Olympus Labs OR1GIN: Anabolic FUEL-Based Gains

Note: This product has been discontinued. Check out Olympus Labs K1ngs Slayer instead!

Olympus Labs OR1GIN

Olympus Labs OR1GIN is a natural anabolic that uses an appetite boost to increase ghrelin, which then boosts GH! Under-eaters get in here!

Olympus Labs OR1GIN is a natural anabolic, meaning it does not impact on the Hypothalamic Pituitary Testicular Axis (HPTA), glands in the human body that affect the production of testosterone.

Olympus Labs is known around the industry as one of the best innovators in sports nutrition. In the past two years, they’ve consistently proven themselves with aspiring fitness buffs to  achieve “DemiGod” status with their numerous muscle builders, anabolic agents, and pre workouts.

Good natural anabolics – ones that are non-hormonal – are hard to come by. Olympus Labs has already put together some of the best, including their epicatechin product, Ep1c Unleashed, their all-in-one muscle-building powder, Tr1umph, and even their LJ100 tongkat ali extract. Those who are after natty gains (or are trying to stay big between hormone cycles) don’t have a ton of proven options though.

That’s where OR1GIN comes in to deliver. This new all natural anabolic agent provides a very unique catalyst for muscle growth, utilizing two distinct pathways: Ghrelin Secretion and Ribosome Biogenesis. Yeah I know what you are you thinking, new concepts to us too. We did some research and consulted the DemiGods at OL to break it down..

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How Or1gin Works

Prior to going right to the ingredients, let’s discuss the two mechanisms of action involved here so that you can get a more clear picture:

  • Ghrelin Secretion

    Ghrelin is an endogenous ligand, GHS-R1a, of the growth hormone secretagogue receptor that is most commonly associated with an increase in appetite. To fixate on this one effect would be shortsighted because it has several other key benefits.

    Ghrelin stimulates growth hormone secretion, enhances insulin like growth factor (IGF-1) synthesis, elevates mood, improves digestion and gastric emptying. GH secretion is believed to be the link connecting somatic growth and body composition with energy metabolism.[14]

  • Ribosome Biogenesis

    Ribosome biogenesis involves a complex series of processes (synthesis, processing and modification) that combines ribosome ribonucleic acid (rRNA), ribosomal proteins, and other components. The ribosome is a nucleoprotein particle responsible for one of the key processes in every cell, the decoding of messenger ribonucleic acid (mRNA) into protein.

    Ribosomes play a pivotal role in the molecular life of every cell and rRNA is a critical component of protein synthesis. The biogenesis of ribosomes is a key process is inextricably linked to other fundamental cellular processes, including growth, or muscle hypertrophy, and cell division as supported by clinical studies.[15,16,17,18,19]

With that covered, now we can get into the formula:

Or1gin Ingredients

Get ready for some new ingredients here!

We know that Or1gin won’t contain any (-)epicatechin, tongkat, or ingredients like creatine, betaine, and phosphatidic acid that are in Tr1umph… and since it’s all natural, there’s no possibility of prohormones either.

So what’s left to boost anabolism? Have a look at one of the most interesting and unique profiles you’ve ever seen:

  • GHrow Matrix

    • Hesperidin Methyl Chalcone (750mg)

      Olympus Labs Or1gin Ingredients

      Or1gin is a revolutionary muscle builder that looks to increase your gains by utilizing the food you eat, in conjunction with resistance training, to generate lean muscle.

      Hesperidin is a rather special type of sugar molecule found in citrus fruits, namely grapefruit and orange. It’s known to have be a powerful disease fighting agent that’s been proven to have antibacterial, antiviral, and antifungal properties as well as the ability to inhibit the spread of certain cancer cells and diabetes.[1,2,5]

      But, did you also know that it can significantly impact growth potential?

