VMI Sports K-XR: High Energy High-Stim Pre Workout

VMI Sports K-XR

K-XR is the all new high energy, strength boosting pre workout from VMI Sports that is generating quite a buzz in the industry.

At the end of 2016, we introduced you to VMI Sports, a burgeoning supplement company based in Dallas, TX that was priming to take the industry by storm. At the time, VMI was preparing to launch their brand new high energy pre workout K-XR.

Well, the day has come, and K-XR is here in all its high-energy and focus glory, and we’ve got a full breakdown of it!

This is a high-energy pre workout supplement, and by high-energy, we mean 400mg caffeine alongside some rauwolscine!

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K-XR Ingredients

K-XR contains three proprietary blends to first and foremost increase your energy, and each serving contains a total of 400mg caffeine! You’ll also get a bit of a pump and a hit of focus from the other two prop blends, but don’t kid yourself, K-XR is first and foremost about giving you the “oomph!” you need to cut loose on the weights.

  • Intense Pump Blend (3,300mg)

    • CarnoSyn Beta Alanine

      VMI Sports K-XR Ingredients

      K-XR contains a monstrous 400mg caffeine per serving but it’s split across both slow and fast acting forms for smooth, and sustained energy that also improves strength!

      Kicking things off is beta alanine, a carnosine precursor that acts as an intracellular buffer.[1] Carnosine prevents lactic acid accumulation thereby fending off the “burning” sensation that sets in during extended working sets.

      BA also enhances improves power, strength, endurance, and time to exhaustion for all sorts of athletes.[2,3,4]

      Based on where this is in the blend, we’d have to venture a guess there’s 2-2.5g Beta Alanine in here. Some may experience a slight tingling sensation from the dose, but nowhere near the onslaught of tingles you’d get if the full 3.2g was included!

    • Taurine

      Taurine is a conditionally essential amino acid that’s found predominantly in the brain, heart, and skeletal muscle. It also happens to be one of the most abundant aminos in the body. Taurine functions as an osmolyte in the body, which helps pull water into the muscles, similar to glycerol, and sets the groundwork for “water-based” pumps.[5]

      Also, since taurine is stored in significant amounts in the brain, it’s also be shown to aid focus and cognition.[6]

    • Theobromine

      Derived from cocoa bean, theobromine exerts a stimulatory effect in the body similar to caffeine, but to a much lesser extent. It also boosts mood, but these are just a few of the “fringe” benefits of theobromine.[7]

      The real reason it’s included here is that theobromine enhances blood flow[8], which improves pumps and performance!

  • Maximum Energy Blend (632.5mg)

    • Triple Stage Caffeine (400mg total)

      VMI Sports K-XR Benefits 2

      Energy, Focus, and Pumps, K-XR delivers on ALL fronts!

      As you can guess, K-XR contains three different forms of caffeine. Even though the blend is proprietary, VMI Sports has been gracious enough to “open up” the label a bit by giving us the breakdown of each of the three caffeine forms:

      KAFF Caffeine Citrate: 299mg (50.2% caffeine), Caffeine Anhydrous 150mg, Infinergy Di-Caffeine Malate 137mg (73% caffeine) = 400mg total yield caffeine.

      This is NOT a low stim product, and if you’re the slightest bit caffeine sensitive, start with ⅓-½ scoop. That being said though, early feedback from the community is that users are RAVING about the energy on this product and having phenomenal workouts on it! So that’s something to consider!

      Additionally, one other thing to consider is that it’s not 400mg of pure anhydrous meaning you won’t be slammed in the face with a bunch of energy right out the gate. The three different forms of caffeine will make for a very smooth, sustained release that provides just a constant energy high with no nasty crash.

      Strength city!

      However, let’s say you can handle this much caffeine in one sitting. At that point, you’re looking at potential strength and power gains, as this amount has been backed up by research![16]

    • Higenamine HCl

      VMI Sports Kiki

      VMI Sports sponsored athlete Kiki always fuels up with K-XR before hitting the gym. Follow her @kstarrfit on IG for fitness tips and motivation.

      Higenamine, a.k.a. Norcoclaurine, has been routinely used in Traditional Medicine as an anti-asthmatic. These days, it’s frequently used in place of the now banned ephedrine in all kinds of fat burners and pre workouts.

