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The PricePlow Podcast is Launched, and it’s Powered by Pre Workouts

The PricePlow Podcast is here!

The PricePlow Podcast is Here! Watch our introductory episode, subscribe to our YouTube channel, and get ready to rumble!

You read that right: The PricePlow Podcast has officially begun!

This is a new Podcast Series (initially on YouTube but eventually on Google Play and iTunes) that will be done a bit differently: There are three interviewers — CJ, Robert, and Mike — and we will each find and interview people that we personally find interesting.

The original introductory episode

On September 21, 2017, the team got together and filmed the first episode. Learn more about Mike, CJ, and Robert and what we plan on doing with the podcast below:

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This is where all of the shows will go on YouTube:

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What we’ll talk about

This is of course apt to change, but here will be our focus:

  • CJ’s interests

    • Hypertrophy and Weight Loss Research Scientists
    • Bodybuilders, Athletes and Inspirations
    • Fitness Professionals and Personal Training

    • Men’s Rights
  • Robert’s Interests

    • Ingredient formulators
    • Science officers
    • Martial artists
    • John Meadows!
  • Mike’s Interests

    • Industry CEOs
    • Biohacking
    • Keto Diet Researchers
    • Clean Water and Clean Food

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