Oral TRT Breakthrough! Dr. Cam Sepah Boosts Maximus Testosterone Protocol | Episode #127

This is the second of two new episodes with Dr. Cameron Sepah, founder and CEO of Maximus, and this is the one that everyone’s going to get excited about.

Previously, we talked about the Maximus Blood Flow Protocol in Episode #124, but for Episode #127, we’re happy to announce a major update to the Maximus Testosterone Protocol:

Dr. Cameron Sepah of Maximus on PricePlow Episode #127: The Maximus Testosterone Protocol Upgraded

An Oral TRT Breakthrough! Dr. Cameron Sepah of Maximus Joins PricePlow for Episode #127 to announce the upgrades to their Testosterone Protocol

An Oral TRT Breakthrough: Maximus Combines the Best of Both Worlds

This is a direct follow-up to episode #062, where Dr. Cam introduced Maximus and his testosterone-boosting drug (which does not shutdown the HTPA axis), enclomiphene.

Enclomiphene works incredibly well (roughly 2x free and total testosterone), but what about those who want even more?! That generally means exogenous testosterone, whether it’s injectable or transdermal… but…

Oral TRT + Enclomiphene = A Testosterone Win-Win

Not anymore! By combining new oral TRT technologies with enclomiphene in the Maximus Testosterone Protocol, Dr. Cam and his team at Maximus have found the best of both worlds, a way to significantly increase testosterone without nearly as many side effects or shutdown consequences. It works more in line with the male body’s natural daily hormonal rhythms — meaning it’s non-suppressive!

This one’s going to be a gamechanger, and we’re proud to be part of the announcement.

Listen to it below on your favorite platform or podcast app, or watch the YouTube video beneath that:

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Video: Dr. Cameron Sepah Enhances Oral TRT

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Detailed Show Notes: The Maximus Oral TRT Breakthrough

  • 0:00 – Introductions and the Big Announcement

    On Episode #127 of the PricePlow Podcast, Mike and Ben welcome Dr. Cam Sepah from Maximus back onto the show. While this was recorded just after Episode #124, which discusses the Maximus Blood Flow Protocol (the “Prescription Pre-Workout”), this is really a follow-up to Episode #062, our original introduction to Maximus and their groundbreaking enclomiphene drug.

    Maximus Testosterone Protocol Options

    The Maximus Testosterone Protocol Options

    In today’s episode, Dr. Sepah discusses Maximus’ development of the first oral testosterone replacement therapy (TRT) that is non-suppressive, allowing individuals to maintain their natural testosterone production alongside supplementing with exogenous testosterone. He highlights the uniqueness of this therapy compared to traditional TRT and enclomiphene, a selective estrogen receptor modulator used for enhancing performance rather than treating severe medical conditions.

  • 3:15 – Catching up on Enclomiphene

    Dr. Sepah emphasizes Maximus’s approach to health and hormone optimization, which deviates from conventional insurance-driven criteria that restrict TRT to those with severely low testosterone levels.

    To learn more about enclomiphene, the first half of Dr. Sepah’s discovery, see Episode #062 or our main write-up titled Is Enclomiphene the Testosterone-Enhancing Drug We’ve Been Looking For?.

  • 8:00 – The Drawbacks of Traditional TRT

    Dr. Cam critiques the traditional TRT for its suppressive nature and potential side effects (including destroying fertility in younger users who may wish to have kids later in life), advocating for a more nuanced and individualized approach to hormone therapy. Dr. Sepah also touches on the historical challenges of creating oral testosterone treatments due to issues with liver toxicity and bioavailability, and how the Oral TRT-enhanced version of the Maximus Testosterone Protocol works around those problems.

    Dr. Cameron Sepah Maximus PricePlow Podcast

    In Episode #062 of the PricePlow Podcast, we meet Dr. Cameron Sepah, founder of Maximus, who’s here to help you boost testosterone in a clinically-meaningful way without TRT. Prepare to learn a ton about enclomiphene in this episode… but what if users want more? Then it’s time for Episode #127, where it’s combined with new Oral TRT technologies!

    This breakthrough therapy represents a shift towards more personalized, effective, and safer hormone optimization strategies.

    Dr. Sepah delves deeper into the issues with traditional TRT methods, such as injectables causing spikes in testosterone levels leading to unwanted estrogenic side effects and the suppression of natural testosterone production. He highlights the benefits of newer oral testosterone formulations that are absorbed through the lymphatic system, avoiding liver toxicity and maintaining more stable testosterone levels.

    These formulations, however, have been expensive due to patent protections.

