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Caesar Bacarella

Caesar Bacarella of Alpha Prime tells his story, and then we get into some news on Alpha Prime Supps!

Alpha Prime, formerly known as AP Regimen, is the brainchild of famed race car driver Caesar Bacarella.

Racing is a high-octane, high-adrenaline sport with zero margin of error. Professional race car drivers must operate in a flow state, on demand, and for many hours on end. Given that Caesar cut his teeth on this world, it’s perhaps not surprising that Alpha Prime’s supplement formulation philosophy is all about helping peak performers stay at the top of their game.

We recently had Caesar on the PricePlow Podcast. You can listen to the episode here in our article titled Caesar Bacarella of Alpha Prime Tells His Amazing Story.

Alpha Prime Legacy Test

Alpha Prime Supps Legacy Test

There’s arguably no hormone more important for peak performance than testosterone. And that’s why today, we’re pleased to bring you a discussion of Alpha Prime’s Legacy Test – a premium testosterone-boosting formula.

For men, rising testosterone levels can lead to more muscle mass, less body fat, higher libido, and more energy, motivation, and focus.

If you really want to accelerate the mental and physical transformation that Legacy Test can help you achieve, pair it with Top Burn Legacy Series and Prime Dry Diuretic, which launched alongside Legacy Test.

Stacking these three supplements could help you get lean and mean faster than you thought possible.

Anyway, let’s get into how the Legacy Test formula works, but first, check the PricePlow news and deals:

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Alpha Prime Legacy Test Ingredients

In a single 4-capsule serving of Legacy Test from Alpha Prime, you get the following:

  • Eucommia ulmoides (bark) Extract – 1,500 mg

    Eucommia ulmoides (EU) is a species of tree native to China, where it is known as Du Zhong. It’s rich in powerful bioactive constituents like lignans, iridoids, phenolics, steroids, and flavonoids, which imbue it with antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, antiallergic, antimicrobial, anticancer, anti-aging, cardioprotective, and neuroprotective properties.[1]

    Improves leydig cell function

    Two of these bioactive constituents in particular, kaempferol and geniposidic acid, have been shown to increase the secretion of testosterone from the testes by protecting their all-important leydig cells from oxidative stress.[2] Supporting leydig function is one of our gold-standard, testosterone-boosting mechanisms, since these are the cells responsible for actually synthesizing androgenic hormones like testosterone.[3] In fact, leydig cells also convert cholesterol to pregnenolone, which is the precursor to all steroid hormones.[3] So, the importance of having healthy leydig cells is hard to overstate.

    Amplifies androgen receptor signaling?

    Novel phytoandrogens and lipidic augmenters from Eucommia ulmoides

    By exposing cells that express the androgen receptor protein to either testosterone alone or testosterone plus an EU extract, researchers could measure EU’s impact on total androgenic activity. As you can see, the T+EU combination induced vastly greater AR signaling than T alone.[4]

    Remember, it’s not necessarily enough to just have more testosterone itself – you also need lots of androgen receptors for it to bind to and activate. Without androgen receptors, testosterone can’t exert its masculinizing effects. With that in mind, it’s fascinating to note that one study found EU extracts can amplify AR activity by quite a bit.[4] In fact, EU seems to be able to increase AR signaling beyond what’s usually possible. Here’s a direct quote from the study:

    “Remarkably, combination of DHT and the E. ulmoides extract in the presence of the AR led to increases in AR-mediated reporter gene expression ranging from 112% to 204%, even at saturating levels of DHT… this is highly unusual as normally, androgen-mediated AR transcriptional capacity… plateaus at saturating doses of its cognate ligand.”[4]

    In other words, EU can amplify the effects of extra testosterone created by Alpha Prime Legacy Test. Pretty smart play, if you ask us. Of course, the research on this subject appears to be preliminary. We love seeing any potential force-multiplying ingredient get play from premium brands like Alpha Prime – we haven’t seen EU used much, but if it lives up to this study result, it could get pretty popular.

  • AlphaFen Fenugreek (Trigonella foenum-graecum) Liposomal Extract (seed) – 400 mg

    AlphaFen Logo

    Fenugreek has been shown in multiple studies to significantly increase both total and free testosterone levels while improving a variety of testosterone-related traits, like strength, body composition, and libido.[5,6]

    One such study, conducted in 2016, tested fenugreek’s effects in 60 healthy males who undertook an eight-week-long resistance training program. Resistance training is known to boost testosterone, but the researchers wanted to see whether combining it with fenugreek could add to the effect.

    By the end of the study, the fenugreek group saw a 98.7% increase in free testosterone, compared to the placebo group’s 48.8%.[6] The fenugreek participants also got 19% more total testosterone, while the placebo group only got 9% more.[6] While the difference in total T does matter, it’s the free testosterone that’s really impressive here: Free testosterone is the most biologically active form of the hormone, and is thus more beneficial to upregulate.

    These results have been replicated using a number of different fenugreek extract preparations.[7]

    So what’s the mechanism here? A big part of it seems to be fenugreek’s ability to inhibit aromatase, an enzyme that converts testosterone to estrogen.[8]

  • DIM (Diindolylmethane) – 150 mg

    Alpha Prime Supps Top Burn Legacy Series 2023 Releases

    This new trio of capsule products from Alpha Prime stack great together!

