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Colby’s ANS Fortitude 30 Day Supplement Log

Day 8 – 4/3/13 Back/Bicep/Triceps

Yesterday was one of the best workouts I have had on my own in quite some time. I was focused, intense, pumped up and strong. I know it was a great day because I could see the way people looked/stared at me and moved aside when I passed breathing heavily,  radiating intensity and pouring sweat. I felt incredible, these are the workouts I live for.

I trained Back/Bi’s and Tri’s yesterday with a side of Dead Lifts. Let me explain.

I was very upset about my performance Tuesday, I wanted more, so I decided it would be a good idea to warm up with 1-4 rep maxes. I nailed 405lb off the floor like it was nothing so I got cocky and tried 500lbs. I got to budge but at a great price, my back popped and my hamstring fired up horribly and it still hurts quite bad. Lessons lived and learned.

Back Workout:

After my “warm ups” I was fired up, I mean I was really into it, grunting, jumping around, hitting walls, maybe a little overboard. It should be mentioned I was at my college gym so I got a lot of weird looks but they are used to it.. for the most part.

Lat Pull Downs: As is traditional I did a few light sets of lat pull downs (the whole stack) which is around 200+lbs. I tried adding a band to create more resistance but it failed. Anyways, 3 sets of 8-10 reps. I alternated between behind the back and front.

T Bar Bent Over Rows: I was very excited to see a basketball player had set up a T bar, I asked if I could jump in. I started out with 2 plates and a 25 and busted out 10 reps; when suddenly I could hear Jeff’s voice taunting me to add “man” weight. I loaded the bar with six or seven 45’s and grabbed someone to stand on the other end. I was able to rep it for an  “easy” seven reps. 

Pull Up’s: Can’t have a successful back workout (IMO) without throwing in a few sets of 10-AMAP of wide grip, neutral grip and regular/reverse grip pull ups.

Biceps Workout:

It is no secret aside from bench press, arms are my second favorite group of muscles to workout, for purely egotistical reasons. I already had a decent pump going from my back workout and was ready to take it up a notch.

Colby Preacher Curls

Colby Preaches

Preacher Curls:

I grabbed the nearest curl bar and began doing preacher curls with 45’s on each side and on my last rep would hold it for as long as I could. I did roughly 5 sets of these.

Cable Curls+ More Fun Times:

I did another one of my traditional super sets of rope hammer curls, straight bar cable curls with a AMAP 21’s, 3 sets. I was huffing and puffing by the end of this. I won’t lie, I have nearly passed out doing a arm workout series like this before.

Triceps Workout:

Skull Crushers:

I decided it was time for me to man up and slap those 45’s back on the curl bar and do 4 sets of 10 on a flat bench. Skull crushers have always hurt my elbows but I pushed past it today. I felt invincible.


I have recently added dips back into my training, they are amazing for size/strength. I performed 4-5 sets of 15-20 reps, using my body weight.

Extensions Till Failure, Then Some:

This is what best part of the whole workout, believe me or not but it is true. I set up a rope extension, T-Bar extension, handle extension and mini band overhead extension. I performed 4 sets of 10-15 reps on each of them, one big circuit until I couldn’t lock out anymore. The pain/pump from this was just unreal. It was a true test of my mental toughness and physical capability. Some might call this over-training but you can see from the pictures that I am getting desirable results.

I did have to catch my breath and shake it off a few times between lifts.

Post Workout:

I ran up to the student store and bought Pop Tarts, cookies, and a Golden Grahams chocolate bar for some post workout sugar then downed a WheyBolic 60 packet (3 scoops+ 60g protein isolate/hydrolyzed).

After that I showered up and headed… yes straight to work where I ate a chicken breast before I clocked on.

ANS Fortitude:

Early signs indicate this product kicks ass. Aggression is increasing, already being “alpha” in most areas of my life I am feeling it more and more. I also have a little bit of back acne, nothing major. People who haven’t seen me since Spring Break commented on my size/fullness increase. Above pictures/videos are the proof!

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