Performax Labs Pushes Powerful New Branding (2021)

Performax Labs 2021

Performax Labs is pushing a rebrand that re-defines who they are — aggressive supplement formulators! Get ready for some potent products!

For years, we’ve been following and covering Performax Labs supplements, always blown away by their powerful formulas that perfectly balance intensity without ever being overwhelming or distracting.

When you need a strong, well-formulated supplement that doesn’t waste time or money but provides some extra power to get you over the hump, Performax Labs is always there for you.

A perfect example is their historic pre workout, HyperMax Extreme, but even their whey protein isolate, IsoWhey Max, goes above and beyond with ingredients like Velositol added to the mix. And while it’s not currently in stock anywhere, Nootropimax rocked our world when we first reviewed it.

We need a bit more Performax Labs in this world… and in 2021, the powers that be decided we’re going to get it:

Performax Labs pushes an aggressive update

For 2021, the bombastic black and blue brand decided to double down on what they do best, with branding update that reflects their mantra: aggressive formulations. They’re showcasing more aggressive-looking labeling… and some very aggressive formula updates to go with that.

Performax Labs HyperMax Extreme 3D

Performax Labs is bringing the house down with the latest in their HyperMax series. This could be your first chance to try 3DPUMP Breakthrough!

The specific updates: HyperMax first!

The first major announcement? HyperMax Extreme is upgraded, and will contain the new 3D Pump Breakthrough form of citrulline- and Amla-infused glycerol! It will also have all new flavors in Cherry Limeade, Rocket Pop, Hawaiian Papaya Pineapple, and Mango Kiwi Cooler — quite a unique menu!

VasoMax second:

After that, we covered a similarly epic VasoMax, which also has the 3DPUMP.

On the note of 3DPump, see the 3DPump study published later in 2023.

In addition, Performax Labs has teased new images for three of their capsule-based supplements,

Our new Performax Labs Videos

For the original announcement, Performax posted the following image on their Instagram page (@PerformaxLabs):

Performax Labs Rebrand 2021

Same great quality – brand new look. This year, Performax Labs is looking to double down on what they do BEST. Aggressive formulas with an aggressive new look.

After covering these new formulas, we can say that Performax Labs is doing it right. They’re staying true to brand, and that means aggressive formulations. Well done to Aaron and the team at Performax.

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Performax Labs speaks out

“From inception Performax Labs has put out innovative and aggressive formulations however our packaging just does not match the strength and effectiveness of our formulations.

So we have dedicated the last year toward our evolution, and developed a look and feel that better represents both the quality and the strength of our products.

With updated labels and packaging get ready to meet the new and exciting Performax Labs!

We are tearing away the old to reveal the new. Get ready to PERFORM TO YOUR MAX. Stay tuned for the full reveal!

— Performax Labs

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