      Muscle Tissue Formation

      As a matter of fact, aside from its disease fighting abilities, Hesperidin also has shown the rather remarkable ability to induce myogenic differentiation (muscle tissue formation).[3] Hesperidin accomplishes this feat by increasing myogenin and muscle creatine kinase gene expression during muscle tissue formation via C3H10T1/2 mesenchymal stem cells.

      For those of you not well versed in human physiology, basically, this means that Hesperidin supports, and even accelerates muscle regeneration brought about by injury. One common type of muscular trauma we regularly subject ourselves to is of course weightlifting

      Promoting accelerated recovery allows the muscles to regenerate faster thereby allowing you to work that muscle out sooner leading to more stimulus for the intended muscle and ultimately more gains!

    • Gentian Root Extract 10:1 (600mg)

      Often times, the most difficult of packing on quality muscle isn’t the actual workouts but the endless eating that must take place. Everyone, no matter how much they love food, eventually reaches the point where the mere thought of chewing another chicken breast or drinking yet another protein shake makes them want to gag.

      “There’s no such thing as over-training… only under-eating!

      For instance, 250g protein per day is easy once, but can you do it seven days a week? This is where things often fall apart.

      That’s because we’re running up against thousands of years of human evolution in the form of hormones and genetics. Eventually, you just want to stop eating! Here’s where our next ingredient comes to the rescue.

      Gentian root is an herbal bitter derived from the plant Gentiana lutea that was traditionally used for digestive issues and antioxidant properties.[7,8] The reason it’s included in Or1gin is that Gentian root stimulates ghrelin secretion[9], the link between growth and energy metabolism!

      To grow, you need to get all your calories in, and increasing ghrelin levels helps you stay hungry and willing to keep packing away the food.

      Ramping Up Ghrelin Stimulation

      It seems prudent at this point to mention that Or1gin has more than one ghrelin increasing mechanism. One of the other many benefits of our previous ingredient (hesperidin) is ghrelin stimulation.[6]

      OL understands how important hitting your required macros is for packing on mass (they are after all the creators of all modern demi-gods!), and using a multi-pronged attack to stimulate ghrelin is part of the magic behind this new natty anabolic.

      Why is this important? The anabolic part:

      This in turn makes OR1GIN into a true anabolic supplement because the increased appetite translates into the increase in GHrelin, and increased Ghrelin translates to increased GH!

    • Robuvit® Quercus Robur Extract (300mg)

      Robuvit® is a patented extract from Quercus Robur (French Oak Wood) that is rich in flavonoids, namely roburins. Traditionally, it was used to treat liver disorders and combat fatigue.[10] However, more modern research has shown that it’s beneficial for muscle rebuilding.

      Robuvit Logo

      Robuvit is one of the many new, cutting edge ingredients in Or1gin that’s incredibly beneficial for muscle rebuilding.

      Clinical investigations into this flavonoid have led researchers to discover that roburins are excellent for accelerating recovery, reducing soreness, and upgrading our ribosomes (the protein making components) of all human cells![11]

      Robuvit has also been studied for its effects on athletic performance. Another clinical trial on triathletes found that not only did Robuvit reduce muscular pain, cramping and overall recovery time, but it also decreased the amount of time to complete the events by over 10%![12]

      10% improvement may not seem like a lot, but given the length of time it takes to complete a triathlon (4 – 6 hours), finishing 10% quicker equates to massive performance increases. Our question is how it will help us rebuild after the gym, though!

      Note: Just like with their CONQU3R Unleashed pre workout, Olympus Labs strives to use the most trusted trademarked ingredients wherever possible. This is one such case, and goes another step in our search for consistency and reliability across supplement batches.

    • Atractylodes Chinensis Koidz Oil (300mg)

      Olympus Labs TR1UMPH

      TR1UMPH is another all natural anabolic muscle booster from OL that would perfectly compliment Or1gin.

      Derived from the Atractylodes herb, Atractylodin is a polyacetylenic compound traditionally used to treat atrophy, diarrhea, joint pain, and loss of appetite.

