USP Labs PowerFULL PM is Back, with the Same Powerful Formula!

It’s back!

USP Labs Powerfull PM

USP Labs bring Powerfull PM Back!

After its original debut in the spring of 2012, USP Labs is bringing back its sleep aid and growth hormone matrix, PowerFULL PM. USP Labs has decided to make no changes to the previous formula, as the ingredient panel still contains the same two ingredients.

When the company first launched PowerFULL. it had a lot of positive reviews. Then in September of 2018, old-school customers were given a good shock when the company dropped a teaser image for their next product launch. In the teaser, the company used the words “Eat, Train, Sleep” in the description… and once consumers saw the word sleep it was almost a dead giveaway PowerFULL PM was making a return.

USP Labs has maintained the proprietary blend from the original PowerFULL PM and the same two clinically researched ingredients.

USPLabs PowerFULL Ingredients

The OG PowerFULL Formula is back!

However, after some objections from our forum users, USPLabs stated that the proprietary blend is actually a 50/50 blend, so we believe we’re getting 1.125g of each ingredient. The profile is simple, yet effective, using equal amounts of velvet bean extract and chlorophytum borivilianum:

  • Velvet Bean Extract is a plant packed with a dopamine precursor L-Dopa. L-Dopa is commonly attributed to increasing mood, focus, and cognitive abilities. This can also attribute to help associated with depression and stress.
  • Chlorophytum Borivilianum is a herb that is used to relieve stress, decrease lipid peroxidation, and increase glutahione. This ingredient is the backbone to helping growth hormone.

This is based off of a pair of studies that Team USP cites.[1,2]

As the company has stated, USP Lab will launch its returning PowerFULL PM with an insider Barbell Club promotion. Do not take your eyes off your PricePlow alerts for the best deals and sales on this revived product.

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