  • 11:45 – How Oral TRT Works

    The solution to both sides of the problem? He introduces a groundbreaking approach combining oral testosterone with enclomiphene, a method that mitigates the suppressive effects of TRT on natural hormone production, thus maintaining the body’s ability to produce testosterone naturally. This innovative combination therapy represents a significant shift towards more effective and safer hormone optimization strategies, offering patients the benefits of enhanced testosterone levels without the drawbacks associated with traditional TRT.

  • 22:09 – Retaining the hormonal rhythm

    Dr. Cam elaborates on the innovative combination of oral testosterone replacement therapy (TRT) with enclomiphene, a selective estrogen receptor modulator (SERM), to create a synergistic effect that mitigates the suppressive effects of testosterone on the body’s natural hormone production. This combination, unique to Maximus, ensures zero suppression of luteinizing hormone (LH), follicle-stimulating hormone (FSH), and neurosteroids, showcasing remarkable results in clinical trials. This approach not only elevates testosterone levels significantly but also maintains the natural hormonal rhythm and balance without causing dependence or tolerance.

    Enclomiphene Citrate Mechanism of Action

    Enclomiphene Citrate Mechanism of Action. Image courtesy Maximus Tribe

    Dr. Cam discusses the practical aspects of this therapy, including the need for consumption with dietary fats for optimal absorption and the flexibility in dosing schedules to suit patient preferences and lifestyles. He highlights the natural pulsatile nature of hormone levels and how oral TRT, particularly in sync with natural rhythms, offers a more bioidentical and less suppressive option than traditional methods.

  • 30:15 – Misconceptions about enclomiphene

    The Testosterone Protocol “v2” will be offered alongside standalone enclomiphene and oral TRT options – you don’t have to go all-in if you don’t want to. Dr. Sepah addresses misconceptions and scaremongering about enclomiphene, highlighting its safety and efficacy based on long-term data and distinguishing it from Clomid due to its fewer side effects and more targeted action.

    He emphasizes the importance of personalized dosing, managed by medical professionals, to achieve optimal results and minimize side effects. The discussion also covers the significance of free testosterone over total testosterone levels in evaluating TRT efficacy and symptom improvement, advocating for a nuanced understanding of hormone therapy beyond mere numerical targets.

  • 41:25 – Administration mechanics – take with a fat source


    Enclomiphene: The Maximus Test-Boosting Drug that is a better alternative to TRT

    Dr. Sepah clarifies that the form of oral TRT used in their protocol is a solid tablet, not an oil-based capsule, which tends to be more gastrointestinal-friendly and lacks the “burp” effect associated with oil-based capsules. He explains that when consumed with dietary fat, the tablet’s contents are absorbed in the small intestine and then by the lymphatic system, bypassing the liver’s first-pass metabolism, which allows the testosterone to retain its bioidentical form without alteration. This method mimics the body’s natural testosterone rhythm, avoiding the suppressive effects seen with other TRT forms.

    He also discusses the personalized dosing approach, emphasizing the importance of adjusting dosages based on individual responses and outcomes. Sepah introduces an innovative at-home blood test that uses microneedle technology for painless, accurate testosterone level monitoring, criticizing less reliable salivary tests and highlighting the convenience and accuracy of their testing method.

  • 48:00 – Metabolism of oral testosterone… when’s the peak?

    Ben inquires about the pharmacokinetics of oral testosterone, particularly its peak effects in the body. Sepah emphasizes the individual variability in drug metabolism but notes that, on average, oral testosterone peaks in the bloodstream within three to five hours after ingestion. He re-emphasizes that the tablet causes less GI distress thanks to the use of the lymphatic system. This results in a more natural, bioidentical form of testosterone that mimics the body’s own production.

    Maximus Tribe Wide

    Dr. Cam also discusses the benefits of combining oral testosterone with enclomiphene to mitigate the suppressive effects of testosterone on the body’s natural hormone production, ensuring levels do not drop to zero but rather stay above baseline. He advises on dosing for optimal athletic performance, suggesting taking the medication four hours before activity for peak effects, while also stressing the importance of a consistent, convenient dosing schedule for long-term adherence over micromanaging timing for specific activities.

  • 55:00 – The process of transitioning from injectable to oral TRT

    Dr. Sepah addresses transitioning from injectable testosterone replacement therapy (TRT) to their oral TRT protocol. He explains that individuals interested in switching need to provide recent lab work or temporarily cease their current TRT to establish baseline natural testosterone levels. Sepah emphasizes the importance of understanding an individual’s natural (“natty”) testosterone levels to tailor the treatment effectively. The process involves a brief period off TRT to assess natural levels, followed by initiation into the oral TRT protocol, which may include enclomiphene to stimulate natural testosterone production or act as a post-cycle therapy.