    Diindolylmethane (DIM) is a metabolite of indole-3-carbinol (I3C), a phytochemical that’s found in cruciferous vegetables like broccoli, kale, and cauliflower.[9] Ordinarily, DIM is produced from I3C by chemical reactions in the stomach,[10,11] but thanks to better living through chemistry, we have the option of supplementing with DIM directly.

    Like fenugreek, DIM is a powerful aromatase inhibitor,[10] meaning it can increase serum testosterone levels by preventing testosterone’s conversion to estrogen. DIM does this by activating the aryl hydrocarbon receptor (AhR),[12] which triggers negative feedback on estrogen production pathways.

    In addition to increasing your body’s testosterone-to-estrogen ratio, DIM can also encourage the synthesis of healthy estrogens over unhealthy estrogens. More specifically, DIM treatment has been shown to upregulate 2-hydroxylated estrogens while decreasing production of 16-hydroxylated and 4-hydroxylated estrogens,[13-16] which we like since the 2-hydroxylated forms are associated with a number of positive health outcomes.[17,18]

    For example, 2-hydroxylated estrogens are associated with lower levels of body fat and increased muscle mass.[19]

  • Shoden (Withania somnifera) (root & leaf) (35% withanolides) – 120 mg

    Any good testosterone-boosting formula will have some anti-cortisol support since the actions of testosterone and cortisol are broadly antagonistic. And that’s why we have the Shoden ashwagandha extract in Alpha Prime Legacy Test.

    Ashwagandha is what’s known as an adaptogen, meaning it can help normalize an array of physiological processes. It can increase cortisol synthesis when existing levels are too low, and decrease it when too high. As a result, ashwagandha can be incredibly useful for managing both physical and mental stress.[20-23]

    It modulates the activity of your hypothalamic-pituitary axis (HPA),[20] the metabolic pathway responsible for synthesizing stress hormones and adrenal hormones.[20] By keeping cortisol levels from rising too high, ashwagandha can help increase testosterone levels.[20]

    Shoden Logo

    Shoden was created by Arjuna Natural Extracts and it’s one of the most potent forms on the market!

    You’d expect people with lower cortisol to feel less stressed out, and that’s exactly what double-blind, randomized, placebo-controlled studies have consistently shown.[21-23]

    Importantly, high cortisol and HPA dysfunction are linked to obesity,[24] and obesity is linked to low testosterone.[25] So, if you’re trying to stay in good shape and maintain adequate testosterone as you age, ashwagandha can potentially help you.[24]

    PricePlow has covered lots of different ashwagandha extracts, and Shoden is probably our favorite owing to its high content of withanolides – 35% by weight.[20] In the typical generic ashwagandha extract, we see something like 2.5% to 5% withanolides.

  • Boron Citrate (Yielding 6 mg boron) – 120 mg

    Boron plays a crucial role in the synthesis of testosterone and vitamin D.[26] Since vitamin D is also a testosterone booster,[27] this means that boron can indirectly upregulate testosterone — as well as directly.

    Alpha Prime Supps Top Burn Legacy Series

    1 of 3 new capsule-based supplements from Alpha Prime Supps, Top Burn Legacy Series is a fat burner with the classic NNB Nutrition “WAT to BAT” stack alongside a nootropic blend using NooGandha and Sebrium DCD for a feel-good thermogenic weight loss experience

    Boron can also increase the half-life of vitamin D, meaning the vitamin D you already have circulating will last longer and peak vitamin D concentrations should be higher.[28]

    One 2011 study found that boron supplementation can increase free testosterone – again, the biologically active form of testosterone that we want the most.[28] The same study found that boron seems to decrease estradiol estrogen levels.[28] However, this was a relatively small study, using a sample size of only eight subjects.

    Still, given boron’s impact on vitamin D, and its ability to increase the body’s uptake of magnesium (another mineral that’s important for testosterone synthesis[29]), we think boron is a safe bet as a T booster.

  • Black Pepper (fruit) Extract – 5 mg

    Piperine, the bioactive constituent of black pepper extract, interferes with the action of stomach enzymes that ordinarily break down nutrients before they’re absorbed through the intestines.[30]

    Piperine increases the absorption of whatever you take it with – in other words, piperine-rich black pepper extract increases the effectiveness of every other ingredient in Alpha Prime Legacy Test.

    Piperine can also increase insulin sensitivity by upregulating a protein called glucose transporter 4 (GLUT4),[31] help prevent fat from building up in the liver, and combat oxidative stress.[32,33]

Alpha Prime Supps


This is a focused formula, and it’s interesting to see Eucommia ulmoides as the headliner ingredient. That’s definitely unusual – Alpha Prime seems to be banking on Eucommia’s putative ability to amplify androgen receptor activity.

But besides that, we have some proven heavy-hitters. Legacy Test’s estrogen and cortisol support alone should make a noticeable difference in hormonal balance.

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Disclosure: PricePlow relies on pricing from stores with which we have a business relationship. We work hard to keep pricing current, but you may find a better offer.

Posts are sponsored in part by the retailers and/or brands listed on this page.

About the Author: PricePlow Staff

PricePlow Staff

PricePlow is a team of supplement industry veterans that include medical students, competitive strength athletes, and scientific researchers who all became involved with dieting and supplements out of personal need.

The team's collective experiences and research target athletic performance and body composition goals, relying on low-toxicity meat-based diets.

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