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ProSupps Thermo: Fat Burner Features Two New Aura Scientific Ingredients

ProSupps Thermo ProSupps, the creators of the Hyde Pre-Workout Series, are back with a thermogenic fat burner that contains two new ingredients — NeuroRush and CapsiBurn — from the upstart novel ingredient developer Aura Scientific. This article digs into the new ingredients and formula.

Everyone wants to be lean. Unfortunately, it’s hard to kickstart the […]
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Jocko Hydrate Drink (RTD) with All-Natural Sweetener Blend!

Jocko Hydrate RTD

Jocko Willink is one of America’s foremost exponents, and exemplars, of self-discipline – and most of us would agree that discipline is a huge factor in personal success. He’s also the founder of Jocko Fuel, one of the hottest new brands in the supplement market.

When it comes to physical training, willpower matters a […]
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Natural Stacks Focus Bites: enfinity for Focus in a Chewable Tablet!

Natural Stacks Focus Bites

For the longest time, stimulant-based energy formulas have been driven by the ubiquitous king of legal stimulants: caffeine. Since time immemorial, cultures and civilizations have been built on the back of coffee, tea, and other sources of the wonder-stim.

There are some issues with caffeine, though: It affects everybody differently, and some people have […]
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RAW Nutrition CBUM Essential Charged High Stim Pre-Workout

RAW Nutrition CBUM Essential Charged

From Raw Nutrition’s very beginning, the company has been about as pedigreed as supplement companies get. It was founded by renowned bodybuilding coach Matt Jansen and the erudite Domenic Iacovone. Dr. Iacovone, as regular readers of The PricePlow Blog surely know, is a certified medical doctor who also co-founded Revive MD, one of the […]
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MuscleTech Alpha Test Thermo XTR: Upgraded Fat Burning Testosterone Booster

MuscleTech Alpha Test Thermo XTR

MuscleTech is an industry leader, especially when it comes to designing hybrid supplement formulas (where one or more product categories are combined). The art of designing a hybrid product is not only selecting individual ingredients that go well together, but also choosing categories that complement the entire package. Ultimately, this adds maximum value for the […]
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MuscleTech Mass Tech Lean Muscle Mass Gainer at Walmart

MuscleTech Mass Tech at Walmart

There are hundreds – perhaps even thousands – of brands in the supplement industry. Most of them have a catalog of white-labeled products that aren’t very dissimilar from everything else on the market.

The story at MuscleTech is different. They go above and beyond to deliver not just incredible flavors, but they also pioneer […]
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Formulator’s Corner #10: A Nitrosigine-Powered Stimulant-Free Pre-Workout Supplement

PricePlow Formulators Corner #10: Nutrition21's Nitrosigine Powered Stim-Free Pre-Workout Supplement

At PricePlow, we love tracking trends, making sure we stay on top of the latest and greatest innovations and consumer demands in the dietary supplement industry. Two trends we’ve enjoyed watching are the growth in branded, clinically-verified ingredients, and the movement towards lower-stimulant and stimulant-free pre-workout supplements.

As caffeine consumption has risen, […]
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C4 Ultimate Strength: Dual Peptides Make for the Best C4 Formula Yet

C4 Ultimate Strength

There’s currently one really hot buzzword in the supplement and pharmaceutical industries alike. That word is peptides.

Thanks to breakthroughs in computing power and statistical analysis, science has now identified thousands of amino acid chains that have outsized effects on important aspects of human physiology.

Last year we wrote a lot about PeptiStrong, […]
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Mutant MIND FK: Nootropic Powered MIND FREAK Pre-Workout Supplement

Mutant Mind FK

There are a few really good trends in the supplement industry right now, and one of our favorites is the increasing use of clinically-validated nootropic ingredients in pre-workout formulas. Consumers and formulators alike are getting hip to the fact that one’s state of mind matters a lot for both exercise performance and finding the motivation […]
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Inspired Nutraceuticals DVST8 DARK Pre-Workouts Deliver the Darkness

Inspired DVST8 DARK

You might want to make the world a better place, a safer place, a place where goodness reigns supreme, but…

As famed psychologist and cultural critic Jordan Peterson points out, a good man is not a harmless man. Rather, a good man is a dangerous man who has his dangerous side under voluntary control.

This […]
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