      Higenamine also functions as a beta receptor agonist, similar to ephedrine.[9] It increases noradrenaline production, which stimulates the “fight or flight” response. The end result is significantly greater concentration and focus, something K-XR specializes in.

      Be aware though, that Higenamine is currently banned by WADA, so if you’re a drug-tested athlete, you’ll have to pass on K-XR for the time being.

    • Rauwolfia Vomitoria

      Rauwolfia vomitoria is a plant traditionally used in the treatment of hypertension and mental disorders.[10] VMI has standardized their extract for 90% Alpha-Yohimbine, or rauwolscine, an extremely potent alpha receptor agonist.

      Alpha-Yohimbine is routinely used as a component in stim blends in pre workouts and fat burners for its ability to enhance energy and mood, while also assisting in reducing body weight[11] and pain sensitivity.

  • Focal & Cognitive Enhancing Blend (503mg)

    • Choline Bitartrate

      VMI Sports K-XR Benefits

      Superior energy and focus is what’s making K-XR the talk of the pre workout town.

      Choline is one of the best known and most frequently used focus-boosting ingredients in the industry. The bitartrate form included in K-XR is one of the cheaper forms of choline due to its lower bioavailability and absorption compared to more potent (and expensive!) forms such as Citicoline or Alpha GPC.

      Choline significantly enhances focus, as well as strengthens the “mind-muscle” connection during exercise, or just about any time you’re using your appendages to do work (no dirty thoughts here, folks!).[12]

      Though choline bioavailability is lower with bitartrate, our next ingredient should help bolster its effects significantly.

    • Huperzine A 1%

      Lastly, we have the extremely potent acetylcholine-booster, Huperzine A. In contrast to nootropics such as our previous ingredient, which directly increase acetylcholine levels in the body, Huperzine indirectly boosts levels of the neurotransmitter.

      Huperzine extends the life of the already-present and active acetylcholine in the body by preventing its breakdown, via acetylcholinesterase inhibition — acetylcholinesterase is the enzyme responsible for the breakdown of acetylcholine.[13]

      Huperzine also supports overall cognitive health by defending against the “neuron death molecule” glutamine[14], and assisting in the creation of new brain cells, a process known as “neurogeneration”.[15]

Early Feedback

We reached out to VMI Sports to see how K-XR has been fairing with the masses since its launch just over a month ago, and the feedback has been resoundingly affirmative that K-XR is a winner:

“We are thrilled at the massive success of K-XR since its launch… after receiving overwhelmingly positive feedback from beta-testers, as well as from tons of our retailers across the US – stamping that with a 10/10 score from a highly regarded product reviewer on SupplementReviews.com – we feel K-XR is the next generation of Pre-workouts.

A formula based on ingredients that work synergistically, and built to give you the monster high energy/high intensity workout you are looking for, without the crash.

The product is speaking for itself, and we couldn’t be more excited as we already have 2 new flavors in the works!”

Flavors Available

VMI Sports K-XR Flavors

K-XR comes in four extremely unique flavors that you likely have never encountered before.

VMI Sports isn’t taking the easy route with flavoring, they’ve crafted some of the most unique flavor combinations we’ve seen in quite a while. K-XR is currently available in four flavors, including:

    Note that Blueberry Razz is Blueberry, Pineapple, and Coconut, Miami Vice is Strawberry, Pineapple, and Coconut, and Tropical Punch Watermelon, Strawberry, and Coconut.


    Pre workouts came in all sorts of varying energy loads, and K-XR is up there with the best of them. If you’ve tried some of the super-high energy pre workouts and had a somewhat off experience, it’s probably due to an incredibly high amount of pure caffeine anhydrous.

    K-XR’s tri-blend of caffeine enables you to try the high-stim pre workout with a more sustained and smooth release of energy that should have you going and going and going like the Energizer Bunny long after you’ve completed your workout.

    Can you handle it?!

    VMI Sports K-Xr – Deals and Price Drop Alerts

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    No spam, no scams.

    Disclosure: PricePlow relies on pricing from stores with which we have a business relationship. We work hard to keep pricing current, but you may find a better offer.

    Posts are sponsored in part by the retailers and/or brands listed on this page.

    About the Author: Mike Roberto

    Mike Roberto

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    Mike's goal is to bridge the gap between nutritional research scientists and non-academics who seek to better their health in a system that has catastrophically failed the public.

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