      Similar to gentian root and hesperidin, Atractylodin has an effect on ghrelin secretion.[13] One animal trial investigation three different appetite-inducing agents on rats suffering from cancer anorexia-cachexia, a wasting disease caused by decreased food intake, muscle and fat loss, and overall distress.

      In that trial Atractylodin, both hesperidin and atractylodin stimulated ghrelin secretion and receptor signaling, but atractylodin in particular prolonged survival of the sick rats.


Each bottle of Or1gin contains enough for one month’s fuel for natural muscle growth enhancement, i.e. 30 days. Consume 3 capsules during the day and be ready for the most potent natty gains of your life!

Do I need PCT?

No! What’s great about Or1gin is that are no ingredients in the product that require cycling, so if desired, you can continue to use Or1gin indefinitely.

Commentary from Team PricePlow

Similar to the conclusion of our recent cordyceps article, these are not “free gains”, meaning that you’re not just going to put on muscle like a rookie creatine (or Tr1umph) user would. They’re also not “performance gains”, like cordyceps provides.

Instead, these are FUEL gains.

Olympus Labs Conqu3r Unleashed

You’re going to need to put in some “epically” hard training to get the most from Or1gin, OL’s dynamic pre workout Conqu3r Unleashed all but ensures an amazing workout.

And with that, you need to realize that this is best suited towards athletes who legit train hard as hell.

At FTA Gym, we have a saying for those who are bulking: “There’s no such thing as over-training… only under-eating!” While that’s not 100% true in extreme situations, it’s definitely close enough to the truth for the majority of us.

So if that’s you, then get ready for this one. But there’s a caveat. If you’re using this to get “swole”, but you’re just doing the same old pathetic three sets of ten, three days a week high school workout, it’s very easy to see that these could turn into FAT gains. That’s exactly what happens when you ramp the diet up without the workouts.

But what if I’m cutting and will be in a caloric deficit? No sense in using Or1gin, right?

Wrong! Although there is the appetite increase you will have to manage, you will reap all the benefits of Or1gin. The nutrient partitioning effect, via improved digestion and gastric emptying will serve you will at a lower caloric intake. Furthermore, the GH secretion, increase in IGF-1 and muscle hypertrophy benefits will help you retain muscle during your cut.

One of the things steroid and prohormone users love is the increase in appetite. Eating just doesn’t come easy for a lot of us. This seems like a great way to change that without messing with your HPTA axis / hormone system. Or1gin does not just increase appetite, it improves digestion and nutrient partitioning by stimulating muscle protein systhesis – and- and we fully intend to review this one on the PricePlow YouTube channel, so get subscribed!


Olympus Labs

Olympus Labs supplements: Turning Men into Demi Gods. Click the image to see our ‘Lab Report’ on the latest and greatest!

Olympus Labs are well-renowned for their innovative formulas that provide measurable results and a reasonable value. Or1gin is the latest innovation from the company that has made its living forging DemiGods.

For those that have tried all the other natural muscle builders out there with little success and don’t want to venture into the land of prohormones, Or1gin emerges as an excellent option to really pack on the muscle if you’re down to work for it.

Through a combination of increased ghrelin secretion, ribosome enhancement, and faster recovery, the DemiGods’ latest supplement will boost not only your appetite but energy and most important of all, muscle gains!

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Disclosure: PricePlow relies on pricing from stores with which we have a business relationship. We work hard to keep pricing current, but you may find a better offer.

Posts are sponsored in part by the retailers and/or brands listed on this page.

About the Author: Mike Roberto

Mike Roberto

Mike Roberto is a research scientist and water sports athlete who founded PricePlow. He is a biohacker with extensive experience in supplementation and dietary modification, whose personal expertise stems from several "n=1" experiments done on himself.

Mike's goal is to bridge the gap between nutritional research scientists and non-academics who seek to better their health in a system that has catastrophically failed the public.

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