sho Nutrition: Easy-to-Use Supplements You Can Swallow!

sho has developed a truly unique dispensing system for easy one “click” drop and go as well as remembering what day it is to take the pill.

Everyone loves supplements (why else would you be here?), but not everyone likes to swallow pills, and still others have a hard time remembering to take pills.

Worse, people with weaker hands (such as arthritis-sufferers) often have a tough time opening the bottle.

Oftentimes, the key with supplements is consistency in taking them over the long haul — but when you skip doses because you don’t enjoy swallowing them or can’t remember, you’re not going to get the same benefits as shown in the research studies.

But we just found an solution for these problems!

Today, we feature sho Nutrition, a company founded by a woman with a multitude of industry experience who decided that enough was enough with these hard-to-open and even harder-to-swallow supplements.

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What is sho Nutrition?

Joy Wang

Meet Joy Wang, Founder of sho Nutrition who may have just changed supplement consumption as we know it.

sho stands for simple, healthy, organized.

The company was founded by Joy Wang, a Certified Nutrition and Wellness Consultant (and an MBA!), who has worked for over 10 years at a world-leading Pharmaceutical company of GlaxoSmithKline’s Consumer Healthcare business. Joy’s quite the traveler too, as she’s in China, Japan, and the US and fluent in all three languages!

Joy started sho to help combat the daily issues many people face — not only remembering to take their daily vitamins and supplements, but also swallowing all of those pills as well. In fact, research shows that 40% Americans have difficulty swallowing big pills, and about half of people admit they don’t adhere to the dosing instructions to finish the course in order to experience health benefits.[1]

Furthermore, as an active individual herself, Joy was plagued by a number of health issues due to her high stress corporate job and constant demands of travel.

“I have always been health conscious and physically active with a healthy diet, but I have struggled with digestive issues (IBS), stress, and constant over-drive on my energy level due to hectic jobs and global traveling. I constantly look out for and try different vitamins and supplements, but I have a problem swallowing huge pills, and can’t even remember (not motivated) to deal with the bottles and jars piled up behind the medicine cabinet door.”

Thus, Joy started the “sho” lifestyle with a goal of quality, convenience, and aesthetics. For anything to become a habit, it has so simple it becomes part of your daily routine.

”I wanted to “sho” the world a better way to take supplements, for health-conscious people who want to be at their best with a simple, healthy, organized – “sho” lifestyle, with quality, convenience, and aesthetics. It has to be so simple that it becomes part of your daily routine and habits, a truly integral part of your healthy lifestyle every day.

With sho, no more hard to swallow pills, and no more forgetting to take your supplements. sho is a revolutionary new line of premium functional supplements in small, easy-to-swallow Spheri-Gels that are packed in a portable, one-click-dispenser with a daily tracking dial.”

Quality Made Supplements

sho Nutrition Spheri-Gels

On the left are your typical supplements, on the right are the easy to swallow sho Nutrition Spheri-Gels. MASSIVE difference!

sho Nutrition’s supplements are made in one of Japan’s largest contract manufacturer that has 20+ years of experience supplying quality ingredients to over 1,000 branded companies in Japan and around the world. The manufacturing facility is pharmaceutical grade and is U.S. FDA registered, certified by GMP and Organic Japan Agriculture Standard (OJAS).

Following production in Japan, bulk ingredients are shipped to New Jersey, where they are packed at a different pharmaceutical-grade co-packer facility that services the largest pharmaceutical and nutraceutical companies in the US.

Who is sho Nutrition for?

sho’s primary demographic are health conscious adults in their late 20s, 30s and 40s who value quality, convenience, and design for a superior user experience. Their work and life are hectic, their taste sophisticated, they are open to try new “gadgets / hacks” that help them to be at their best and give them an edge in performance and productivity. They are social, they want to look good / healthy and feel good / healthy.

The secondary targets are a bit older (late 40s-50s) who want quality health products without compromise, and sho’s easy dispenser and small pills help them take supplements a lot easier (the one click dispenser makes it easy for people who have arthritis to access the pills too).

Unique Delivery System

sho Nutrition Logo

sho Nutrition has developed an incredibly unique way for you to consume your daily supplements as well as remembering to take them.

In an effort to make taking (and remembering) pills easier than ever, sho has created a patent-pending one-click dispenser that makes taking supplements easy and stylish. It’s portable for you to keep at home, take to the office, pack for a trip, or even show off anywhere. sho Nutrition supplements also use vegetarian formulas, meaning they’re free from dairy, sugar, gluten, wheat, artificial flavors or colors, nuts, fish — making them are suitable for all lifestyles including vegans.  

sho’s pills are small pearl-sized Spheri-Gels that are easy to swallow are well liked by user of all ages. Now you can remember to take supplements or whether you have taken them for the day with sho’s daily tracker, by simply turning it from today to tomorrow after clicking.

Additionally, there’s no problem having to remember to refill your subscription, as sho offers an online subscription that makes the refill process easy and convenient.

sho Nutrition’s Products

  • sho Balance

    sho Nutrition Balance

    Balance helps restore your gut health to improve digestion, regularity, and immune system health.

    Perhaps the most overlooked aspect of health is gut health. If we’re not properly digesting food, we’re not really maximizing nutrient absorption. Sho Balance was specifically formulated to promote gut health, regularity, and immunity.

    This unique formula contains fermented Japanese rice rich in the probiotic strain, Lactobacillus Casei K-1, at 100 billion CFU (100mg) per serving. You’ll also get healthy doses of prebiotics, spirulina, flaxseed and olive oil to further boost immune health and enhance the intestinal flora balance. Sho Balance is the daily remedy you need to stay regular and balanced.


    2 Spheri-Gels daily, minimum 2 weeks for best results.

  • Sho Energy+

    sho Nutrition Energy+

    Energy+ combines natural caffeine from matcha Green Tea and a full complement of B vitamins to enhance energy levels at the cellular level.

    Sho Energy+ offers a holistic method to boost energy, metabolism, and cognitive performance from the cellular level. Energy+ contains natural caffeine from Matcha Green Tea Extract along with a host of B Vitamins and folic acid that help fuel energy metabolism, CNS health, memory and mood. Each capsule contains 40mg of natural caffeine for jitter free energy and focus.

Where to Follow sho Nutrition

Where to find sho Nutrition Products?

As far as major retailers, sho Nutrition supplements are available online through Amazon, but with our special 20% coupon, you can also get a pretty good deal on sho supplements at

sho Nutrition Ambassadors

Eve Dawes is an accomplished ballerina, SAG-AFTRA actress, WBFF Pro Bikini and fashion model, whose also one of sho Nutrition’s sponsored athletes.

All brands have their own arsenal of athletes and ambassadors promoting their products these days, and sho is no different. Here’s just a smattering of the fitness and nutrition personalities you can see across the web sporting the sho lifestyle.

  • Pauls Pujats
  • Jon Hipp
  • Jolene Goring
  • Eve Dawes


Well this is really cool.

With sho Nutrition’s intriguing pill delivery format, taking your daily pills has never been easier! So far, the brand has two unique products available, but is short time, expect to see a filled out line including sho Strength, sho Vision, sho Beauty, just to name a few.

Simple, healthy, and organized is the cornerstone of sho Nutrition, and with their line of dietary supplements, your own life can now be sho!

Use code PP20 to save 20% off all orders at! (one use per user)

sho Nutrition - Best Deals and Price Drop Notifications

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Disclaimer: We do not receive commissions from sho Nutrition’s site, but we *do* receive them from stores like Amazon when in stock in the above widget

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