMB

We’ve lately seen a lot of buzz about β-hydroxy β-methylbutyrate, otherwise known as HMB. After diving deep into the ingredient — which has been with us since the 1980s but wasn’t fully understood or marketed correctly in those early decades — we’re glad to see it making a comeback with supplement formulators […]
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Spencer Lynn Runs a 100 Mile Ultra Marathon with KOS | PPP #092

Spencer Lynn on the PricePlow Podcast

In mid-April of 2023, we hosted Spencer Lynn, the northeast regional manager at KOS, a popular supplement company in the natural foods community. In this episode, we discuss:

Spencer’s transition from the military to working in the dietary supplement industry The state of nutrition in MREs given to the military when deployed[…]
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Chris Waldrum #3: Rebranding Nutrex Research for the Future | PPP #091

Chris Waldrum PricePlow Podcast #091 Nutrex Research Rebrand

A lot has changed since we last talked to Chris Waldrum, who graced us with his presence in the legendary Episode #69 on the PricePlow Podcast. This time around, he’s recently begun managing the new direction of the brand at Nutrex Research (named the “Nutrex Rebirth“), so we brought him on to […]
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Glaxon to the Moon: Michael Bischoff & Joey Savage #2 | PPP #090

Glaxon's Michael Bischoff and Joey Savage Bring Energy Drinks and Cereal to the PricePlow Podcast!

Prepare yourselves for a doozy. A year and a half after the unforgettable Episode #057 on Glaxon Goon Day, Team PricePlow returned to Houston, TX to catch up with Michael Bischoff and Joey Savage of Glaxon for April Fools weekend.

What’s Glaxon up to in 2023?!

Glaxon put together an incredible event […]
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Dr. Sibyl Swift & Lance Blundell: cbdMD Re-Educates the FDA on Hemp | PPP #089

Sibyl Swift and Lance Blundell of cbdMD on the PricePlow Podcast

On March 27, 2023 we hosted a tremendous conversation with Dr. Sibyl Swift and Lance Blundell of cbdMD, a premier hemp-based health solution company that sells CBD — and even THC — based supplements. In Lance’s words, they are a “hemp-extracted cannabinoid company”.

Sibyl is cbdMD’s Chief Science Officer & VP of Regulatory Affairs[…]
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