On a Spring 2023 Tear: Primeval Labs Releases 6 Capsule-Based Supplements

Primeval Labs Capsule Products 2023

Hot off of updates to their EAA Max and Whey products, Primeval Labs has added six new capsule products to the lineup for Spring 2023!

Primeval Labs‘ signature approach to formulation always touches upon supplementation strategies to help maximize raw power and strength.

There’s no better example of this than Primeval’s Ape Sh*t line — an industry classic we always enjoy writing about and using. If you want a great example of Primeval’s formulating philosophy, just read our coverage of Ape Sh*t MAX and Ape Sh*t MAX Pump (maximum-dosed pre-workout supplements), or Ape Sh*t Pumps, a more affordable stimulant-free option bolstered by pomegranate extract.

This distinctive “high-low” approach to ingredient selection is one of the hallmarks we look for in identifying products whose design has been deeply informed by peer-reviewed research literature, rather than industry convention or bro science.

Many powdered Primeval products… how about some more capsules?

Those are powdered products, however, but Primeval also has some solid capsule options. Back to stimulant-free pumps, you can see the Nitrosigine-based VasoGorge, or Ape Sh*t TEST for some testosterone support.

Those weren’t enough, however — Primeval has dropped even more capsule-based supplements to round out the series:

Primeval Now Launching 5 Products, In Capsule Form

The latest news from Primeval — aside from the recent EAA Max and Primeval Labs Whey re-launches — is that they’ve launched five new capsule products:

Primeval Labs Epibolic

Primeval Labs Epibolic: a unique blend of Tongkat Ali, Epicatechin, and DHEA

  • Epibolic, a natural (and legal) anabolic agent utilizing tongkat ali, epicatechin, and DHEA
  • Ape Sh*t Test PM, a testosterone optimizer with recovery support, stress-relief, and sleep enhancement
  • Ape Sh*t Test PR, a testosterone optimizer tailored to help you break personal athletic records
  • Mega Test PM, similar to Ape Sh*t Test P.M., but with a hefty dose of magnesium, and less melatonin (just 1 milligram instead of 3 milligrams, which some consumers frequently request)
  • Mega Test Jacked, testosterone support and pre-workout enhancement formula
  • Primavar, a standalone Primeval-branded RipFACTOR supplement. In case you’re not familiar, this ingredient is a trademarked blend of plant extracts designed to give you more energy, improve cognition, and synergize with caffeine.

    RipFACTOR has also been shown to improve testosterone production, strength, gains, and endurance – so really, it’s an ingredient that can add something to pretty much any supp stack.

Want to learn more about these awesome new products? Just click the hyperlinks above to view the PricePlow website’s product entries and price comparisons.

Stay Tuned – Others On The Way!

We’ve also gotten word from Primeval that they’ll be releasing the following products in May:

  • L-Carnitine Max 3000, a convenient 3,000-milligram dose of carnitine in liquid form, making it super convenient for gym-goers on the go. Carnitine is one of those do-it-all ingredients much like, say, taurine – we think it can help support lots of different nutritional supplementation goals. Carnitine’s versatility makes it a great choice for this kind of packaging.

Why Capsules?

Primeval Labs EAA Max

Primeval Labs EAA Max was one of the first companies to make EAAs taste great, and now they’ve updated the labels for a slick new look

Primeval Labs already has plenty of powders – there’s an EAA Max flavor and an Ape Sh*t pre-workout powder for everyone at this point. Now it’s time to top them off — capsules offer some distinct stacking advantages:

  • Convenient, easier to transport and no need to mix
  • Flavorless — this is where you put the bad-tasting ingredients that you don’t want in any of Primeval’s pre-workout powders.
  • Easier to measure – just count the capsules, no need to worry about scoop sizes

Stacking and affordability

Ultimately, after all of the Primeval Labs powders, now it’s time to add some stackable options. And if you haven’t noticed through PricePlow, these are affordable options!

These capsule launches, together with the impending launch of their liquid L-Carnitine Max 3000 RTD, signal to us that Primeval is attempting to serve customers who want to enhance their training experience… without sacrificing taste or budget.

With great tasting supplements like the recently-updated EAA Max and Primeval Labs Whey products, this brand has a reputation to uphold, after all!

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