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Happy Freebie Friday! PricePlow is fortunate enough to partner with VMI Sports to give a free sample of the WHITE HEAT fat burner!

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VMI Sports White Heat Free Sample

While supplies last, use coupon code PRICEPLOW to get a free sample of the VMI Sports White Heat fat burner!

What is White Heat?!

VMI Sports White Heat

Whatever happened to high-caffeine fat burners that worked beyond energy?! It’s here from the brand behind K-XR with VMI Sports White Heat!

The details are covered in our article titled VMI Sports White Heat: High Caffeine High Heat Fat Burner, which should give you a clue as to where this one’s headed: high-energy, high-intensity weight loss support!

Right off the bat, you know it’s going to be intense, with a two capsule serving providing 400 milligrams of total caffeine, coming from three different caffeine sources. It’s amplified by theacrine and alpha yohimbine, but is also smoothed out by some enjoyable bacopa and l-theanine.

Grains of paradise provides the thermogenic burn, GBB boosts your carnitine stores while enhancing the sweat effect, and you even get some blood sugar protection from banaba extract.

Thanks to the combination of caffeine, grains of paradise, alpha yohimbine, and finally fucoxanthin, White Heat is a very strong multi-pathway fat burner. If you take two capsules, get ready for a wild ride – and you better have your caffeine tolerance ready to go, because this one is no joke!

Read more in our main White Heat article, and if this is what you’ve been looking for — a high-caffeine fat burner that’s more than just caffeine — then you can shop PricePlow for full bottles below as well:

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Go to and use coupon code PRICEPLOW to get your free sample of White Heat!

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