    He discusses the benefits of oral TRT over injectables, such as less gastrointestinal distress with solid tablets and a different metabolic pathway that leads to less aromatization to estradiol, potentially reducing the need for aromatase inhibitors. Sepah also mentions the potential side effects of higher DHT levels associated with oral TRT, like hair loss and acne, and suggests mitigating these with a 5-alpha reductase inhibitor like dutasteride or finasteride. This combination not only manages side effects but may also enhance the testosterone effect.

  • 1:08:00 – Personalized approach to hormone therapy

    Maximus Tribe Men

    Maximus has a powerful Discord Community

    Ben and Dr. Sepah delve into the nuances of TRT and the broader spectrum of hormone optimization, highlighting the distinction between empirical, experience-based knowledge (“bro science”) and misinformed speculation by “soy influencers.” Dr. Sepah defends the value of bro science when it comes from competitive athletes and bodybuilders who, through trial and error, have contributed valuable insights into performance enhancement, such as the use of PDE5 inhibitors for muscle protein synthesis. He criticizes health influencers who spread misinformation without firsthand experience or scientific scrutiny.

    The conversation shifts to the importance of nuanced, personalized approaches in hormone therapy, emphasizing that what works for one individual might not work for another. Dr. Sepah also touches on the complexity of hormone therapy, including the different forms of oral testosterone and strategies to manage potential side effects, advocating for informed, data-driven decision-making. He stresses the importance of long-form discussion to fully understand the intricacies of TRT and the individual variability in response to treatment, challenging the oversimplification prevalent in online discourse.

  • 1:15:15 – SHBG and IGF-1

    Dr. Sepah delves into the impact of various factors like sex hormone-binding globulin (SHBG) and insulin-like growth factor 1 (IGF-1) on hormone optimization. He explains that SHBG levels are largely genetic and attempts to chemically alter them are often misguided. Sepah mentions that oral testosterone can naturally lower SHBG levels, enhancing free testosterone more significantly than total testosterone.

    Maximus Testosterone Protocol Products

    The Maximus Testosterone Protocol Products

    He also touches on the controversial topic of IGF-1, debunking the hype around growth hormone and its overrated effects on muscle mass and recovery. Sepah criticizes the misinformation spread by influencers and emphasizes the importance of nuanced, scientifically backed approaches to hormone therapy. He advocates for individualized treatment plans and highlights the evolving public perception and regulatory stance towards TRT and hormone optimization therapies.

  • 1:28:45 – Mike’s Hormone Panel

    Mike, referring to his own bloods, asks if this protocol would be indicated if someone has high SHBG (sex hormone binding globulin, Dr. Cam says this is probably genetic), regular/good total test, yet low free test — and thus unable to put on a lot of muscle. Dr. Sepah says if he doesn’t have any contraindications like a history of clotting disorders, or being on blood thinners, then enclomiphene would be a good solution.

    For Mike, with free T of 97.8, he would likely see a nice boost up to 150 or even 200. The number one benefit of this, according to research, is increased energy. It’s not a jittery, caffeine-like energy, but a calm energy. Additionally, mood improvements are common, though it isn’t marketed as a treatment for clinical mood disorders. Additional benefits include work and athletic performance – with patients often putting on up to 5 pounds of lean muscle mass in 12 weeks, in addition to a nice strength boost.

    Dr. Sepah goes on to say that if Mike took Oral TRT in addition to enclomiphene, the effects would be even more pronounced, with a free T boost to over 200. Mike could see himself adding enclomiphene in the future, and appreciates the new therapies available for people to choose from.

  • 1:34:15 – Wrap Up

    Mike and Ben express appreciation for Dr. Sepah’s time, and Dr. SeCam notes how much he enjoys the science-based approach that PricePlow takes towards the supplement side of things. He emphasizes that the world needs good data, and good science.

    Ben notes that he would like to try the Oral TRT and Enclomiphene regimen, and document the results. He has been on injectable TRT for a few years and would like to see if the oral route is as effective. Dr. Sepah thinks this regiment will end up being the way the majority of people take TRT due to the convenience, fertility preservation, and more.

    Dr. Cameron Sepah of Maximus on PricePlow Episode #127: The Maximus Testosterone Protocol Upgraded

    For more information, you can visit the Maximus website, and you can find Dr. Sepah on on social media in the links below.

Where to Follow Dr. Cam:

Thanks for joining once again, this one is going to make waves.

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